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Hot coffee in June edition
Previously >>>16218981

I like my coffee hot. No affogato, cold-brews or iced-coffee. It's always drunk hot for maximum taste.

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A lot of the time I just need a caffeine hit and don't take the time to brew a quality cup, so for faster absorption I just cram cafe bustelo espresso ground up my ass.

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I like my coffee cold and carbonated on hot summer days.

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Carbonated? Like a soda?

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How do you make iced black coffee? Is it literally just putting ice in it or is there a fancier procedure?

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Hoffmeme has a good vid on iced v60. Otherwise iced long blacks are dope just add the ice after you pull the shot if you still want a thick crema

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Yes. With some tonic water.

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Coffee+water+ice with an adjusted ratio to compensate for ice melt.

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Why the water? Why not just toss ice cubes into coffee?

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Coffee grounds* +hot* water +ice you pedantic moron. You're not going to sit there and wait for the ice to melt to brew the coffee.

> toss ice cubes into coffee

Ice+hot coffee=watered down coffee. You adjust for that by brewing with less water initially.

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Today I had my coffee with some blueberry matcha, whipping cream and sugar mixed in with a blueberry muffin on the side

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Tried to use a v60 for the first time today. Fucked up everything but somehow the result was drinkable. I do prefer the process to the Aeropress, it feels more elegant to use.

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Give me my Flair 58, UPS.

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Been waiting 3 days since the label got created. guess they sent out the first few units and are tossing ups a big batch of them monday?

Its just a whole different degree of control. What beans and what ratio?

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I don't know what's going on. My label was created on Monday, and it's slowly been making its way to me. Given where the package is headed, I'm guessing mine will arrive Monday. Oh well, I guess I'll brew a few more shots with my Pro 2 before it gets retired.

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I used a medium roast natural from Sumatra. Used the Hoffman ratio - 15g/250ml. Fucked up the bloom phase and the drawdown went really fast, think I need to grind finer. I somehow got a reasonably flat bed tho.

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It depends what you're after. Flash brew and cold brew drippers will generally give you more acidity, complexity and a lighter body. While full immersion brews will usually be lower in acidity with more bitter/chocolate notes and a fuller body.

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>We're reaching out today in regards to your Flair 58 order: Your label was created and set for shipping on June 8th, which triggered your shipping notice, but unfortunately, our fulfillment team then realized that they were short just a few PCBs (power controller) and your order was held.

f u c k

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Just gives you time to order all your accessories.
I'll probably stick with the stock stuff and see how it is.

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They've been sitting here for weeks lol. New basket funnel, tamper and distributor from pullman. Only thing I didnt get was a new portafilter, so I'll probably see if they can make me some matching handle accents here in a few months and have everything jarrah'd out.

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Some people argue that iced coffee has to be cold brewed, but hot brewing techniques also taste good after chilling.

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A shot of espresso into crushed ice is great. Especially with a bit of milk.

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Just brewed my first cup of moka pot coffee. Was surprisingly delicious for a first attempt.

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Coffee bros I'm tired of treating this like a real hobby... It's just a drink

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enjoy your brain cancer

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currently having some black instant coffee, pretty good desu

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Go full fruity!

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>severe weather in June
lol they are fucking with you

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Cooking and especially baking can definitely be hobbies, some people brew their own beer as a hobby too. I don't see why coffee is any different. But if you don't want to make a hobby of it then that's fine.

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if you roast it is a hobby, if you buy stale "fresh" coffee it is not.

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I do roast but it's slightly labor and time intensive for a simple cup of coffee even if it is way better. Problem is I don't think I can go back to drinking shitty coffee even if I want to.
I used to bake but got tired of it too.
This is accurate, I have to keep my enthusiasm to myself or else I look like a sperg.

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People have shorted their control units by being morons btw. Plug everything in BEFORE plugging into your outlet.

> it looks like there's a potential to short the PCB if you have the power supply plugged into the wall, the PCB connected, and you try connecting the 4 pin connector (the one on brewing cylinder side of PCB) last. from what we're being told by the the manufacturer of the electronics, a misalignment of the pins while plugging them in with power to the system could cause a short. it's imperative that you start connecting the electronics from the brew cylinder side and work you way back to the outlet

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Make ice cubes out of coffee. Then you're not diluting it.

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Good to know. Hopefully I'll be messing around with it on Monday.

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Any tips for beginners with learning the different beans and how to brew good coffee? I just want something that legitimately wales up every coffee I've bought hasnt really done me justice and I'd love to learn it if it means being able to keep myself awake.

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roughly how much caffeine is in a regular portafilters worth of coffee if i just run it through until its just watery? the bigger ones
i want to know how much im consuming

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>what is 'checking a roast date'?

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Research and experience. Look into multiple sources to educate yourself. What are you brewing with? I recommend an easier brewing method like aeropress or french press to learn a bit morr about extraction.
Comparative tasting does wonders for your palette. Brew two different coffees side by side, and through that you should clearly taste differences, pick up on things you like or don't like.
Talk to baristas too or just go to cafes in general to learn more about what you like in coffee

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>trusting the honor system while in the clown world

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>being such a scrub as to not be able to taste roast within a week

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Instant coffee, with milk, refrigerated overnight.

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Less than filter

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>regular portafilters worth of coffee

What does this mean?

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Finna get one of these, brehs. Gonna be the talk of the town.

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Heatwaves aren't a thing ? My place had the hottest day recorderd this year... Phew.

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the thing that you fill up with ground coffee and put into the machine
thats what google said its called

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So whats a regular portafilters worth of coffee? Espresso baskets are rated for grams. You can get different sized baskets...

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>buy fancy grass-fed milk from farmer's market
>foams beautifully
>it tastes like grass and hard cheese

back to filtered milk for me

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I've never been able to get non-homogenized milk to foam properly.

