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McDonald's cult classic: the McRib. Based or cringe?

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Based and rib pilled

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It just tastes like shitty BBQ sauce and fake meat on a seeded bun.

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I had one a couple years ago when they came around. It was pretty bad, and I don't generally dislike MackDonald's either. We used to have cheap ribwich sandwiches in the school cafeteria that were better than this

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Gave me diarrhea/10

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They bought it to Australia one time, I tried one, fucking awful.

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There's too much sauce on the mcrib, I end up getting stains all over my clothing after cramming them up my ass.

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When did the Flinstones movie come out? That's the last time I remember enjoying one - mostly for the marketing.

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Plenty of people already copied it and sell it in the frozen food section in bulk. At dollar tree that exact sandwich costs a dollar, just pop it in the microwave instead of paying $3+ at mcds

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Based ass crammer

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The fact that this shitty sandwich actually creates excitement and a following is an indicator of how degenerate our population is. There really is no recovery from this. Most people just glide through life without any critical thinking skills whatsoever.

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Baste ass crammer

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