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Ristretto shot edition.

>What ya drinking?
>Where's it from?
>You getting any more?

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Tea, coffee is for plebs

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I usually drink a basic medium roast, Non Fiction: Prologue this time. Also I’m trying to buy an espresso machines with minor modding which is better? Gaggia Classic Pro or a Rancilio Sylvia?

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Even though I work I specialty coffee, I kind of agree. Every specialty tea house/bar I've been to, was exceptional. I cannot tell you how many times I've been to a "specialty" coffee bar, and the owners and baristas don't know what the fuck they're doing. The just like "the idea" of specialty coffee.

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Probably the Gagia. There was already a small bud dedicated modding scene before Hoffmeme mentioned them, and since then has introduced a few more people into it. In terms of accessibility to parts and the option of troubleshooting, probably best to go that way.

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everything is for plebs who cares

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I'd rather be a pleb than a fag

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So you're a fag?

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aren't we all

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Thanks for the advice, I was thinking that too considering you can reduce the flow rate by using the steam wand at the same time. I suppose you can do the same on the Sylvia but I tend to hear that the gaggia has the best potential shots in that price range if you put in the work.

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Also just curious what price point do you hit peak performance without going full >aesthetics?
Don’t get me wrong those walnut knobs and copper inlay look nice but it’s not gonna give a better flat white or macchiato.

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Any machine that gives you control over the water temp with some preinfusion and allows you to steam milk and pull your shot at the same time. So avoid single boiler and go for a heat exchanger machine, or a double boiler if you can find a really good deal. You could go a step further into pressure profiling, but that's either only on a manual lever machine or an exorbitantly expensive prosumer machine.

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Granted I’m sure this route would be best if I had the funds, so maybe something like the rocket apartmento should be my end goal? (In terms of price range that is, from what I can gather the apartmento is kinda overpriced, maybe a lelit at a similar price?)

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Something like those. The Gaggia/Silvia's not a bad place to start; you'll just have to learn how to temperature surf when making your milk drinks.

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you speak for yourself brother

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Yeah i’ve been running on a shit delonghi and a cuisinart burr grinder, not ideal but that’s still a few steps up from your typical normie pod setup. My pour over is still rad though, just getting tired of making drip coffee.

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I know I keep flooding this thread with dumbshit questions, so I’ll make this my last. Outside of impressing a one night stand, is Turkish coffee worth bringing into a weekly routine?

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Could be worse. Could be one of those silver crest espresso machines from Lidl. I'd rather 40% myself than subject myself to that shit.
Whatever you want man. I've no experience making it at home, but just make what you enjoy. Preparing a good coffee in the morning is comfy as fuck.

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Depends how much you like heavy-bodied coffee and potentially a little silt

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No, and theres not a fucking chance you'll be able to do it with a cuisinart grinder.

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not food or cooking

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How do you like pic rel? I just extracted it a moment ago. This is local coffee grown by a mad scientist retired buddy of mine. He shipped volcanic soil in from HI and has a greenhouse set up and all kinds of wacky nutrients. So this is local Kona coffee on the east coast. It's the best I've ever had, I keep telling him to sell it but he doesn't want to work

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Sipping on a lovely yirgacheffe pourover. 33g to 600ml in a melodripped origami.

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Take the breville dual boiler pill

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i recently bought into the home portafilter meme

what am i up for?

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That is very cool anon, thank you for sharing!
Having a yirgacheffe americano from my flair. Delightfully fruity! I wish I had videoed this one to share with y'all but I can't get a good angle when I'm making americanos. I think my puck prep has improved substantially!

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Ristretto? Fuck year ristretto!
23 in, 23.4 out

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Atta boy. I really either need to pull a last few shots on my signature, or just fucking sell it already and clear up room for the 58 when it gets here. I've been craving an espresso for weeks but my brain is too dumb to allow me to use a machine I'm replacing soon.

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Latte art kinda hard but I feel like I got my milk steaming down somewhat now. Got a free breville machine from a friend of mine that I've been using the past few weeks.

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Big fan of the mushroom cup.

> I think my puck prep has improved substantially!

Glad to hear it! Those little prep steps add up, and you've certainly got enough time while your water boils. If you're interested in a distribution tool, I believe CREATIVEWERK on etsy is able to make them. Stumbled on him from some random youtube comment so no idea on the quality, but its an option.

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The Bialetti milk frother is really damn excellent. I pour milk about a quarter of the way, warm it up on the stove and then press. Shit triples in size within a couple of seconds.
Is this peak cream, or are actual milk steamers even better than this? What's the most practical product for steaming milk at home?

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Standalone probably a bellman steamer. Its a mokapot with a nozzle basically. Couple orings that shouldn't need to be replaced unless you fuck up and put it on the stove without water like one anon here did. I've heard people bitch about the tip, but it seems modifiable. Absolute overkill you could probably rig a weber steam dial on the end and double the price, but end up with the most based unit possible.

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Yeah I was just looking at that one. It looks really cool, and it's probably a fun way to make the coffee ritual even more autistic.

I've read a bit more on the subject and I think I'll stay with a frother. I like foamy and airy milk in my cappuccino. It seems like steamed milk is only good for art.

Damn it. it's 9pm and I made myself crave coffee.