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>Make ice cubes out of coffee. Then you're not diluting it.
That's too much work, and not really necessary.

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You could've just googled this but on average a double espresso is about 100mg. There is variance depending on how extracted your coffee is though. More extraction = more caffeine. Also as anon said your weight makes a difference. This is based on ~20g of ground coffee, but some home espresso portafilters only take 16 or even less.
A lot of Italians drink ristretto (a shorter shot) because it has less caffeine so you can keep slamming coffees without shitting yourself and dying.
Hope that helps

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Who makes the best coffee in Spain?

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Hey coffeeniggers, teanigger here who doesn't really do coffee. Is there a coffee equivalent to gongfu cha?

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I think there is some Middle Eastern shit like that (Ethiopian coffee ceremony is something I have heard about)

But in general you have to note that the history of coffee is much younger than that of tea so you don't get that much of super historical superstitions like with chinese/japanese tea

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What's gongfu cha?

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kung fu tea... mastery of making and serving tea. Usually smaller vessels, higher amounts of tea, care given to water chemistry/flavour and temperature... Basically modern coffee nerdism, but with tea, and a bit more of a "pure" approach.

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'gongfu' is shorthand for high impact sexual violence to your leaf. small brewing vessel full of leaves, very quick steeping times (flash brewing) over the course of many many repeated refills. a journey through the tea. gave rise to the western wankery of describing obscure notes and other minutia when gweilo took to this method. use gaiwan or clay teapot. funfact: it's pretty recent approach to tea drinking, not an ancient art.
'western' stands for meager amount of leaves, minutes of steeping, couple of refills.
there's also continuous mug brewing, aka grandpa style (I fucking hate this term) aka chinks traditional method (mostly green tea, longnjing), where you dump your leaves into cup, fill with water, drink until you almost reach the leaves and refill with water. repeat until the leaves are spent.

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Espresso is probably the closest thing. High concentration and complexity give plenty opportunity for intellectual masturbation.

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Are you retarded? The colder the coffee the more you can taste every nuance.

>> No.16277266

You're not diluting it anyways dumb-dumb. You use less water to get higher extraction when brewing ice coffee.

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Cupping. Water and grounds in bowl, break crust, sip.


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C'mon, you know you want in on this shit.

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>tfw i can now roast 1 pound batches
>stove on high + heatgun on high
>preheated SS pot
>6 minutes to fc
>lower the heat on both
>get out of fc by the 10 min mark
>cool the beans with a vacuum cleaner rigged with a carboard box and a frying basket
now if only i could learn to make grilled cheese on the radiator id be set for life

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I don't know that I do... looks like Turkish coffee with extra mud.

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Medium coarse grounds. Like 500-1200 micron. I don't see why you couldnt toss a lid on the bowl and pour the liquid off. I've only got a 125ml gaiwan but if you have something bigger try it.

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Got my Flair 58. I've found that I'm having to grind a lot finer with the larger portafilter. Using the same grind that I'd use for the Flair Pro 2 results in sub-10 second shots and an inability to build pressure. I'm also brewing at 205 F, but that might be a little too hot for this medium-light roast. I'm not really feeling the stock tamper.

>> No.16277567

I don't really understand your fascination with using both the stove burner and the heat gun. What was the wattage on your heat gun? I'm using a 1400W one and it works just fine for 1/2-1lb batches. Glad you're getting it figured out though. Full city in 6 minutes is pretty fast. I wonder if you're going too fast there.

>> No.16277666

First crack, not full city kek.
Sick, hope mine ships tomorrow. And yeah, the taller, skinnier flair baskets 100% needed a little bit coarser grind than a 58mm.

>> No.16277707

Man, I've inherited like six different apparatuses/methods to make coffee that I like. Do I really need a seventh? Is it going to be that much better than the Mastrena that I stole from a banquet hall... when I was really drunk... after a wedding... along with a cart and a black tablecloth... that may or may not have joined us at the afterparty, dressed up in my suit jacket and tie.

>> No.16277711

it was a test run, i never had tried 1 pound roast before.
also pure stove scorches and pure heatgun (2 chinesse kilo watts) takes too long.

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>q grading

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They're probably expecting people to ditch the stock tamper immediately or indeed have other 58mm tampers lying around.

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I like to grind coffee beans in my grinder and use that for espresso. Sometimes I froth milk. Am I doing this drink correctly?

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Update: I'm having to go all the way to 1 on my Sette in order to get reasonable shot times. It's probably time to shim my burrs.

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Yeah I figured the spots to cheap out were the tamper and the basket.

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I'll try a fresher coffee tomorrow and see if that helps. The one I've been using is about 3 weeks old. I've been wanting to get a VST basket, so maybe I'll pull the trigger on one.

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I'm a newbie and every Ethopian I've ever tried has turned out like shit using my V60 and a 1zspresso JX-pro (grey dot). What # range should I be grinding in if anyone knows?

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I'll probably pick up a 7g basket eventually but I ended up with the pullman 17/19 since I could order it all in one place.

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Shit in what way? Too bitter? Too sour?

>> No.16279699

Usually empty or gross floral/herby muck/vomit. Which is confusing to me as I'd attribute emptiness to over extraction and the vomit to sourness from under. I'm guessing it's just all under extraction. I dunno how many fines my grinder is producing as I don't have a sifter or anything to compare it to. All have been different sample packs brewed in one 34g/550ml pour over. so I haven't been able to dial it in over multiple days. I also brew at 205f, should I go up to 212 for light roast Ethopians?

I have never bothered doing a proper cupping (ever). Do I just immersion brew small amounts in individual cups at different grind sizes, let grinds steep and settle for 4 min before spoon slurping that shit off the top?

