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What's the deal with salt?
It makes your water hotter so your pasta cooks better, but it also makes your water colder so you can make ice cream.
How the fuck does that work?!

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It only does one of those things. The pasta boiling is a myth.

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Lowers the boiling point and thereby the freezing point.

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So it lets water get hotter without boiling, and it also makes water go colder without freezing?
It's really hard to understand

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it would be easier if you could read.

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He can't read and you have no idea what you're talking about. You should both shit the fuck up.

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Don't you need a fuckton of salt to get water to boil faster?

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It doesn't do that first thing. You pulled that straight out of your ass.

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It is a general characteristic that the addition of solutes to solvents will lower fp and raise bp. https://www.chem.purdue.edu/gchelp/solutions/eboil.html

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You're wrong about the boiling point. Adding salt ions to a solution actually increases the boiling point. However, in the amounts you'd normally add to pasta water, it's marginal

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salt is fucking awesome
anyone cutting back on salt cause of muh HBP is a fat faggot

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Adding salt to water doesn't make it boil faster, you just add it because it makes the pasta tastier

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It doesn't MAKE it colder, it ALLOWS it to be colder before freezing.

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