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Literally the best sandwich, hot or cold

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It's not a sandwich if it's deconstructed.

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Ham and cheddar is better than swiss

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>ham and swiss
It's as though you're reveling in the fact that you're frugal, which is just another way of saying that you're proud of being poor, which is just another way of saying that you can't cook or manage your money. Liverwurst is cheaper and more nutritious than ham, and you can get a fucking banh mi for the same price as homemade braunschweiger on rye.

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That's not a club sandwich, you uploaded the wrong picture OP

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why do they put holes in the cheese?

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Makes it easier to cram it up my ass

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>you're poor
>i eat for much cheaper and get better nutrition

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>i eat for much cheaper and get better nutrition
Not sure if ESL or just knows nothing about basic nutrition.

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I don't know what mutts put in their liverwurst/"braunschweiger", but actual liverwurst is extremely high in fat. I wouldn't call that nutritioness.

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The mice make the holes

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Wrong, friend. All you need is:

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>4 slices of swiss

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so your virgin self will have something to fuck besides your hand

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