>> No.16279713

I'm still trying to dial in my jx pro for my v60. Every cup is coming out bitter.
Was so much easier with my aeropress lol

>> No.16279753

I've been noticing the same on mine for medium roasts. What are you grinding at? I do 3.6 as the current sweet spot, haven't tried adjusting the clicks either way though.

>> No.16279786

About 3.4~ but I've also gone as far up as 4 but all that did was make my drawdown too fast. I found 3.4ish to be best in terms of drawdown time. But even then every cup is too bitter at 85 celcius for a medium roast.

>> No.16279800

Whenever I do ethiopians, I shoot for a faster drawdown time than normal because they tend to taste better that way. So where I'd normally go for around 3:30 for a central american coffee, I'd go for something like 3:00 to 3:15 for an ethiopian. Of course, YMMV, since I like some acidity in my cup.

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I need three things:
>affordable, programmable espresso maker
>good beans
>how to facilitate with cold milk so i can do a quick shot as soon as i wake up
make it happen, yeah? thanks.

>> No.16280276

water too hot or grind too course
light roasts you should be close to boiling for pourover, especially if you consider the thermal mass of your vessel. 210 is my target, it sounds under-extracted--over-extractions is bitterness, astringency, burnt notes, dark chocolate, dirt, etc
semi-manual machine with a smart plug set to turn on 30 mins before you wake up. A good espresso machine that you can properly program will run you at least a grand
find some local roasters, or buy online
milk streamer, a good one will froth the milk in the time it takes you to pull a shot

>> No.16280301

good man

>> No.16280871

decided to try decaf
it tastes awful
now i'm stuck with 230 grams of shit

>> No.16281302

make chocolate-covered beans

>> No.16281415

i very well might

>> No.16281971

What can I do to improve the taste of my coffee?
whip cream? sugar? other things?

>> No.16281982


>> No.16282033

If you have to ask I assume you are buying trash like instant, preground, or Nespresso at best. Get an okay burr grinder like a Baratza Encore at least, buy a clever dripper or french press to start, and buy single origin beans from an actual roaster not old shelf supermarket garbo... you'll have to try dozens to find something you like if you're anything like me so keep trying and working on tweaking your preferred ratio or brewing method.

Most people asking this question have never actually had good black coffee and just drink brand name proccessed shit that is going to taste like undrinkable filth either way. Bitterness isn't supposed to be overwhelming just a hint, you should at least find something with cocoa or chocolate notes that is pretty easy to brew and drink black after some trial runs.

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Is there a way to prevent my bowels opening every time :(

>> No.16282091

dont be so possessive about ur bowels, let that shit go

>> No.16282378

porlex tall for 65 euros. yay or nay?

>> No.16282390

nay, you fucking idiot, get a xeoleo at worst

>> No.16282426

wtf is this meat grinder lmao get ta fuck
but seriously, I need something small but capable, no more free space on my counter

>> No.16282454

salt/saline solution should balance out your coffee if it's too bitter/acidic
play around with it, you shouldn't need much

>> No.16282459

oh wait, they also have hand grinders, sorry.
45 or 50 mm?
why only 25 grams, I need 30 for my half liter brews, god damn it.

>> No.16282460

>saline in coffee
The fuck is wrong with the people in this general. Its coffee, not a fucking medical experiment

>> No.16282469

nigga it's two of the cheapest things you can buy at a grocery store
having a dropper of salt water isn't fucking mad science, try putting just table salt in your coffe

>> No.16282489

What kind of dumb nigga uses a DROPPER of SALINE for COFFEE? The amount of autism the must have led you to do this must be completely off the spectrum. Not one person in this general has ever put saline in their coffee except you. I dare you to invite someone to your home and explain to them how you make their coffee. They would think you're fucking drugging them

>> No.16282491

there are 2 that are 55 to 57 mm, 30 to 35 g

>> No.16282547

What are some of the coffee filter papers with the finest pores? When I search I only find information on the general pore size.
Not making coffee.

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>> No.16282690

burr hand grinder?

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>They would think you're fucking drugging them
Wait until you hear about caffeine

>> No.16282707

If you don't have a water softener, it can fuck with how lighter coffees taste, especially if the roaster's tasting and testing using ozonated, softened water. There are four fixes: get a water softener; use a bit of table salt (a pinch or quick shake in the water will do just fine if you don't care about being accurate); use distilled (or at least better) water; or pre-boil the water you're going to use for coffee, and let it sit for a day or so - open or airlocked - so some chlorine can gas off while some of the dissolved metals and salts precipitate out.

>> No.16282710

Man, that guy is going to have the bends by the time he gets all that nitrobeer down.

>> No.16282711

yeah, I guess.
but now I'm looking at this baratza encore and maybe it'll fit on my counter. it's 140 compared to 50 euros for xeoleo hand grinder.
fuck me, tough decisions.

>> No.16282725

What's your brew method?

>> No.16282731


>> No.16282735

v60 and aeropress. and I don't drink coffee every single day, maybe 4-5 times a week.

>> No.16282745

I use both of those and the hand grinder works well. You can usually modify them too for a more even grind

>> No.16282769

thanks for the input anon. think I'll go for the chink xeoleo. It has metal burrs, looks ok and can travel with me. 50 eur seems reasonable enough. but maybe there are some better options in this price range?
>modify them
how hwat?

>> No.16282853

Timemore C2 is good but probably not much better

>> No.16282868

Is there a good espresso machine under $200? I dont want some garbage that makes strong coffee, i want a proper espresso

>> No.16282885

no it is not, it has plastic working parts and a huge marketing budget.

>> No.16282892


>> No.16282903

troll craigslist for a second-hand gaggia

>> No.16282926

Surely you mean club soda?

