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anyone else have IBS? how do you deal with it? I'm thinking of trying the FODMAP diet

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What helped me was eating less and taking a probiotic everyday. Now I rarely have issues and pretty much eat whatever I want (just smaller portions and not until I feel stuffed). I also lost about 30 pounds and rarely get heartburn anymore either.

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well well >>16249685
well what do we have here?
looks like a perfectly good buck to break in

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go to a doctor and get tested for all kinds of stuff. I thought I had ibs and dealt with it for years and years. turns out I am lactose intolerant--all my troubles went away overnight. I still eat dairy with lactaid too

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This. Probiotics cured my years-long IBS in literally two weeks

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>anyone else have IBS? how do you deal with it?
i cant

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If this is your attempt at making me hungry, then you succeeded with flying colors.

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what specific probiotics do you take?

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the only one that matters

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I thought I had IBS. Then I looked up fructan intolerance. Then I cut down my fructan intake almost entirely (hard to avoid fructans in modern SOCIETY desu).
Then I stopped shitting wet sharts 5 times a day.

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I can probably cure my IBS by cutting down on my liquor consumption, but I just can't make it over the hump of extreme anxiety at the 8 hour mark of no booze. How have you guys handled it?

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intermittent fasting and no vegetables

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I have nothing to add other than my sympathies. always seemed like a pretty awful condition to have. hope you guys figure it out and don't forget we live in a time of more medical advancements than ever before so I'll bet there will be a cure sooner than later.

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You need to go to medical detox or do your best to taper at home. You're going through withdrawal. If it's not bad enough to make you shake, you can probably taper at home. If you shake then you should go to medical detox or a hospital.

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IBS is a generic term for any stomach issues doctors can't or won't investigate. You need to define what's wrong with you since IBS can be wildly different.

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are you a medical doctor?

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Give this a shot anon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YMNYX5Y/

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I've done my research. Don't need to be a doctor to understand there are terms for disorders with wildly different symptoms. Like schizophrenia isn't a single fixed problem the same way a broken bone is

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then prove your claim

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Don't be like me and put it off and waste money on doctor's visits looking for pills that don't work
Fodmap for 2 weeks before you feel ANY difference. Then by the end you feel normal and fixed. It will change your life and isn't hard. Afterwards you can experiment with adding fodmap foods back in. For instance, I can have garlic again but not onions or spices containing onion powder

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He is correct but didn't mention it's all about diet and nothing else. Even specialists are clueless on this issue it's ridiculous and they label you and don't help
Fodmap diet is the best area to start as it eliminates all possible factors that lead to ibs. Then add back foods to see what it is specifically. This will very likely fix a bunch of other problems you didn't even know you had like aches and pains and night sweats

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This. I am fine with garlic but onions fuck my shit up. Sucks even more cuz I’m indian and that’s the base of every curry — a metric tonne of onions
The issue for me is fructans. Once I cut out fructans (including breads and pasta) I was far far better off.

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List of some common fructans. I think fructans are a type of FODMAP.

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I'm sorry bro. I miss caramelized onions and stuff. I've also got celiac, are you fine with gluten free pasta and bread?
Also HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP the killer even a drop is awful

Op just find a webpage for fodmap foods that's easy to follow and cntrl F for whatever you're about to buy. It's a pain but so worth it man

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Fodmap will definitely make you feel better at first since you end up cutting out so much. Just make sure you add stuff back in lowly and properly to monitor for what makes you feel like shit.

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anyone with IBS is a subhuman

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>I miss caramelized onions and stuff.
Yeah lol I never really considered how integral onions were to any good cuisine until I actively cut them out, it really blows.
Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where your body starts shidding and farding (literally and figuratively) whenever the body tries to process gluten right? See the interesting thing is I wonder how much of a relationship fructans themselves have with celiac disease.
Like its pretty crazy how all the fructan-low diets are similar to celiac diets. There has to be some fundamental relationship between fructans and celiac disease /gluten. Anyways any time people say they have IBS symptoms I tell them to look at FODMAPs and specifically focus on the fructan part of FODMAPs.

>gluten free pasta and bread?
Gluten free pastas are based imo, like brown rice pasta. I'm assuming you use gluten free pasta and bread regularly? I honestly don't go for gluten-free synthesized foods, more so just go for straight up rice or something.

>Also HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP the killer even a drop is awful
Shit, you think your body has a high sensitivity to HFCS? I mean i totally get that, its literally corn right? Which would trigger all those gluten/fructan sensitivities? Do you notice you start shidding and farding upon consuming that HFCS garbage which is laced inside almost every fucking food found on grocery shelves on Earth at this point

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Make and drink your own kombucha. Eat fermented foods daily. It fixed my guts after 20 years of suffering.

