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will american culture ever mature past adolescence?

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I see something retarded about america and I make fun of America and Americans. Its just that Americans are really fucking stupid

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I'd love to funnel that up my ass.

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how is drinking a beverage of sugar, water and orange childish?
this guy with this logic thinks Americans are dumb, lol.

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Sounds about right. Americlaps are retarded.

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Is it like the orange juice you get at maccas in Australia because that shit's disgusting

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I for one like Hi-C. It's got a certain magic that's hard to pin down. Kool-Aid could never break into the orange market because Hi-C dominated, and it never had that high fructose throat burn you get with Teeni. And with some ice it's refreshing as allhell!

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It isn't orange juice. It is orange drink.

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I've never liked orange flavored beverages. Literally doesn't matter what it is, the taste just doesn't sit right with me. I'll eat a fuckin orange or one I just fuckin smashed the juice from but never anything past that

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whoa hell yeah that stuff is great
non americans can't hang
I like red stuff

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is he cool?

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He knows how to slap sauce in secret

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well he can't piss himself anymore

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He lost his legs in 'nam

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fat people are based and by based i mean horrific drains on society just like the rest of y'all niggers

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There's an upside to everything.

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How is that 100% vitamin C?
Wouldn't it be powder?

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Disney Paris is the most visited tourist attraction in europe seeth more>>16245564

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this only happens because non one cares about what happens in your shit hole, and because you spend most if not all of your time on the internet which is obsessed with the US

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OP seemed to imply it had actual oranges in it so what makes something a drink rather than a juice exactly?

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you misunderstand. it contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of vittaminn C

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It has orange, not oranges. Big difference.

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For kids

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Learn to read ...
100% daily dose off VitC PER 8oz serving

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in your case the C stands for cock

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they ruined hi c with sucralose

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I am genuinely not sure whats wrong about cargo shorts and why everyone hates them. They are practical and comfy.

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>drinking this as an adult

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I like being the doucebag with like $20 of change in his cargo shorts.

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new england loves strawberry fanta for some reason its even on tap at fast food places

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They lower your perceived IQ by 30

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But why?

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Yeah but this guy has no downside

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I thought Fanta was non-existent in America?

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>Someone ask for Ice Tea
>Hand them a Hi-C

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I would think this is the reason they took it off the menu. I would say hi-c and they would always think I meant iced tea.

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everything else is pleb drink

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just ask for the orange drink

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>Ha. I totally got him.

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>America America America

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When I worked in maccas only niggers and wiggers drank that.

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It's unbelievably sweet. Gave me a migraine last time i had it.

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America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American America Americans American

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I see Fanta everywhere here, at least the orange flavor. Followed by grape and I think pineapple or whatever the yellow one is.

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He was referring to the colour, not the fruit, Anon.

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Why is everything in America dyed with chemicals?

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maybe you should consume more sugary stuff

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they make you look like a cholo

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>want orange
>machine gives me lemon-lime

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This. They do such unimaginably retarded, disgusting things that you have to ask every time "Do Americans really?", because it is just unbelievable for actual civilised humans.
Maybe if you fucking obese retards weren`t such sub-humans you would realise why people focus on your obscurities.

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i am agent orange

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You will never be as cool as Fred Durst was in 2000

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