>> No.16282930

went with this comandante killer https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32964610482.html
if it doesn't fall apart on arrival due to chink manufacturing error it should prove sufficient for my 30 gram needs. looks somewhat shittier than the smaller ones but oh well. I'm getting sick of my blade grinder, this should be a noticeable upgrade. thanks for the assistance anons.

>> No.16282982

Quoth the server: "404"

>> No.16283060

How crucial is it to align a flat burr grinder used for espresso and filter?

>> No.16283079

The light roast one seems promising, but doing some research the unbleached paper filters also seem good (traps fine particles while not clogging much, good flow rate). trying to trap as much fine filtrates. the lab filter papers seem overpriced.
I am guessing in coffee making most of the dark color is because of released tannins/dyes rather than fine particles/pigments?

>> No.16283153


>> No.16284340

It's not going to be $200 once you factor in an espresso-grade grinder.

>> No.16284861

Use it to your advantage. Wake up, coffee, breakfast, shit, shower, go. Simple.

>> No.16284865

I occasionally use saline if I have to drink instant.

>> No.16284899

spoken like a true wagie

>> No.16284977

Wake up, turn kettle on, shit, come back to boiling water, make coof, check portfololios.

>> No.16285061

beep boop

>> No.16285074

Timemore C2 is terrible for coarse grind. DO NOT BUY IT. I REPEAT DO NOT BUY IT

>> No.16285120

so you be saying that a heavily shilled product is bad?

>> No.16285387

I almost certainly work less than either of you two. God bless a salary.

>> No.16285395

Working... LESS on a salary? Now I know you're shittin'.

>> No.16285432

I work a roster with 8-9 days a month of working, another 10 or so where I'm one of about half a dozen people on call in case one of the rostered staff goes sick - so typically once every two months I'll take a call and have to go in at an hour's notice. The rest is time off. 42 days of paid vacation per year and about two weeks in sick leave.

>> No.16285491

The cheapest model of a shilled product does not hold up to the rest of the line.

>> No.16285501

Interesting. I tend to avoid salaries, as they're usually attempts at breaking labour laws around here.

>> No.16285512

I'm pretty lucky to work in an industry that has pretty well inviolable laws on fatigue management and maximum sign on times.

>> No.16285532

I just design and help to build structures that support people, while supporting other structures that support people over the first people, sometimes in several tiers. So what if I make a mistake? The likelihood of someone dying from a collapse is only 100%.

>> No.16285541

Yeah not ideal. I have a couple of doctor friends and their tales of working hours and patient loads - not so much the last five years but sure as fuck in the early 00s when they were training - are fucking grey-hair worthy. I work in aviation - when our industry kills people it's a couple hundred at a time and it's on the TV that day. I think that's the main reason we're so strictly regulated.
>though I suppose if scaffolding collapses it's kinda the same thing

>> No.16285561

It's not just scaff... it's not usually scaff (that comes pre-engineered, but sometimes the structures get a little hectic). It's mostly large sculpture installations, studios, venues, and condos. Fucking condos. All but one of the things I've refused to sign off on in the past five years have collapsed or failed at a "Back to the drawing board" level. Half of them were (going to be) condominiums that no engineer in his right fucking mind would have signed off on.

>> No.16285568

Holy fuck that must be nightmare fuel at times.

>> No.16285578

Not that anon, but all the liability case studies I did back in engineering school made me glad I'm not an engineer who works on building structures and bridges.

>> No.16285585

Which is why I make sure I've got at least 8h off a day lol. God damn I want to sleep. Thankfully tomorrow's going to be super easy, and we've got a four-head espresso machine in the lounge.
I knew this would get back to coffee eventually.

>> No.16285590

Haha our fatigue manual even discusses the "strategic use of caffeine"

>> No.16285597

I'm surprised the powers that were at my last job weren't prescribing meth. When I quit, I chewed them out in German and told them that if they were going to treat us like (reasonably) cheap cannon fodder ($100k/a's not cheap, but when it's only $20/h...) that we'd drag them into the trenches with us to die... it got me out of having to serve my 4 weeks of notice, and I took a half dozen good people to the current firm.

>> No.16285603

Good for you for having balls, anon. I'm surprised, given how fond the EU is of regulation, that there's not more to how your world is governed.

>> No.16285610

I'm in Canada. I was born in Bonn, but I came here for University.

>> No.16285613

Ah gotcha.

>> No.16285620

Based. As a leaf I want to visit Bonn soon

>> No.16285627

It's pleasant, but very... it's the result of a German sense of humour. There's something just not quite right, in an Escher sense, about everything there. I love visiting home, seeing my family, but I don't think I could ever live in the city proper again.

>> No.16285636

Where are you in Canada? I myself having lived in Toronto my whole life I don't think I could ever live city like Bonn or similar towns. But fuck me is it gorgeous in photos.

>> No.16285646

I've been in Vancouver for the last year. The meatgrinder was in Toronto, on Adelaide, but I was told they sold off their contracts and shut down shop soon after I left... It was a different city from when I went to U of T - I miss the Yung Sing bakery.

>> No.16285662

Quite the life anon.

>> No.16285680

Meh, it's working toward one anyway. I've made some good connections in the usual places in North America, Europe and Asia, and I'm starting to build toward a (hopefully) early retirement so I can paint, write, compose, travel and cook. I've always loved cooking - if I wasn't so sure I'd fuck it up, I'd be a restaurateur - it's why I still come back to /ck/ after all this time when I can't sleep... to talk about coffee and slip off the topic... I think I have issues.

>> No.16285936

Fridge. Freezer for faster results.