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>I have loose stools/diarrhea 4-6 times a day
>stools have mucous half the time
>terrible hemorrhoids from going so much
>if there is blood it usually is light and sometimes darker
>no stomach pain
>blood tests are good
>thyroid, celiac issues negative
>stool sample detected blastocystis hominis, I took antibiotics for that
>4mg loperamide helps, and I usually cocktail it with pepto bismol

things I've noticed fuck me up
>yogurt (I've cut dairy out of my diet for a week and still had issues so it's not lactose intolerance)
>vegetables (lettuce, arugula, etc are still intact in toilet)
>tree nuts (cashews were the worst thing ever)
>exercise (running makes my stomach decay into a swamp)

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what were your symptoms?

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thanks bro. FODMAP it is. for lunch I'll make a cup of rice and 1 egg :)

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I don't know what worked for me, but no issues in years. I take about 1 to 2g of fish oil per day and a weird probiotic that works a bit different than others on the market, it contains GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans) 2 billion cells and works wonders for me, sold under the brand name Schiff Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotic.

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There is zero scientific evidence that pro biotics do anything and they can't even make it to your intestines alive.

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Abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation you know the usual fun stuff. Shit my pants more than a few times.

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Kombucha causes uncontrollable farting and shitting brains out.

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Low FODMAP helps but doesn't fix it. There is no dealing with you just fucking live in hell from now on.

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I think it's the FRUCTOSE part regular corn syrup is totally fine luckily
Also have a feeling celiac is strongly connected to these things.. diet in general could change people's lives and fix so many of the problems they take meds to hide imo
You'll get to a point where you can make anything you'd usually eat even better than before honestly. But I also started making simple meals
Good luck friend I really think this will change your life for the better and make things normal in the stomach finally as it did for me. It's just a matter of sticking to it even if you see no change at all within the first 13 days

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Monosodium glutomate was the sole cause of my childhood IBS. Chinese food being primarily flavored with MSG was what clued me into the problem. Cut out msg been a straight shitter for 2 decades.

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pretty sure that is literally impossible

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smoking is one cure for IBS

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GOMAD and diapers

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Take your meds schizo, they work
two study results posted in pic

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Ok let me restate that almost no pro biotics work besides Bacillus coagulans LBSC. The real key is pre biotics. controlling and selecting the correct pre biotics is essential in controlling your gut microbiota.

also linking two random papers is not evidence of something you single digit iq retard.

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It's difficult. Everybody's different.

Making your own bread helps (get a bread machine).

Avoid beer, yeast and too much vinegar. Sheep and goat cheeses seemed to help. Avoid store-bought sauces.

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You went from zero evidence that probiotics do anything and can't make it alive to your intestines to almost no probiotics work when 2 peer reviewed articles were posted, like I was going to post the hundreds that show they do work in various ways. Oh ok retard.

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>Making your own bread helps
how does that help

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I saw coagulans mentioned on r/IBS. That and Florastor (Saccharomyces boulardii) caught my eye, so I will probably give them a try at separate times. I'm only hesitant cus the probiotics on reddit had a couple big shill accounts responsible for a lot of the sidebar information. specifically this one account called maximiliankohler. he shills dozens of probiotics, specifically Jarrow Brand Florator.

anyway, I'm pretty sure I have IBS-D and Florastor is said to help with diarrhea. these are my conditions
here >>16251692.

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Jarrow is a somewhat reputable company or was as far back as I can remember. The Schiff Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotic, Bacillus coagulans has a study how it helped with AIDS wasting and the diarrhea involved. You have nothing to lose, I believe the other anons on here who say probiotics helped. Just do it, don't overthink it anon, I know how frustrating the IBS symptoms are, I've been there. Nowadays I just consume 2g of fish oil and the baccillus coagulan probiotic and eat yogurt several times a week and I'm fine, haven't had an attack in a long long time.

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that's so based, you seem like such a ck bro, it's not even funny. I'll pick up a bottle tonight

t. from sitting on my toilet grunting

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ayyyy it's me, IBD anon. I am currently in the post reintroduction phase of low FODMAP where I just eat stuff that doesn't trigger me. I paid for the Monash app and am happy to post screenshots of any foods you want. The heavy elimination phase sucked pretty bad but now that I know my tolerance level for my trigger foods I pretty much just eat whatever, and have accepted a certain level of bloating as OK. If you don't find symptom relief within 6 weeks of being on strict elimination phase, it's unlikely that your guts will be helped with diet only and you should check in with a doctor.

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what did you eat?

so fair I got chicken rice carrots and eggs. should be good enough, right?

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Can't you just replace it with Hing? I mean when you cook for yourself.

