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Is it ethical for vegans to eat fermented products? You're killing bacteria and yeast by eating food. Those are little animals, not plants

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Do you breathe ? Your immune system kill bacterias. You should maybe stop breathing to stop yourself from killing bacterias, they will eat you and thats nice.

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it isn't even ethical for vegans to eat vegetables, considering how many field critters are mulched by the harvesting equipment.

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Veg fags are dumb, and make a lot of slippery slope arguments, but no, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and plants are different from animals.

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Nirvana fallacy. Nice try carnilard.

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Fallacy fallacy. Your lifestyle is directly at odds with your purported ideology, vegan.

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What do you make of the notion that a given amount of calories from grass-fed beef results in significantly fewer deaths than the same amount of calories from monoculture crops?

Although I think it is true, I'm half expecting you to say it's not, so let's assume that it is true for the sake of the thought experiment. Let's say a steak's worth of wheat results in 10 dead mice through the production process. Is each animal life of equal value, thus making grain less ethical than steak, or is a cow worth more than a mouse? Would the hundreds of insects killed with pesticides to protect the crops be of equal or lesser value to the cow?

I don't mean this as some kind of gotcha, I genuinely do not understand the veg worldview. Jains, for example, do respect all life, including even some plants

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the idea is that cattle eat a whole fuckload more wheat/grain than we do. when you eat beef you kill not just the cow but significantly more field rodents and shit as well. That's on top of whatever vegetables you eat to. Contrary to popular belief veganism isn't about absolutes, it's about minimising impact as much as possible. Yeah agriculture results in the death of rodents and bugs and shit but until we have a better system it's pretty unavoidable. Sometimes you gotta take medicine that has dead animals or bugs in it. Unavoidable. Getting a big mac because you're a fat sack of shit is not unavoidable

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Did you even read my post? I said grass-fed beef
Grass-fed cattle are a helpful part of a natural ecosystem, with benefits to the soil from them walking around and munching, and especially soil fertility benefits from them shitting. I'm not talking about factory farm, feedlot garbage

Meanwhile soy and grain mega monoculture is incredibly destructive to ecosystems, and is heavily reliant on toxic chemicals for pesticide and fertilizer; also reliant on a lot of heavy machinery that runs on fossil fuels and so on

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Why do you assume every normal human(meat eater) is fat?

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>Contrary to popular belief veganism isn't about absolutes,
and yet, the slogan is "meat is murder"
buddy, your veggies are also muder. heal thyself physician and all that.

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People get fat from eating fries and soda at McDonalds, it's not the meat

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cope and seethe, you don't "eat soda" carnist murder idiot

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Almost 80% of soy goes towards feeding livestock. You know what? If you're gonna eat only organic grass-fed mom and pop's beef good for you, but the fact is that most people don't. Mass-farming is financially lucrative so it's not going anywhere while people eat meat.
dilate. and also I literally just said it's not about absolutes. you fucking quoted it you colossal retard. zero impact is impossible, but why not minimise it? why do you care anyway? if the moral dilemma didn't bother you you wouldn't even care to reply

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>I literally just said it's not about absolutes
and yet whenever you get more than three vegans together they start chanting absolutes in the streets. vegan organizations like PETA literally murder animals or neglect them until they are dead rather than shelter and rehome them, since death is preferable to slavery.

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PETA is completely retarded and full of psychos and anyone with half an ounce of sense knows that. Cope much?

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>real veganism has never been tried before

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>PETA is completely retarded and full of psychos
as are all vegans. it's a cult for directionless white urbanites and deserves nothing but scorn.

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you sound mad faggot, better go seethe more until you come up with a better argument than aimless hyperbole

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auditory hallucination is a sympton of malnourishment, vegan.

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damn real convincing, you've really swayed me. thoughtful points, well-articulated. you're just mad because it makes you feel like shit, because you should. because you're a cunt.

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better a cunt than a brainwashed cultist. go shill your faggot religion somewhere else.

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>still fails to present a single argument
okay big boy. have a nice day. enjoy your cancer.

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Going to have steak today, or burgers, it depends.

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>I can't even back up my own argument (which was a fallacy) so I must resort to strawmans like the low IQ meatcuck that I am.

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High IQ causes autism and mental ilnness, that's a fact.

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>veganism isn't about absolutes
>only fat sacks of shit eat burgers
Ah veganism; the religion of peace.

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No vegetables are vegan, they are all grown with manure, blood and bone meal.

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everything you do is bait
on the one hand i hate you
on the other hand you have refined trolling to an art
continue as you are

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