>> No.16286239
File: 70 KB, 1000x1000, 66073085-000A-4BF5-AEA5-31B54F06ABA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I switched from instant coffee to a coffee maker for an upgrade in taste. I can’t quite figure things out.

I placed a filter, added coffee, measured a cup of water and poured it inside. I brewed and it was fine (absolutely better than instant).

What if I want to brew another cup after that? Can I use the old, now wet, filter and coffee to brew more for the day or do I have to immediately replace the filter and add new coffee?

(PS: How do you call this type of coffee? Drip coffee? Regular coffee? Filter coffee? Brewed coffee? Regular coffee? Obviously new to this.)

>> No.16286446

Drip, or filter, or even brewed - some of those names are to some extent interchangeable. In theory you could brew with the same filter/coffee again but in reality it will probably be terrible. There is a finite amount of soluble material in coffee, and some of it dissolves - or "extracts" faster or easier than others - the desirable and good-tasting elements of coffee have largely gone now from your grounds and re-brewing will not be very pleasant.

>> No.16286510
File: 56 KB, 683x1024, fever-tree-indian-tonic-water-0-5l-19017-710048ewnAbKMTUlhkL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck no. I mean tonic water.

>> No.16286539

Why does my coffee taste so bitter, burnt or ashy? What am I doing wrong?

>> No.16286545

Did you buy a bag of ground coffee or did you buy beans and have a grinder?

>> No.16286550

Ground coffee. It says to add 3 tablespoons in the filter which is what I did. Is it too much?

>> No.16286575

So straight up be aware that you'll end up with a better result with fresh beans over ground. There's a lot of flavours and aroma in coffee that is quite volatile that you're never getting to taste because it was gone by the time you got the bag off the shelf. Also, be aware that a lot of supermarket coffee is aimed at people who aren't terribly choosy. It's trying to be something of a crowd pleaser, that will probably end up with sugar and milk or cream in it and needs to still taste like "coffee." This means that it's typically quite dark roasted, which is heavy on dark, bitter flavours, especially with no control over grind or temperature or other parameters.

Whether or not you want to go down the rabbit hole of good quality beans and freshly grinding it and dialling in your grind to your preferred taste, and using weight not volume, and dealing with dose and temperature and a host of other things is a question you can think about another day, but in the meanwhile, here's an experiment I would suggest:

Find a small cafe nearby that is either busy, or reviews well, or is recommended to you by a friend or co-worker who is serious about coffee. They will almost certainly sell beans and should be able to grind them for you. They'll ask how you're brewing it- you can tell them it's a drip brewer, that will change how they grind them. They'll probably also be able to tell you how much coffee to use vs water. Spend the money once - you'll find you'll be paying more than you did for what you're drinking now, but it should be much, much better than supermarket dark roast. Better still would be order a cup of filter coffee from the cafe from the same beans.

That's gonna give you a few baselines: what instant tastes like, what supermarket ground coffee tastes like, what better coffee should taste like, and what it tastes like if you want to keep it simple. From there, you can decide how much effort "good" coffee is vs bad coffee vs "good enough" coffee.

>> No.16286820

Yes I’m planning on eventually moving to fresh beans and grind them myself sometime in the future.

Thanks for the info.

>> No.16286968

Darker roasts especially French roast can fall hard into that flavor profile. I love a full bodied rounded cup with some bitterness. Most grocery store varieties have lost their aromatics and were probably overcooked into your burnt ash sour-bitter palate confusion nightmare. They can't be saved and only sometimes work for budget frappuccino. 1:4 or 1:5 old room temp dark roast to milk + or - sugar.

>> No.16286976

Burr grinder vs cheapo
What % flavor gains would I be looking at with an upgrade?

>> No.16287046

So, I tried drip filter coffee for the first time (after periodically drinking instant) and it made me feel weird and sick. Like weak and dizzy.

I poured 3tbsp of ground coffee on the filter for a single cup of 300ml (that’s what the instructions said). Is this a normal amount? Am I sensitive to caffeine or am I not used to it yet?

>> No.16287125

>start drinking Aldi brand instant coffee purely for the caffeine for my job
>put low sugar vanilla creamer in it because it's what my dad keeps in the fridge
I know I'm drinking like a complete pleb but on the other hand my taste is so unrefined that I'm satisfied drinking the absolute cheapest option available

>> No.16287126

I don't think there's any espresso machine AND grinder setup worth owning that cost under 200 combined. He asked for a machine so I'm assuming he has a suitable grinder or will have a separate budget for one.

>> No.16287205

As a student in mechanical engineering, I'd like to hear more.

Today I'm drinking some "Rancho San Francisco" I medium roasted. It starts with a fruity kick that quickly turns to a lovely roasty coffee flavor.

>> No.16287447
File: 24 KB, 400x300, 1396185906732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3tbsp of ground coffee
wat, that seems like a huge amount? How much does that weigh.

You probably just took a large hit of caffeine, try drinking water along side

>> No.16287490

But it literally says “Add 3tbsp of coffee for a cup of 250-300ml” on the box.

>> No.16287505

Teaspoons more likely.

>> No.16287510

Just taking those based first sips of a french press brew myself broskis

>> No.16288323

Nice, what kinda beans?

>> No.16288463

Standard strength coffee is usually around 1 tablespoon per cup, or I usually use around 1.5-2

>> No.16288478
File: 443 KB, 595x695, 1589617971444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought IKEA medium roast beans on a whim (they had no light?? It isn't a product??).
It feels like I'm grinding air, and the resulting volume is 1.35X that of typical light roasts.
Despite grinding finer and finer, this shit drains out of my V60 like poo out of my asshole after chili night - I have to pour very aggressively.
Tastes alright for a $7 purchase.
All in all, a very interesting experience.

>> No.16288518

>buying roasted beans

>> No.16289137

Is 205f too hot for medium roast?