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Its a buy once cry once thing for me. I know I'll eventually end up with one and it'll last until I off myself. I just don't do milk drinks that often and when I do its usually a cortado with slightly warmed milk.

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>If you're interested in a distribution tool
made one myself with a cork and sewing pins I think that has made a significant difference (less channeling, more consistency)
Thanks to whoever gave the tip about only tamping until you feel resistance, that also helped a lot

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It definitely seems high quality. If you've got the money, why not. It's a cool toy.

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Does anyone with an aeropress inexplicably have the paper filter fold back from the edge of the bottom part enough that all of the grounds just pour into your cup? It's absolutely infuriating and even when I screw the bottom on absurdly tight it happens.

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friend of a friend offered me his lightly used sette 270 and rancilio silvia for 800

never fucked with espresso, should I do it?

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No not a wdt tool. Something like an ocd or chisel.

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Low-ball him for just the Silvia if it has a PID. Otherwise nah.

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Same here. Got a Breville Barista Express as a wedding gift. I suck at latte art but I think I’m slowly getting better.

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On that note, before today, I had been using the pressurized basket because my espresso shots kept coming out under-extracted with the non-pressured basket.

I got new beans and I ended up getting a cheap distribution tool. The espresso is finally extracting right with the non-pressurized basket. I don’t know if the tool or the new bag of beans made the difference though.

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Hmm, this "leftovers of three bags" blend is really something.

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The machine is going to do what the machine is going to do. Its 99% prep work. You tamping with the jank ass integrated tamp?

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Does the brand or price of distributor/leveler matter? I just ordered this one off Amazon because it was the cheapest one with a high rating. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BTN1S2C/

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Don't use an OCD tool or leveler, they reduce extraction yield. Get a WDT tool with 0.3-0.4mm needles. I use a cork with a cut up guitar string jammed in it.

Also stop wanking to British twinks and take the Sprometheus redpill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CCW2ctpH6w

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Prolly, but who knows.

Literally /reddits/ youtuber. Comes complete with soyboy face.

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Is the tamper it comes with no good?

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It's definitely all about the texture of the milk. Once you finally dial in the right angle and amount of air introduced it'll be easier. A proper cup helps a lot too, I had way too big of a mug in the beginning so i got that lil mushroom cup thats about 6oz.

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Jesus, there’s so many rules and tools. I didn’t think espresso would be so complicated.

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Yeah I’ve noticed in all these videos that the mug shape probably helps, although I’ve seen latte art done for paper cups ordered on the go.

Do you think it’s better with a wider mug or a taller more narrow mug? Idk if these mug shapes have a specific name.

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You can look up cappucino or latte cups and theres all sorts of coffee specific shops that sell cups for milk based drinks. Wider mouth and a shallow cup seem to be better since you want to get the spout of the milk jug pretty much right on the surface when pouring the art out.

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Yeah. I think kafatek and pullman make shit for breville's dumb 53.5mm baskets. I know pullman makes a bottomless pf for it as well. You're going to get fucked on dhl shipping from australia, but since their dollar is in the toiler you'll save about 25% off the aud price they list. I've got a 58mm barista tamper from them and its ridiculously high quality. B1C1.

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>dial in the right angle

coffee do be like that

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This thread reeks of millennial hipsters sriracha guzzling bafoons

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>be a coffee connoisseur
>have to buy a grinder, an espresso machine, a scale, VST baskets, a bottomless portafilter, a dosing cup, a distribution tool, a tamper, special demitasses, a refractometer and a subscription to James Hoffman's onlyfans
>total price: 400,000 dollars

>be a tea connoisseur
>have to buy an electric kettle, a tea pot and a tea cup
>total price: 20 dollars

Why is this allowed?

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I have never had coffee before (well I had it once as a kid and had a bad time) should I just not start at all?

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Poor tibetan grandmas aren't drinking espresso. They're drinking Bian Xiao Zhuan for $12 a kilo.

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because people are too retarded to brew turkish, which only requires the grinder

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or just a grinder and a v60 set
espresso is a rich man's hobby

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>What ya drinking?
>Where's it from?
The tap
>You getting any more?
Yes, when the cup is empty

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It's very difficult to underfroth your latte milk.
Just keep in mind that, the rate of your pour, height of pour and milk texture all play almost equal roles.
With your steam wand, it'll be difficult to get your milk into a vortex, breaking down those bigger bubbles. A cost effective way to practice is to use a little hand soap in water. It'll heat up faster than milk, but can achieve a surprisingly accurate substitute for milk.

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Different anon here.
So what he's talking about breaks up clumps in your espresso. Many espresso grinders have clump crushers, but they aren't always 100% effective.
An ocd or chisel will not break up clumps, but rather distribute coffee around the basket evenly, however you won't be able to see any dense pockets of clumps within the puck, which can encourage channels.
Each of these things individually account for varying percentages of effects on your final brew, and serve to introduce further methods that produce consistency, and they all add up over time.
Don't be intimidated by all of these things, they are what await you further down the rabbit hole, that is espresso. It's deceptively simple.

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Just picked up a Moka pot today

Any recommendations for bean brands or ones to avoid?

Trying to upgrade a bit from instant

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The ones that monkeys shit out are wonderful. Dont remember the name or brand.

