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is actually food porn and obesity porn

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I love myself a good fat kino. makes me feel good about eating healthy

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Netflix originals in general are pretty bad. All a successful streamer needs is quality classics. New content is superfluous against the great filmed productions that already exist. A functional life only has time to view 50% of it in the first place.

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Any other documentaries with this feel? Love seeing fatties and also kids in school dealing with being fat n shit. Unrelated but I fucking love bully on Netflix, it’s a documentary about how different kids deal with bullying in their lives and how parents deal with it. The grittiness of seeing kids getting bullied in school is something no Hollywood film can replicate.

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The Weight of the Nation
The Man Who Ate Himself to Death
That Sugar Film
Supersize me (I know it's a gimmick but there is still a good documentary apart from it)
In Defense of Food

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I see they have all of my biopics available for streaming

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Let's not forget YouTubers and The Food Network and The Cooking Channel

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>still having a jewflix account

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Nice infomercial.
I bet the retard has a facebook and twitter account too

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Midnight Diner is comfy

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so is samurai gourmet

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for some reason this guy reminds me of black jesus.

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