>> No.16289218

for pourover/french press, you're fine
espresso, might be a bit too hot

>> No.16289255

I drink a cup of black coffe every morning, sometimes in the afternoon and I feel like it doesnt hit me as hard as before, so I tried to quit coffe for a while but I get a headache when I don't drink it in the morning, what do?

>> No.16289379

You should cut it down slower, otherwise you just get withdrawal symptoms. I'm in the same boat though, my head feels fuzzy when I don't drink a morning cup

>> No.16289473

>Jx-pro uncalibrates itself every other day
>was never able to get good results I heard other people operating in aroun 3.5-3.6 for pour over
>it was off by like 4 whole numbers
What a piece of shit

>> No.16289478

Did you have to assemble the beans beforehand?

>> No.16289516
File: 138 KB, 500x761, 1396050920855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Finally pulling good shots from my Flair 58
Had to grind way finer than I ever have and even shim my burrs, but the shots are coming out better than anything I've ever had on my Flair Pro 2.

>> No.16289612

I am glad that these postage niggers get treated like beasts of burden.

>> No.16289750

And now you see why I try to keep people from buying sette 270s kek. You shouldn't need to modify an espresso grinder to a usable grind range. My 58 should hit my door friday morning.

>> No.16289810

People just need to stop buying Niche Zeros so I can buy one.

>> No.16289868

I want a weber key. But I also just want to big dig an eg1 instead. Woe is me. Key goes on preorder for $500 off on the 22nd.

>> No.16290491

No worries

>> No.16290502

Is this a thing? I got instant cold brew. Is it good just to mix with bubbly water?

>> No.16290505
File: 168 KB, 768x768, stuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What coffee beans should I buy off amazon thatre a good bang for my buck if I use a french press

>> No.16290511

it really isnt. take the rest of yesterdays cofee from the pot and poor it into an ice cube tray.

>> No.16290512

I shimmed my 270 within weeks of owning it and have now used it for years for espresso and filter. It spans that range with one shim installed quite nicely, with plenty of headroom either side. Shims came in the box, simple to install one. I genuinely don't see the problem with a product having a tuneable range and the items required to tune it shipping with it.

>> No.16290514

Don't. Most of that shit has sat in a warehouse for months. You probably have a roaster locally to try that offers single origins or someone who can ship you actual proper shit within 1-3 days for free if you buy ~2 bags which should be enough for a few weeks.

>> No.16290519

Im in MO, is there some hipster coffee website I can use thatll show me whats nearby?

>> No.16290526

if you buy direct from a roaster anywhere, assuming they're not absolute shit, they'll roast the beans to order and they'll degas during shipping and be good to go once they arrive

>> No.16290527

I think it's pretty common in Straya. I've tried it with club soda, and I don't really like it.

>> No.16290531

I dunno I'm not American and don't know your budget. If I was new and had an okay burr grinder I'd probably try bottomless or angel's cup subscriptions if you're that new for a while. If you want cheap robusta trash or are using a blade grinder then you might as well stick to your preground amazon garbage the ignorant buy.

>> No.16290544

Go to the coffee aisle in your local grocery store, find the "I'm local!" coffee, and figure out if any of those roasters are within driving distance. Then you can order from them online or see if they have direct retail sales.

>> No.16290546
File: 155 KB, 1080x1068, 1575435758279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blade grinder
Fuck, I do have that. Thisll turn in to a money pit.
Am I suppose to crush them or something? I just want midline coffee, Im not going to import rain forst water and shit

>> No.16290551

A local place on the google maps directed to this website
I think ill try this

>> No.16290621

Most would say the entry level is a Baratza Encore for someone like you. Some people here recommend ali express manual grinders or hario ceramic bur trash with mods for their loose tolerances and other stupid garbage, but you probably won't enjoy the process and might get dubious results. If you can't afford the buy in on good entry level grinder like the Encore or Jx I say stick to preground filth from a local roaster if you can find a local one that is convenient. That would still be better than amazon but ordering online is out of the question, ~2 bags for free shipping would be stale as fuck by the time you got half way through the first one.

Blade grinders are for spices, I tried to use one for a few months when starting out and and even with shaking it and paper towel tricking the fines it always tasted like shit (except a single cup) and wasted my time. You'll want a burr grinder. Try some reputable cafes around you to taste what real black coffee tastes like and you'll understand if it is worth it for something you'll enjoy every morning. People spend $1000 on partialism trash they dumpster after a week, a good manual grinder like the Jx/pro will last you a decade if you ever want to dabble in espresso. Otherwise the encores are user servicable and alright.

>> No.16290648

Hi friend, ignore this guy
He is a consoomer

>> No.16290694

Just order from the roasterie. Free shipping on $30, straight out of kc.

Glad I scrolled down. Roasterie has been around for years. Great guys run it.

>> No.16290717

I did it. 2lb bag of something called total eclipse.
Suppose to taste like blackberries and chocolate. Weird but Im open minded.

>> No.16290722

>2 lb
I hope you have lots of coffee drinkers in your house.

>> No.16290731

Ill store it in the freezer

>> No.16290857

Make sure you seperate it in individual 1-2~week lots and let them sit out overnight before brewing. You shouldn't be opening the entire bag every other day letting air in and allowing condensation to form. Freezing sealed shit is fine but once you open the bag leave that batch in the pantry. Try to get standard 340g bags next time as it makes freezing easier and a single person usually goes through that in a week or two. As far as tasting notes, don't expect much with the blade grinder... not being an elitist but it is what it is, it's not a tool that gives you anything approaching consistency, you'll have both super fines and huge boulders leading to under and over extracted muck in the same cup that changes wildly from bitter, empty, sour, etc every time you brew.