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I got an OCD v3 at a pretty hefty discount - there's no way I'd have bought one at full price and no way I'd sincerely suggest they're worth what they charge for a home user. For me, and me alone, I can taste the difference between a shot using it and not using it, and I prefer the ones I use it. So I'll continue to leave it in my routine.

I've seen a picture of your cork tool though and it's a genius little idea.

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I find bean brands are highly locality-dependent. Now I'm not a hippy that touts EAT LOCAL, it's just I find that I get fresher beans this way. For example, you live on the west coast and want some Sey beans from NYC, its gonna take a few days to get here. It may not be as fresh. There are, however, some people that say fresher doesn't mean better beans and that some beans actually benefit from letting it sit for a month or so. I personally don't think so. Fresher beans are CONSISTENTLY better for me.

tl;dr google "reddit [your city] best coffee" and get a compiled list of the best roasters in your city.

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The 2-3 days your beans take to get shipped to your house aren't going to make or break the beans unless you're ordering from a roaster who doesn't ship you freshly roasted beans, or if they're using some kind of shitty packaging that allows excessive amounts of oxygen to get in.
As for using fresh beans, I've found that letting it sit for a week to degas yields more consistent drawdown times for a pourover, and it absolutely needs to sit for a week or two if you're going to get consistent extraction for an espresso shot.

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>I got an OCD v3 at a pretty hefty discount

Thats how I got all the pullman shit. TINY anodizing defect on the funnel, small scratch on the chisel, and the tamper was supposed to be a stripped down all wood one without the silicone band or spacers, but Mark tossed on a normal one with my order. -115 on the chisel, -30 on the tamper, -15 off the funnel. Thats priced in aud so I got that all for like 320us shipped. Honestly should have gotten a matching jarrah portafilter but whatever. Ill use the (supposedly) shitty flair 58 one for a year then snag it.

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I drink both

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You forgot the Yixing pot

Also the cost of tea way outways the cost of coffee on the high end.

>> No.16222785

$120 gets me 20lbs of greens. The 500g cake of menku bo jun is ~$400. I'll blow my money on high end espresso accessories once first.

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>Tea drinker
>Weeaboo pedo
Yep checks out

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what website do you think you're on

>> No.16222960

That was my point. A cake of high quality pu'er can cost more than a good espresso machine.

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Fucking nice, mate. I have a Pullman tamper - they're a little more cost effective inside Australia - and I fucking love it. It's good when you can cop a bargain.

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some very basic latte art, too scared to move onto tulips and rosettas until I get the heart down

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Does pour-over work well for making small single-serve batches of coffee (200ml)?

>> No.16223268

If you use the 01 size dripper.

>> No.16223324

Due to various circumstances, right now I'm settling for pre ground in a drip machine. I'm buying the stop and shop organic stuff and also some kona from TJ maxx. Any other suggestions?

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>James Hoffman's onlyfans
god I would love to see that twink get fucked in the ass by a big black African man. Veiny black cock vs his pasty lily white asshole, grunting in pleasure while telling him to tamp with a bit more force. Positioning the camera so you can see the cum leaking out of him while he whispers "So that I hope is a really satisfying cumshot to help you beat your dirty cocks, but now I want to hear from you! Leave your thought's in the comments below, and, for now, thank you so much for watching, and I hope you have a great day :)"

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I made my tool with cork and 0.4(1) mm sewing needles. After doing some research, I don't think the OCD or Wedge is right for me. Too expensive for a marginal improvement over my homemade WDT

>> No.16223444

invest in a grinder, even a shitty spice grinder will produce a better brew than pre-ground

>> No.16223448

Daily reminder that caffeine chuggers are weak druggies

>> No.16223455

>grunting in pleasure while telling him to tamp with a bit more force
What's his shot time bros (starting the count from first drip)

>> No.16223482

I dunno whichever instant coffee tastes the worst probably

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I'm hopping in the next drop of this. Like $12.


Mark seems like a real good dude, at least over email I've got z e r o problem shilling small businesses putting out quality products. I'm partially waiting a year for the jarrah portafilter so I can see if he can make me some real faggoty matching accents for the flair 58 handle.

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Fuck, meant to reply to wdtanon.

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Nigger I have a grinder and various brewing devices. That's not the issue. I just told you what my situation is. Do you have suggestions? I kindly asked for suggestions, so if you don't have any then don't reply to me

>> No.16223745

Go to a decent grocery store. Buy a back of stumptown. Use the store grinder.

>> No.16224470

Do I need to know anything special to start making coffee that isn't the trash, syrupy shit they serve at Starbucks? If I just want coffee that tastes alright all I need are beans and a coffee machine right?

>> No.16224514

Good beans (as in the stuff that's about $15 for 12oz) and a grinder are a must, unless you anticipate going through all of the coffee within a week, then you might be able to get away with preground. French presses are a cheap and idiot-proof method to brew for beginners, especially if you don't mind a little texture in your coffee.

>> No.16224554

Any brands you'd recommend for beans and French presses?

>> No.16224565

Brands depend on where you live. If you're just starting out, you can go to the grocery store and check out their coffee section. They usually point out which brands are local. You could also look up roasteries near you and see if they have a retail store.
Also, try medium or light roasts, as dark roasts tend to taste the same regardless of quality.

>> No.16224585

Any press really.
For beans, depending on what country you live in, you can find good shit anywhere.
Where you live anon?

