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>be me
>wake up
>realize that people actually eat coleslaw unironically
>day ruined

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doodoo fart desu

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t. broken buck

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>people unironically put oil and vinegar on raw vegetables
>and then eat them
Yeah, it's fucking crazy OP.

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>be me
>wake up
>realize I'm not a nigger
Feeling good again

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Is there a bigger pleb filter than coleslaw? Maybe olives?

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the burgers at a local place here come with fries and coleslaw included in the order so i like drizzling some coleslaw on my burger and it adds a nicely flavored bite as if it was a sauce

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>be you
>wake up
>burn in the sun
Feels good

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this is exactly how i feel

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I agree op

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>t. author of this meme from the 1950s

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Shut up...

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doodoo fard poopoo buttass

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>instantiation that only the white race can get sunburned
Thanks for showing how low IQ you are.
Remember you can only over season your food because we created industrialization, meanwhile your people can't evolve past the stone age.

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