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imagine the smell

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for the very first week during the strict elimination phase i pretty much just cried and ate meat, rice, shredded lettuce, eggs, tuna, mayo, mustard, shredded lettuce, greek yogurt, peanut butter, cocoa powder, protein powder, chia seeds, and rice noodles. i checked everything with the monash app pretty religiously if i was eating something i wasn't 100% sure of, and started reintroductions about 3 weeks in since my main symptoms were bloating and exploding ass.
mannitol, fructans, and raw veggies in general trigger my IBD pretty badly. vegetable fructans trigger me more than wheat fructans so i can indulge in occasional fast food as long as i don't over-do it or stack too much fructan into a short period of time (6 hours or so).

i've found that as i've been avoiding things i can't eat and my guts heal up more, i have become less sensitive to some trigger foods. i've been pretty solidly low FODMAP for about a year (not elimination phase) and my tolerance level for fructans has definitely increased as long as i have other foods with it. too much raw vegetable at once is still a hard no for me, but "too much" has gone from 1 level cup of baby carrots to 2 overflowing cups. i can have a "high" level serving of raw onion (enough to sprinkle on a plate of tacos in pico de gallo / 75g) but garlic is still a big no for me. mannitol unfortunately hasn't improved, and cauliflower and celery still fuck me up pretty badly.

if your main symptoms are diarrhea and bloating, try to plan for 2 weeks of strict low FODMAP and make sure to have some fun treats in the house that you know will be compliant to keep yourself on track. protein fluff, jello, a couple of nice quality beers, smoothie stuff, nice quality steaks, whatever foods you normally reserve as a treat. this is a great time to indulge in those (as long as they're compliant and you don't overdo it on sugar) without feeling too badly, since you're already cutting off huge swathes of other foods.

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i really recommend downloading the Monash app if you want to follow a low FODMAP diet. you can give your info to google opinion rewards for a few pennies every now and again and you'll make the money back pretty quickly. it's been invaluable as a tool for quickly checking stuff at the store when i'm unsure, and has saved me a lot of money and prevented a lot of belly aches.

this poster is correct that you can replace garlic with hing. you can also steep garlic in olive oil to make a nice garlic oil for salad dressings and stuff like that. since FODMAPs are water soluble, the fructans won't leech out into the oil. this does mean that if you like to make soup at home, you'll need to check your typical soup veggies to ensure you aren't poisoning yourself on accident as you can't just not eat the celery/garlic/etc since the FODMAPs will go into your soup water with all the yummy vegetable flavor.

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It's a lot of trial/error. I think something like 70% of people with IBS actually have SIBO, and as faggy as reddit is the SIBO subreddit is pretty helpful. I did a breath test to diagnose myself, as well as a GI-MAP stool test. I've got a lot of bacterial imbalance and some H-Pylori in my intestines, which I suspect was caused by food poisoning a few years ago. My plan now is to eliminate the H-Pylori. I've tried several herbal remedies for the SIBO, but none have worked so far. It's just a matter of trying a lot of different ones, since everyone's body is different. Worst case scenario you could do the elemental diet for 2-3 weeks, but that has its own issues.

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Doctors go to school to learn how to prescribe patent opioids. They’re not intelligent, they just know how to keep you sick so you keep coming back.

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herbal remedies in tandem with specific carbohydrate were really useful for a friend of mine who had SIBO. i should probably get myself tested for SIBO and bacterial issues in general since my issues started after my dad let me go completely untreated for salmonella as a teenager.

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the anon is generally correct, IBS is a sweeping term for "we don't know what's wrong but it's clearly something and e have to charge your insurance for it"
the vast majority of peoples' guts don't just start reacting to things for no reason. either there's physical damage, an actual treatable illness, or a bacterial imbalance. an IBS/IBD diagnosis is a starting diagnosis to get the ball rolling on investigating that specific patient's issues. the diagnostic criteria is a loose collection of symptoms that could be caused by any number of other diseases:
A patient might have IBS if they had recurrent abdominal pain on average at least one day/week in the last three months, associated with two or more of the following criteria:
related to defecation
associated with a change in frequency of stool
associated with a change in form (appearance) of stool
*Criteria fulfilled for the last three months with symptom onset at least six months prior to diagnosis

you don't have to be a doctor to see that it's very clearly a generic term and that the actual issue is going to vary greatly from person to person.

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Carnivore diet cures IBS and Crohn's.

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some breads advertised as being keto are low fodmap in small serving sizes (like 2 slices) due to the fact that they're made with stuff like vital wheat gluten or low carb alt flour blends. it's important to check each item to make sure, but i am pretty sure the attached brand is low fodmap based on the ingredients.

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Probiotic pills daily sincerely fixed my chronic diarrhea

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That could be ulcerative proctitis or colitis. You should probably check it out

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Just take a walk in the evenings.

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My buddy cleared his gut with antibiotics and then enema'd a mixture of his brother's shit up his asshole. No lie. It worked

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>MAP diet
Great now I'm horny

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kombucha has way too much sugar

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I found Kimchi really helped me, made me fart a lot tho.

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>eating less
This, I have not known one person with IBS who wasn't overweight, myself included.

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