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Is this worth $8?

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Yeah, it’s pretty good. Tastes like the sauce you’d get at a restaurant

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Rao's is actually worse than cheapo ragu, it just tastes awful. Newman's is pretty good, and as a bonus, Paul Newman looks me in the eye while I'm cramming the jar up my ass.

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for a case? yes.
one bottle? no.

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yes, it is amazing. look up the ingredients, it's very straightforward. in pic related you can see the orangeish colors of real fat. I get top shelf frozen beef meatballs so I can easily make really fucking good spaghetti and all the ingredients keep for a long time. but I blow through jars of this stuff. I also think it's got some nutrient that I'm deficient in or something, probably from the tomatoes, because it seems to give me much improved erections, no joke. maybe nitrates??? but yes it's worth it even if I'm wrong about the erections lol. I also got Rao's alfredo sauce which isn't quite as impressive but is still waaaaay better than the normal brands.

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Obvious shill is obvious.

Either learn the lingo or get a real job

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it's a sideboard there's going to be less "lingo." and am I to believe you're accusing Rao's spaghetti sauce of hiring someone to subtly advertise spaghetti sauce on a fucking Himalayan basket weaving forum?

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yes but its not like a good Italian restaurant unlike what >>16260840 thinks.

Its good, worth trying at least once. Better than Dave's Gourmet which is overrated (greasy/watery/flavorless)

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Just make your own it's a lot easier and less of a hassle than you'd think

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>Paul Newman looks me in the eye while I'm cramming the jar up my ass.
Nigga do you have eyes inside of your anus?

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Make your own.

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Yeah, this sauce is very good. If you're poor just use ketchup. If you're not use this

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honestly you'd only save a few bucks and it wouldn't taste as good as this stuff. this isn't overly processed with a bunch of weird shit in it, it has like 7 ingredients.

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If you don't mind the price or can get it on sale, do it.
I bought some on a whim, and am the kind of person who generally assumes price = quality.
I'm like, eight dollars this shit has got to be good right, it's like a challenge.
I was really surprised. Only had the four cheese flavor but damn. Recently quit a 10 year cooking career and consider myself kind of a fucking snob, but this shit is alright.
Sprouts was clearing some out I think, now I have like 10 jars on hand for whatever.

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Its good, but don't think worth the price. Classico is a damn good sauce for about half the price if you need to go jar.

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Honestly, that sounds like a pretty bold and smart marketing move. It's not like corporations aren't editing Wikipedia pages nowadays either, plus with fast food chains shitposting on Twitter it would only make sense.

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Sam's club? Get a deluxe slice on the way out

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Better than most jar sauces and I've tried a lot. Newman's Sockarooni is still my favorite though and it's only $3.

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It tastes good because they put plenty of olive oil in it and use decent tomatoes. You can easily make something better for cheaper, if that matters.

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>and it wouldn't taste as good as this stuff
>it has like 7 ingredients
The process is simple, the ingredients are simple, so yes it would taste as good you braindead shill. In fact, better, because it would be fresh.

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I don’t believe for a second this sauce has the amount of oil they claim. Pretty sure they’re lying on the nutrition label.

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Costco sells 2 jars for $7

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Why are people incapable of preparing something so simple themselves?

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But then if you factor in the subscription, it’s the same price. It’s how Costco gets you. Their corporate slogan is:
>Ya think ya smart, but ya not. Hehehe™

>> No.16264129

Because you’re autistic

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>But then if you factor in the subscription, it’s the same price
Yeah sure if all you're buying is pasta sauce. Meats and produce save you enough money to buy a membership if you're cooking for 2 or more. Costco is only a scam if you're a solo dude using it for regular grocery shopping.

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I hope your joking

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It's the best jarred sauce. I have some for when I'm feeling lazy.

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threadly reminder youre supposed to add water to ragu

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it's better than most restaurant and even homemade sauces. yes it's worth 8 dollars. it's literally like the sauce some 90 year old italian grandma would make.

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