>> No.16290873
File: 51 KB, 640x636, E6364807EEAB4AA6B7B73DE9500C2017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do I use if not a blade grinder
I didnt read that other guys wall of text

>> No.16290878

...Fuck it. Twitter generation is hopeless.

>> No.16290913
File: 61 KB, 1024x576, 1621453769843m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ill be back to report on my eclipse dark blend niggers.

>> No.16290949

With that attention to detail, you ought to be cranking out children not coffee.

>> No.16290952
File: 199 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20210617-001218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ

>> No.16291062

recc me, someone who has never had coffee in their entire life, good beginner beans that taste good. I got a grinder gifted to me so I figure I should at least try it out before I inevitably switch back to drinking only water.

>> No.16291148


>> No.16291470
File: 401 KB, 1200x1076, GRP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HARIO hand-grinder is cheaper but less consistent. You are paying for quality...

>> No.16291722

Supermarket Kenyan for me
Not bad

>> No.16291813

I use espresso.

>> No.16292099

Does anyone have a Gaggia? My machine just randomly started to shoot out water like a shower instead of a dripping stream and it's fucking up the coffee puck.

>> No.16292813

I do too, but maybe I need to use seltzer water instead of club soda, because the mineral flavors throw everything off. Then again, I despise mineral water, so maybe people who like that taste wouldn't mind it.

>> No.16292940

He is wrong in that low-level burr grinders like the Hario ceramic are fine if anon just wants an alright cup of coffee, but he is definitely right in that blade grinders just aren't good enough.

>> No.16293127

They're pretty easy to mod to reduce inconsistencies


>> No.16293233
File: 295 KB, 512x512, sticker_30.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

coffee from burundi this morning
15g 250g pourover
great notes of lemon
best filter I've had recently and the lightest roast, why am I not surprised

>> No.16293362


>> No.16293486

Ethiopian coffee/espresso, and fever tree tonic water.

>> No.16295318


>> No.16295325

coffee makes me poop

>> No.16296966


>> No.16297060
File: 176 KB, 1080x1350, atlz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pics aren't loading?

>> No.16297430
File: 1.53 MB, 2542x2542, 88728F79-8E36-4859-BBAA-78CC6B5F26F9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I just made a cortado in a skull glass just to see if I could.

How’s your morning going?

>> No.16297713
File: 139 KB, 1195x1195, atla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's hot but bearable. Nice glass.

>> No.16297936
File: 1.29 MB, 1200x3400, 4D5D8EDE-E811-4021-A737-8DCA6A287819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the best, most “proper” way to brew coffee? I just want to skip all the nonsense and jump straight to the most patrician method.

>> No.16297949

Has anybody ever tried bottling nitro cold-brew? Just bought a nitro set-up and I'm curious as to whether I can bottle or otherwise seal the nitro in it to drink later

>> No.16297966

There is no "proper" way. Different methods extract different flavors from the coffee, over varying degrees of time and effort.

I used to drink cold-brew, but got bored of the flavor and transitioned to a pour-over, but then that was too much of a hassle so now I do french press.

Your only way to "git gud" at coffee is to buy fresh roasts, grind them yourself, use good water and experiment with what you like best. YouTube is a good tool.

>> No.16297971

For specialty coffee, some kind of filter is essential imo. The Aeropress cult will at this point come crawling out of the walls, but it's an annoying, autistic, fiddly way to brew coffee. V60 is the most "normal" way to brew coffee, chemex looks cooler and results in a very interesting, very ruby colored "cleaner" sort of cup. I've been looking at a Hario switch / hybrid brew method but haven't tried it yet.

V60 is currently your best bet for specialty coffee.

>> No.16297976

What's your method/ratio/courseness for your V60?

I lost my notes on it and I don't want to experiment with finding the sweet spots anymore.

>> No.16297986

Search Hoffman's blade grinder method, you can absolutely make drinkable coffee with a blade grinder. If you're buying whole bean super market coffee to use with a drip machine or something it's perfectly fine.

>> No.16298018

So you recommend v60 over chemex?

>> No.16298030

Not him, but from what I remember, Chemex is just an expensive meme version of the V60.

>> No.16298033

70g / L
Pretty much have to dial in every roast, it's just life. You want it about as fine as you can get without fucking up your flow, if you have a mediocre grinder that produces lots of fines you'll have to grind coarser or it'll stall. Brew with boiling water, bloom for at least 30 seconds, probably under 1m unless it's super fresh coffee. Swirl / stir everything. Target 3-4m total brew time, but unfortunately it's more important that you do it "right" than it is that you hit some arbitrary brew method. If you have really fresh coffee that looks like it's boiling when you start to bloom, it has to go longer. You want all that CO2 out or you'll have a noticeably underextracted cup. If you're doing a week old medium roast or something with a gentle bloom, 30 seconds is plenty. Same thing with dose, grind, etc. It'll all depend.

>> No.16298055

So, bloom 30 seconds to a minute, then pour for 3 to 4? I remember I used to measure water in grams, not Liters, and pour X amount for the bloom plus Y amount for the rest of the steep. Also remember staggering it with different volumes at different times, but the sheer fucking headache of it drove me to just say fuck the V60 and switch to French Press

>> No.16298056

For most people, yeah.

Completely different, chemex filters are nothing like anything that you'd normally put in a V60. The coffee comes out a brilliant ruby red, has a totally different mouth feel, very strange flavor profile. Mostly it's described as having accented top notes, or floral notes, but what comes through and what doesn't seems almost random. Very very interesting way to make coffee, but I don't know if I'd recommend it for everyone just because of how different the cup is. V60 is cheaper, easier, and much more of a standard coffee experience. I'd recommend everyone spend some time with a chemex, and I really like the coffee, but it is very strange.

