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How long is your pasta?

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I prefer fresh pasta. Not because dry pasta is necessarily bad, but especially with spaghetti and angel hair because they're very thin and hard they're more likely to puncture my colon when I'm cramming them up my ass.

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about that long

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I regularly break it up before cooking into about 5cm length. Fuck everybody who seethe at that

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is that a short cat?

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She's about as long as a noodle

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love you op, *kiss*

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She's smallish but not that small

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cute kite ^.^
do you break those or just straight into the boiling water they go?

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nice size 7.5 feet little penis

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We nee to ban this sort of high capacity assault spaghetti with tactical length right now to protect the children

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>tactical length
>above 20"
I see you're pursuing a role in politics.

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That would be a cat, or a kitty. Pic related is a kite. Are you ESL? Glad to help.

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About 6.5”

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>males owning cats (and taking pictures of them)

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I meant kit. Kit is a big kitten. All cats are kittens in my book and big kittens are kits or kites. Sorry for the confusion, I'm retarded. :)

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>males owning and taking pictures of cats with themselves in the frame

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0.85 cats

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Have my retarded cat

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Umm using gay as an insult is hate speech. We don’t tolerate that on 4channel, okay sweaty?

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Fuck you, faggot. I hope you get raped by a pack of niggers. Heil Hitler

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OK, sorry. I actually meant queer.

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