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Any hard water sufferers in here?
How do you cope with all the sludge at the top of your coffee

>> No.16224612

Thankfully not. But working in Dublin is a pain in the arse. Lots of old lead pipes and the council never warn you when they decide to flush the pipes through. Have to constantly keep changing filters at the job.
At home I just use a britta filter for my water and keep a 64oz growler and my kettle full of filtered water.
Have you tried a water filter anon?

>> No.16224626


Thanks for the advice. I'm in a part of my city that has a lot of independent places so I'll ask them next time I'm in.

>> No.16224636

Don't know there'd be good roasteries in swamp ass New Jersey.

>> No.16224700

I have a brita jug, but kind of stopped using it because I got lazy, and also read somewhere that a bunch of bacteria will grow in the remaining water below the filter.
Cleaning the jug and changing filter ever so often is kind of a hassle to me

>> No.16224941

Anyone tried grinding beans with a mortar and pestle?

>> No.16225104

how much volume of beans per how much oz of water?

>> No.16225105

Don't bother. Just spend $20 and get any old hand grinder which will be 1000x better

>> No.16225142

Whats the best instant coffee?

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>> No.16225247

how many tablespoons of beans to how many oz of water?

>> No.16225375

I live in middle of nowhere Idaho. There's a roaster in my town, sells to the local mom and pop shops.

Not sure about the quality, haven't tried it yet, but hopefully it should be at least fresh.

>> No.16225382

A fluid ounce of water weighs an ounce. That's how the ounce standard was determined.

>> No.16225386

Just get a scale my dude. They're cheap and will help with other cooking.

>> No.16225448

That base is gorgeous. Yeah I have the cheaper Jarrah one - it's always been a timber Dad loves so I was pretty keen on the idea of a tamper in it.

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File: 283 KB, 1600x1067, 225mtg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Quickmill Pegaso 3035 espresso machine.
Drinking Cagliari, Fantini and Diemme coffee, mainly in espresso form.

>> No.16225555

Just want a decent and easy Espresso machine. Thinking about getting a bambino (non plus). I have a jx pro grinder.
Anyone have any thoughts? Reviews seem decent

>> No.16225570

Coffee pleb here. I drink Lavazza gold at the moment, using a french press. Can you recommend me some better coffee? I keep it brewing for around five minutes, is that long enough? I've been drinking coffee for many years, but my life is less frantic now, so I no longer want to use it solely based on the caffeine concentration.

>> No.16225740

>tfw you’re a coffee/espresso connoisseur who lives with an anal-retentive clean freak husband who doesn’t want a million coffee tools and equipment on the counter

>> No.16225752

So do you suggest stirring the grounds with a toothpick first to break up the clumps and then using the ocd tool for leveled distribution?

>> No.16225811

women dont post here

>> No.16226110

It'll start growing algae if you forget to clean it. The green on the bottom just means it's time to clean it out and switch filters.

>> No.16226117

Use something thinner like a paper clip or a sewing needle.

>> No.16226320

Coffeegay's grinders 101 class:

>> No.16226664

Not entirely new to coffee but I know I've been drinking trash my entire life so I don't think it really counts.

Anyway, does anyone by chance have any recommendations for stuff that's drinkable while black? Perhaps something a bit on the smoother side with not as much acidity to it.

>> No.16226765

Now they do

>> No.16226826

>visit sister’s house
>she offers to make coffee
>it’s a keurig
>only pods are pumpkin spice, french roast and other flavored shit
>she only has flavored almond milk or flavorer creamer

>visit other sister’s house
>she offers to make coffee
>she brews in a 1970s percolator because she’s a hippie

Maybe I’m a coffee snob, but is it that hard to have at least a normal drip coffee machine??

>> No.16226831

They don’t want to fuck you so don’t worry about it.

>> No.16226836

Yes. What? Why would I buy a whole appliance for "pouring hot water over grounds"? Do you not have hands?

>> No.16226862

I've been drinking a washed guatemala from king state for a bit. It's fairly sweet but the acidity is a lot softer than what I remember having a couple years ago from them. Kinda expected more when they put blackberry and lime as tasting notes. p good

nice slayer

cool mug. milk looks a touch thick but still miles better than a lot of shit people sell in cafes

I've never found any difference when using those over just tapping the portafilter with my palm

milk looks great. keeping it simple is smart. I've seen a lot a baristas that immediately want to get into pouring swans or gimmick designs and give up after failing for a week.

go to a local cafe and look for a bag that has tasting notes along the lines of chocolates, nuts, suagrs or whatever sounds interesting. order a cup of one before you buy a bag if you can.

>> No.16226864

I don't have a problem with flavored coffee, but K-cups seem to add the delicious flavor of cardboard to everything.

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Why yes, I do top my dark roast with whipped cream, how could you tell?

>> No.16227351

Can i over brew a cold brew? Like is leaving it in the pitcher with the grounds for 4 days too much?

>> No.16227428

I wouldn't brew longer than 12h

>> No.16227564

Does this usually smell like shit or did I get a bad batch?

>> No.16227581
File: 47 KB, 470x470, 5F214453-B302-489B-BC5A-DAB9B0DCE25A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16227589

Sorry, I really had to go, and that bag looked like a good a place as any.

