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What's in your fridge, lads?

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What's that brew, lad?


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├╝berbrau, was the cheapest case in the store. it's surprisingly decent though.

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The looks like non-alcoholic beer, it also looks like you only moved in a week ago

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3 weeks ago, acshully. and no, who the fuck drinks non-alcoholic beer?

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I assumed from the silver labels, only other silver stuff i see if non-alcoholic

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Honestly, I see it now too.

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how the fuck are people this disgusting still alive?

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All that being said ive only got silver beer cans

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>asahi talls
pretty based, lad. VB is nice, I wish our domestic beers weren't so pricey though. XXXX Bitter is top tier too.

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It's kind to your liver and your addiction, anon. Its win-win.

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I like being drunk, though.

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Not one but two tubs of fake butter. That stuff shouldn't be consumed and is only good as lube for cramming things up my ass.

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I prefer sunflower/olive blends over butter, you should too.

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