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Any good White Russian recipes?


>want to make white russian
>can't get kahlua
>make coffee liqueur with rum, sugar and coffee beans
>comes out okay
>mix with cream + vodka
>totally curdles

So rum doesn't mix with cream. What can I use instead to make a Kahlua replacement?

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You can buy coffee liqueur, mr black is a good one but its poor in sugar. Marie brizard make a good coffee liqueur for a cheap price. My favorite is pause café its from a small french tropical island its amazing and it contain a bit of vanilla that go well with the cream. My advice is to use heavy cream. For the vodka if you got money béluga or grey goose. Anything goes well exept real bad vodka. I have a preference for Chopin Longjing vodka and mr black it as a extremely singular and special taste.

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Neutralize the acid in the coffee by heating it up for a long time or throwing in some soda or shit like that so the cream doesn't curdle. Also add vanilla to make it taste more like Kahlua.

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Kahlua is 47% sugar by weight. Not Mr. black's fault people got used to it. Anyways, my answer to OP's question would be Dirty Cow, basically just coffee liqueur of your choice and cream in whatever ratio you find most delicious. I've used 10%, 20%, 30% and 36% cream and it never curdled. It ends up on top, if that's what OP means, but no curdling.

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>heavy cream
What is this exactly? Heavy cream means different things in different parts of the world. Is this 50% fat cream?
>For the vodka if you got money béluga or grey goose
I prefer Smirnoff despite it being a commercial vodka.

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Smirnoff is good. Im not a huge fan of vodka. Yes 50% it make it more soft and onctuous just its calorie dense so be carefull. Also if you intend to buy cream maybe get creme de menthe (mint cream) and white cocoa cream and you can do some grasshopper. Its amazing and refreshing.

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Heavy cream is just whipping cream and has around 30% fat in most countries.

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30% is good too. It need to contain a bit of fat or it don't mix

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>So rum doesn't mix with cream

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Use a coffee cognac/brandy liqueur for a better taste
As for the cream you'll want a stabilized cream with carrageenan in it. You can usually tell from if the cream clumps up slightly when not shaken then it's not stabilized

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half-and-half (10.5~18%) works just fine.
I've even used chocolate milk in a pinch.

i prefer to layer it rather than mix though.

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I work in a bar, i should give shocky milky to those fags that worship "the dude"

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The only good white Russian is Putin.

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lord forbid anyone learn about a good beverage from a movie

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>white russian
you better be a female

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only women get judgemental over a beverage

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that's processed specifically so it doesn't curdle
not everyone has industrial machinery in their kitchen

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This seams like a good thread to ask, anyone know any nice drinks to make with Amarula? I love this shit neat, but would be fun to make some nice cold summer drinks with it

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spoken like a true woman (even though you'll never be one in real life)

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I like adding cold-brew coffee instead of liqueur. Sweetness can always be added with simple syrup, but nothing beats the flavor of good cold-brew in a white russian

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The problem with Mr Black isn’t the sugar content (that’s the best part), is that the coffee part sucks ass. Tastes like stale communal-pot office coffee. I put up with it solely for the sugar content. If you’re ever in Texas, find cafecito. It is the god among children for coffee liqueur.

I just mix coffee liqueur and Irish cream. I am a lazy person.

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I prefer mine with brandy instead of vodka. Just equal parts kahlua, brandy and cream, milk or whatever i have on hand, stirred in a glass filled with ice.
Never been a fan of the layered shit where you just end with a puddle of whipped cream in the glass while you drink a black russian.

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I've had some trouble finding a good recipe for white russians

Ended up bastardizing it and making my own version with salted caramel vodka and Bailey's

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I just do 50/50 vodka and kalhua over ice, then I top it up with milk. Too much milk kills the Russian.

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Honestly the movie and the drinks are both good. I just love to shit on other people interest because im a sad person.

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first time?

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That's like making a negroni with greysons, orange squash and buckfast.

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Honestly it was delicious. Tried it with picrel as well and I couldn't fault it

I'll attempt to make a decent White Russian again one day

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I make a coffee simple syrup by first preparing 8oz nice pour over coffee with good beans. Dissolve 6oz demerara sugar and a packet of hot cocoa while it's still hot, heating gently if necessary. Then I add 1tbs vanilla and chill until cold. I use it like kahlua, but slightly less, like 3/4 oz instead of 1 oz.

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>be a teenager years ago
>decide to make a white russian
>all we have is vodka
>mix it into a keurig cup with some milk
Still makes me gag when I think about it.

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I also use syrup and coffee, but it still missing that sweet rum taste you get in Kahlua.

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Lmao I tried vodka and milk as a teenager because I couldn't handle it alone

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it's kahula

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kek you got so salty when your insult was turned around

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>rum doesn't mix with cream
Is that some merican Contains Real Creme(TM) Product?

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Not it's just plain double cream.

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Something must be wrong with it, rum and cream mix just fine without curdling everywhere else.

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I see. So rum + sugar + vanilla extract + coffee (home made coffee liqueur) should mix fine in double cream?

Didn't work for me. What rum is acceptable here?

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Coffee contains acids than can curdle milk/cream. Maybe also the vanilla extract has an acid added to increase shelf time.

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Well literally billions of people drink milk with coffee and nobody seems to have a problem so I doubt it's the coffee. Same with vanilla in cooking. It's def the rum. Read this


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It depends on the rum. There is spiced rum, dark rum, white rum etc

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>Any good White Russian recipes?
It's not complicated and I'm not reading this thread

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Regular rum is not some magic spirit. Dairy should also curdle from every other spirit, but you never read shit like that about brandy etc. Coffee on the other hand can flocculate dairy. Just google it.

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Today I learned a word. Thanks a flocc, Anon!

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>any good white russian recipes.
Yeah, have you tried vodka, coffee liqueur and heavy cream?

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It's not the rum, it's the coffee liqueur. Homemade coffee liqueur has a bad tendency to curdle. There's no real logic for the rum itself to be the one curdling when I make eggnog with rum and it doesn't curdle. Coffee and milk doesn't also curdle. The combination is what's going on. Add an emulsifying agent (I suggest Xantham Gum).

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If you want to have the issue confused even more, I’ve had this issue with virtually every liqueur in varying degrees.

Irish cream is usually pretty resilient, but once I mixed it with crème de cassis. Turned into fucking pudding.

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I’m drunk hello someone talk to me

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I keep seeing cafecito at my specs, but haven't tried it. sugar content close to mr. black, but better coffee? I'll have to give it a shot

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I like shaking the heavy cream so it floats on top of the booze like a latte

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Pretty much yea. It's been a while since I've had it since I've moved out of state so I can't recall exactly how sweet-or-not it is, but it's definitely much closer to the Mr Black end of the spectrum than is it to Kahlua

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Yeah, and then you have something like a Ramos Gin Fizz and that calls for lemon and lime juice outright but doesn't curdle.

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I'll definitely pick some up on my next restock

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I used to make one with coconut milk and coffee rum
Called it a sunburnt Russian

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