>> No.16227593

Why not?

>> No.16227684

I also sometimes confuse Seattle with a toilet. No worries

>> No.16227768

No store lets you use their grinder because of covid

>> No.16228489

I talked him down to 650 for both
now just gotta buy beans

>> No.16228657

Grats. The Sette 270 works well for both pourover and espresso, in my experience.

>> No.16228809

does anyone have any experience with the fancy superautomatic machines

>> No.16228946

you got a hair stuck in there

>> No.16229034

Not with that attitude. The sprouts closest to me still has their bunn grinders in the aisle.

>> No.16229075

Most economic or practical way to 90% decent espresso? Manual like a Flair or Rok, jerry rig the aeropress, or machine mandatory.
The more of this stuff I watch the more it give me audiophile vibes.

>> No.16229078

>>What ya drinking?
>>Where's it from?
>>You getting any more?
Aldi strong cappuccino sachet
Probably whenever I end up back at Aldi. It's cold as fuck right now.

>> No.16229112

90% is really far. Flair and a quality espresso hand-grinder is the lowest you should go.
Or you could use a moka pot or "jerry rig the aeropress", but 90% is way too generous to describe those things. You pretty much just want those for dilution to make milk drinks or americano.

>> No.16229127

I have a moka pot. Maybe I should up my game there first. 5 min french press normally is a better choice with what I have available. I also don't really have any frame of reference of what a great espresso is so several coffee shop visits wouldn't be a bad look.

>> No.16229137

thin mint k cup

>> No.16229148

>I also don't really have any frame of reference of what a great espresso is so several coffee shop visits wouldn't be a bad look.
Do try multiple shops. Not everyone who calls themselves a coffee shop and serves espresso does a good job at it.
A lot of these places just think it's supposed to be nasty and that people just need an "acquired taste", but I've had espresso from some spots that was straight-up delicious and velvety.

>> No.16229403

>my uni
>Probably once a month or so. I fucking love mocha

>> No.16230598


>> No.16231455

Made a big moka pot for my friends this morning. Scones and french toast + scrambled eggs and home fries fried in bacon fat + fresh sliced tomatoes. Pulling a bunch of shots with my flair was simply not an option in my crowded kitchen

>> No.16231997

I just drink 4 teaspoons of whatever is cheapest at the store with 2 teaspoons of sugar and milk.

>> No.16232351

>over just tapping the portafilter with my palm

Yeah I mean, I can tighten screws with my thumbnail. Maybe not as consistently as a screwdriver, but it still works.

>> No.16232464


Looks like hell to clean as I can see it, and unless you clean it every time (who would?) its going to accumulate a thicc layer of fetid fat.
the bialetti one looks easier to disassemble, that little nozzle on the bellman is def a problem

I have used neither, though

>> No.16232470


>he thinks he can just buy a kettle that only boils water to 212f/100c is going to be able to be used on a delicate white or green tea
lmaoing at your lipton life m8

>> No.16232480


Solid technique very nice,
if you want some fun, try to stick and poke espresso onto the hearts to write/draw stuff.

>> No.16232482

what are you, a faggot?

>> No.16232505
File: 172 KB, 1200x1600, WhatsApp Image 2021-06-05 at 5.07.24 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New to spresso onna budget

but a non pressurized basket and a scale- I gotta rewatch video on ratio because I'm getting a little confused. Im going for a 17g dose and 30 sec brew time. It tastes pretty good but scale says Im doing too much liquid. Also no grinder yet because poorfag but I know the owner of this cuban coffee company so these are free

>> No.16232512

also I've been watching James Hoffmann, is there anyone else/ anywhere else I should be going for good info?

>> No.16232603

What? Are you retarded or is this bait? Its a steam wand. Water goes in the base, not milk. You wipe it off with a towel, then open the valve to purge the wand.

>> No.16232704

if your output has been too much liquid then the grind is too coarse and most likely under-extracted espresso.

Using pre-ground is fine but I would recommend switching back to the pressurized basket for now until you get a decent grinder.

but hey, if it tastes good to you then that's cool too.

>> No.16233588


>> No.16234099
File: 172 KB, 1280x1280, roastedcovfefe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made my first attempt at roasting my own beans today. I used a steel sieve and just kept it moving over a medium flame on my stove for about 10 minutes.

The flavor turned out to be a bit 'greener' than I expected, and also a little bit of burnt flavor, but overall really pretty good for a first attempt and using unconventional roasting methods.

The difference in flavor also might have been because I was using Ethiopian beans when I'm used to Central/South American beans. I think I'll try Columbian next time.

Anyhow, overall it was much better than Starbucks/Peets/Grocery store bagged coffee, but still not as good as my favorites from boutique roasters.

>> No.16234124

was about to say fuck those are roasted/dark.
Good to know it was at least your first attempt.

>> No.16234184

The phone camera I used to pick it up probably over-exposed it. The Kona coffee I have is actually darker than that, although I will admit there is a lot of unevenness in my roast.

Need to try to find a way to get a more even roast all around, and maybe hold it further from the flame.

>> No.16234284

Burnt to a crisp. If you're interested in stovetop roasting, just snag a hive.