>> No.16298064

Also why on earth would you use boiling instead of 200°F/just below boiling? I distinctly remember that burning the shit out of the coffee when I fucked up and did it once

>> No.16298076

1mL is one gram, so 70/1000g
4 minutes is around the max including the bloom, your time variations should be in bloom and drawdown, flow for main phase will be determined by the filter. If you want easy mode

35g coffee 500g water
Bloom ~75g for 45 seconds
Pour slowly to fill V60 then stir
Pour to 500g then swirl and let draw down
If you break 4 minutes doing this grind courser, otherwise don't worry about it. Time starts when the water goes in.

>> No.16298086

If you don't like it then do whatever you want, I did a few blind tests and didn't notice a difference. To be fair, I also don't brew with boiling water but I think people focus on water way too much. You can make good coffee with boiling water and it's one less thing for a novice to worry about.

>> No.16298115

Try using something that's not a dark roast next time. If you can see oil on the beans, it's shit.

>> No.16298262
File: 42 KB, 554x400, 1525901324495.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drinking gesha cold brew

>All those walls of text
Meds, schizo

>> No.16298427

Wtf is gesha.

Sounds like some shitty, expensive canned cold brew

>> No.16298586

for me, it's the clever dripper.

>> No.16298591

this nigga born in 1900 lmao

>> No.16298679

Each brewing method gives a different flavor and texture so I personally think there’s no one proper way to brew coffee

>> No.16298878

turkish is the only of those that is not short lived fad, and with good reason.

>> No.16298903

All of these are still in use, and usually for good reasons.

>> No.16298987


not used

less than 20 years old
>non melitta pour overs
>clever dripper
>cold brew stupidity

brought to you by marketing and mark up
>coffee bags
>pod machines

form over function arthoe shit
low quality beans only
>puerto rican

king of placebo effect
>cupping right off the roasting

not old enough but might make it
>moka pot
>french press
>auto drip

bean sorting, roasting and grinding is what matters most, and guess what you get super fines anyway with any grinder so you are better off only using super fines, hence Turkish is king, and will continue to be king for more millennia.

>> No.16299058

Remove kebab

>> No.16299157


and especially

Look. I know im responding to a mongoloid, i know. But i have to tell you. You dont know anything about coffee. Read all the faggot books you want. Go to coffee fest and turn your nose up to the italians and masturbate over synesso. Go pay thousands of dollars to be a q gradee and look at coffee under a uv light. Go for it. I dont even care. Just remember kid, i was stripping trucks of supremos while you were in fucking poopy pants diapers. I remeber when Choc full of Nuts delivered coffee in a fucking rolls royce. Your playing yourself, kid.

I have over 100 specialy offerings from 97 different countries of origin in contianer quanities AT ALL TIMES. Wow you say mr. Coffee broker bean KANG you just doxed yourself on the internet, but i dont care. Fuck you. Ive been doing this so long i was playing golf with the nca guys before it blew up ive been a member and disbarred by the scaa more times then your punk ass has even been on there mailing list. Ive FUCKED my way through more coffee roasters secrateries than you even have in your rolodex. I have a warehouse filled with over $1,000,000 of espresso equipment laying DEFUNCT.

People like you, kid, people like your are marks, customers, losers. Go ahead, drink your shitty overextracted coffee; freeze your green coffee; hook up pid machines to your little home.use espresso machines, buy a 1 bag Lorring. But to me kid, youll always be a loser and a faggot

>> No.16299228

^ meds, now

>> No.16299232

My sister uses a percolator, but she’s a hippie. She probably uses it because she thinks it’s funky and “vintage”, but the coffee tastes like shit. It tastes like hot water with a hint of coffee flavor.

>> No.16299491

speaking of things that are less than 20 years old, should you be here?

>> No.16299529

Hans here. Never made coffee at home, always tea. Should I just start with a filter cone and if yes, ceramic or plastic?

>> No.16299560

by Hans you mean Tscherman?
if so go for v60 kit from roastmarket de

>> No.16299586

It's an Ethiopian arabica cultivar that's been transplanted to South American farms and people are memeing it into retardedly high prices. I mean good for them for getting good at specialty coffee, but the people paying the meme tax are dingdongs, imo.

>> No.16299592

Yes, German.
You mean the one with the plastic filter and the glas server, right?

>> No.16299614

yep, throw in some blend intended for filter, watch Hoffmanns V60 teknique and you're good to go.
or turn away now, it's not too late yet.

>> No.16299657

Yeah, I know you can spend a lot of money on appliances. Tea is way easier regarding that you only have to look out for temperature and brewing time. I only drank coffee in the office, but I've been working remote for 17 months now and I kinf of miss it.

>> No.16299671

Egg yolk+condensedmilk+spices whisked-cooked in metal bowl over boiling water=best coffee foam

>> No.16299705

>Tea is way easier regarding that you only have to look out for temperature and brewing time
well if you're brewing some japanese meme twigs/powder or god forbid some bagged shit from Kaufland you can call the tea easier.
I'll assume that you don't go gongfu tea route.

real tea (i.e. camellia sinensis leaves processed in many various ways) is definitely more complex than coffee beans.

that said, get v60 kit if you want good coffee at home.

>> No.16299761

I like my coffee like my flags ;)

>> No.16300092

black with arabic writing in the middle?

>> No.16300334

Any opinions on the best manual hand grinder for espresso?

So far it seems the 1zpresso JX Pro is the best option. Costs about £135 when ordered direct from their website.

Are there other grinders that can do espresso in this price range that are worth considering instead?

>> No.16300406


>> No.16300992

hey question.
can you drink the residue left in a cup from french press coffee?

>> No.16301114

no, it spawns a brown recluse.

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