>> No.16234351
File: 342 KB, 1170x936, 5F8DBDF2-3C5D-4D95-8863-3A568097EB1B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have that same whisk, anon

>> No.16235704

Why would you disassemble the Bialetti? It's just a metal cup and a frother plunger.

>> No.16236134

The stores within 25 miles of me don't let you use their grinder. Is what I meant

>> No.16236302


>Go to a decent grocery store.

Is what I meant.

>> No.16236340

>travel half an hour for groceries

>> No.16236343
File: 1.11 MB, 1040x1471, __m1903_springfield_girls_frontline_drawn_by_copiz__030df9cb491fcb1aeefd58a285ed0026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many cups do you drink a day? I usually drink 2 to three cups a day. I have one in the Morning, than if i'm feeling particularly full after Lunch I'll have a post lunch coffee (if the place I'm dining at serves coffee.) And than I'll after work I'll have a coffee while eating dinner and watching tucker Carlson.

>> No.16236407

I have two cups in the morning. Then a cup after lunch and maybe another an hour or so later. Sadly whoever is making the coffee at the workplace sucks at it so I have to use creamer to get it down. I'm only an intern right now otherwise I'd bring my own supplies

>> No.16236440

pourover when I wake up
cappuccino with breakfast
wild card after lunch, typically two servings
espresso before dinner, or affogato after

>> No.16236447

you do realize caffeine disrupts your REM sleep right? abstain after about 3pm

>> No.16236454

Its your own fault for being located in a shitty area. Either deal with a pleasant 40 minute round trip, or drink shitty coffee. I really don't give a fuck.

>> No.16236463


>> No.16236514

On average prob 4.
2 in the morning.
1 after lunch.
1 after dinner.

>> No.16236563
File: 200 KB, 817x1500, 717BTjTa2OL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How'd I do bros?

>> No.16236589


>go buy good coffee


>> No.16236812

can someone post their Turkish coffee recipe? I'm fucking something up.

>> No.16236866

>open /ck/
>feel rage
>remember why I was supposed to be abstaining from 4chan
>see /ctg/
>happy again
I'll just hide out here

>> No.16237003

what 'spresso machine should i buy

>> No.16237044

I think the average thread quality on /ck/ is worse than /v/ these days, and that's saying something.

>> No.16237088

>built in grinder

>> No.16237122

Whats your budget?

>> No.16237127

I dunno I could pay 1k or 2k but I would probably feel like I'm spending too much
I'm not trying to make espresso to win any awards or impress anyone I just want a drinkable brownjuice in the morning

>> No.16237160

Milk drinks, or just espresso? What grinder do you currently have?

>> No.16237185

either one
i have some generic krupps electric burr grinder

>> No.16237217

for machine:
gaggia classic pro or any bambino series

spend the rest on a really good grinder like the baratza sette or eureka series.

that set up is like bare minimum, its been a while since I researched machines but most of your money should definitely go towards a good grinder

>> No.16237223

You'll need to buy an espresso-focused grinder too. Either a $150+ hand grinder or a $400+ electric grinder.
As for the espresso machine, you can go with a manual machine like a Flair Pro or a Robot if you're just looking for something that can make good espresso and you're willing to use something like an electric milk frother to make okay-quality foamed milk.
As for semi-automatic espresso machines, the single-boiler machines in the $700 range can do decent espresso and milk steaming, but they've got a bit of a learning curve since you'll need to learn how to temperature surf, and they can't steam milk and pull a shot at the same time. The machines with a heat exchanger are in the $1300 range, and they're easier to use, with the added benefit of being able to steam milk and pull a shot at the same time. You'll need to be dilligent about cleaning these machines or you'll ruin them.

>> No.16237231

Look into 150-250 hand grinders, then blow the rest on a machine. Cheap but capable is going to be a flair. Spend a bit more on a gaggia and you've got a cheap machine with a big modding community. I'd link hoffgay's espresso pricepoint videos but some other homo would bitch.


>> No.16237235

what happens if i dont get a good enough grinder?
i just will have weak/bad flavour due to under-extraction?

>> No.16237253

The puck resistance is determined by how fine your grind is. If you grind too coarse, your shot will run too fast and you'll get sour, weak espresso. If you grind too fine, your shot will run too slowly and you'll have a shot that's disgustingly bitter, or it might even be so fine that it chokes the flow almost completely.
Most of the cheaper grinders can't adjust finely enough, so you're stuck between a shot that runs too quickly or too slowly when your grinder is in its "espresso" range. An espresso-focused grinder either has stepless (infinitely variable) adjustment capability, or very fine steps that allow you to dial in the grind size to what you need it to be.

>> No.16237263
File: 61 KB, 512x512, ImgW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How shitty is Nespresso?

>> No.16237279
File: 18 KB, 510x510, s-l600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was given a Nespresso D290 for free, I like it a lot.

>> No.16237287

It's OK. I used one for a couple years before getting an actual espresso machine.
If you are going to get one, get one of the classic machines and not the Vertuo ones.

>> No.16237302


Never had Nespresso, and I can't just sample one anywhere. How does it compare to coffee from a traditional machine?

>> No.16237316

I like mochas but I still don't like coffee much
>t. trying to try new coffees

>> No.16237360

I've never been a huge coffee person, but after receiving this machine, I've learned that I prefer regular coffee to espresso and such. This machine is incredibly quick though, and they have a large amount of flavors to choose from. I don't think I would actually purchase one with my own money.

>> No.16237390

>but after receiving this machine, I've learned that I prefer regular coffee to espresso and such.

After receiving a frozen digiorno, I've learned this is much better than a wood fired margherita.

>> No.16237796

there was a fallacy in his post but I don't think you quite captured it

>> No.16237814

Which also tastes like shit

>> No.16237925

Don't have a car

>> No.16237930

It's pretty good to be honest. No messing about and minimal cleaning required. You're not just stuck with Nespresso coffee either, as so many coffee brands now make nespresso "compatible" pods.

If you've got the money though, an automatic coffee machine in better and cheaper per cup.

>> No.16238016

Coffee, butter + some coconut oil.
+ a medium bong hit and I'm ready to start my day for 4 hours and sleep

>> No.16238101

99% of home espresso market is scams, including nespresso.
Just about anything you buy that is cheap, and/or not a pain in the ass, is serving you a shot of garbage.

>> No.16238222

git gud

>> No.16238336

I drink french press, but I also recently make coffee on stovetop. I've found that the coffee I make on stovetop is as good as any coffee anyone has made me on their barista machines, and is as good as many from a cafe. So get yourself a Moka pot, a milk frother (or just use a pan and whisk) and some nice coffee grounds (Lavazza is fine, but there are nicer). I wouldn't spend too much, as always go for something mid-tier.

>> No.16238373

I make Turkish coffee these days
>finely ground coffee with cinnamon, cardamom, and brown sugar, 1 heaped tbsp per 4-5 oz or so
>simmer in milk, skim off some foam and put it into the cup
>take off heat just before it boils over
>pour gently into the cup
water is more traditional, but I'm a fat American and like milk

>> No.16238798


I've never really heard a counter to "just buy a french press lmao"

>> No.16239064

steel mesh doesn't remove cafestrol

>> No.16239083

lose the weight fatty

>> No.16239125
File: 113 KB, 1060x1060, 0DF6EEE4-F0E9-4C34-8D55-3264961CE65D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I decided to try some of this bones coffee and made cold brew out of it. Pretty good honestly. It’s not cheap ($14.99 for a 12oz bag) but it only takes 250g for a batch of cold brew which lasts about 8 days

>> No.16239319

Ask your boss nicely for a raise. You might be able to stash a few bucks back for paper filters.

>> No.16240295

So is this coffee or ice cream? I'm confused.

>> No.16240393
File: 131 KB, 870x1021, 1zpresso-jx-hand-grinder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking of getting a 1Zpresso JX-Pro is there anything better in the price range? I'd like to upgrade from an intro grinder.

>> No.16240735
File: 11 KB, 255x226, GRP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New cafe opened nearby. Apparently it opens from 6am. Gonna give it a try.

It's ok. Not as nice as a cafe espresso and better than instant when it comes to taste. Work has the machine in the picture; leaks though. So you can't feel the water tank connected.
Also not a fan of the plastic & aluminium waste from the capsules.

>> No.16240982

this morning its a Columbian Washed Gesha

they're fantastic and i've been very happy with mine

>> No.16241060

Just got mine the other day, upgraded from a Hario Skerton and holy fuck I am so happy I paid for a quality grinder which doesn't take three minutes to grind 18g of beans. My Wilfa Svart is in storage right now but I could see myself using the 1zpresso alone long term

>> No.16241068

It’s coffee. They are whole beans, just with a hint of flavor added to them. Tastes really good actually. Think of like flavored sparkling water—it’s that level of flavoring. Not overpowering, the coffee is still the main flavor.

>> No.16241069

What is the point of using these kinds of beans on cold brew? I've got 2kg of basic espresso beans that are well over a year old and they make great cold brew, then I save the quality beans for my hot drinks. Do you notice much of a difference?

>> No.16241105

It was mostly just an experiment but it actually did turn out well. The cold brew has a minty aftertaste to it. Since it’s concentrate I put a few ounces of it it in a cup of coconut milk and it tastes really good. Like a coffee flavored mint chocolate milkshake. Best batch of cold brew I have made

>> No.16241876
File: 293 KB, 507x690, 1600930573020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm taking the instant pill, this is actually pretty good.

>> No.16242017

so I caved in and ordered aeropress and some hipster beanz.
I like pourover coffee, french press not so much.
did I do good? or am I a pleb? any tips from anons using one?

>> No.16242088
File: 3.69 MB, 2000x2000, 1803618_infinitebrians_monkey-out-there-just-vibing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>look at a single page on an indy coffee site for just a second
>they spam fuck my inbox with emails
>don't want to unsubscribe because secretly I am tempted and am actually considering spending $100 for a gift box of coffee containing only a single bag of coffee

>> No.16242137

A moron and a pleb. You'll probably love it, but that says more about you than the ap. You bought a paper filtered french press.

>> No.16242141

Aeropress is a classic
Start with the James Hoffman recipe and experiment from there.

>> No.16242221

I've been doing double shot + seltzer as a refreshing summertime drink. The weird thing is the foam that forms on top, it has such a dense structure. It reminds me of a root beer float almost.

>> No.16242310

>looking at pages gives them your email
>just a second

>> No.16242323

>Clearly filled out the shopify form to see how much shipping was going to be

>> No.16242421

Fucking hate sites that hide the shipping cost like that

>> No.16242472

You triggered the resident schizo. I'm thinking based.

>> No.16242482

I'd wager the people who own an aeropress and wear crocs are largely the same population.

>> No.16242522
File: 999 KB, 500x268, 1622598979066.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does this make you feel?

>> No.16242982

I signed up with them for a contest but whenever I click a link in an email they send me I always get at least 3 follow up emails just for visiting the product page once.

>> No.16243124

No, croc wearers are instant coffee fags. Aeropress chads wear Velcro shoes and vans slipons.

>> No.16243154

Nothing at all. How does it make you feel anon?

>> No.16243208

Consistent instant>poorly prepare aeropress. Don't (you) me.

>> No.16243235

probably same as all their other instant with a different label slapped on to appeal to morons like you

>> No.16243255

Thanks guys, I ordered one. I'll post an update after it arrives and I test it out.

>> No.16243259

Shitty real coffee > /sips/ > tea > caffeine withdrawal >>>>> instant coffee
Simple as

>> No.16243544

Don't waste good beans in an aeropress.

>> No.16243566
File: 30 KB, 522x808, 61L3qoTLnVL._AC_SX522_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finished the Indonesian natural and washed Kenyan I had, both were great. Got an organic Ethiopia Guji natural I tried today made with a siphon and it was delicious, the cloth filter really makes a difference. Makes me wanna buy a chink one on aliexpress, since I can't be assed to pay 100€ for a hario one, but the EU VAT situation is still unclear.

>> No.16244581

Ironically, the Aeropress is sadly about the best means of brewing decent coffee on board an airwork aeroplane, having tried pourover and presses and handpump espresso machines and a dozen other things over the last ten years

>> No.16244618

Don't say "ironically". You're being gaslit by one (1) obsessed retard.

>> No.16244858


I could see that as a very capable niche usecase. The other would be for the physically/developmentally disabled or those who lack fine motor control. Not trying to gatekeep coffee here. Michael J Fox ain't pouring for osmotic flow, but I could see an aeropress fitting into his life perfectly.

>> No.16244996

Getting a little bored of my coffee, are there any fruits I can add to the ground beans to improve the flavor? I was thinking of adding a lemon/orange wedge or some jalapeno slices or something.

>> No.16245000

>Shitty real coffee > /sips/ > tea > caffeine withdrawal >>>>> instant coffee
Don't forget caffeine pills. Those things are a god send.

>> No.16245003

aeropress a little cantaloupe with your grinds

>> No.16245030

Whats with all the AP hate?

There's more variables to control and perfect than pour over.

>> No.16245047

For an end result that tastes about the same.

>> No.16245055

Okay then why the hate? It produces similar coffee.

>> No.16245092

I didn't mean that it wasn't good for other things I mostly meant that taking something called an "Aeropress" on an "aeroplane" is an easy way to be thought a giant wanker lol

>> No.16245095


>> No.16245562

Got some new store bought pre-ground coffee and my moka pot leaked heavily from the middle, and barely any coffee came out

This means the grind is too fine right? Or did I put too much coffee in the funnel?

>> No.16245582

The rubber gasket seal is loose? Or you didn't screw it properly?

>> No.16245626

Those kinda tools don't distribute anything at the bottom of the basket, it just make the top look pretty

>> No.16245629

>The rubber gasket seal is loose?
Nah I made sure it wasn't, and it's a fairly new pot too so I don't think the seal has worn out
>Or you didn't screw it properly?
Maybe, but I screwed the thing as hard as I normally do, which is pretty tight

>> No.16245770
File: 99 KB, 1280x720, a621201ee44f9826ebb9c1c2251e7168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've never bought any other caffe, than Barcaffe from our local store and it's just fine and good for serving the purpose.

However, I want to try out something new and explore different flavours, etc.. Where do I even begin:

1. Do I have to grind my own beans?
2. Where do you even buy exotic caffe/beans, other than websites?
3. Do I need a caffe machine or some other equipment, if I want to experience the true flavour?

I'm a tradesman working hard and getting nice pay, I need something in the morning to flush down 4 eggs with meat and veggies then head to 10 hours of physical work.

>> No.16245772

I'm a firm believer of keeping coffee as simple as possible, not adding bells or whistles to the process, and overcomplicating things. If you're doing a step for show, cut it, as it's unnecessary.
I should hate siphons, but for some reason I don't. They are deceptively flashy in their brew method. It's actually a very complex brew process and shits all over the aeropress.
I just wish I had the time and patience to invest into them.

>> No.16246049
File: 59 KB, 331x320, 1603251737314_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Senseo machine broke down but I still have like 10 bags of the coffee pads.

Can I simply dip the pads in a cup of boiled water and get a semblence of coffee out of it or is all hope lost?

>> No.16246124
File: 2.00 MB, 396x358, FrDcjTW.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shits all over the aeropress
That was exactly my thoughts after trying it as well, better than other immersion/percolation brews like the clever dripper too. Constant temperature and a drawdown that doesn't choke with the slight vacuum. The cloth filter is a great midpoint between paper and metal filters balancing oils and clarity. My friend who made it added the coffee after the water all went up which made for a more precise brew than leaving in the grounds as the water rises. The fact that it's fascinating to look at is just a bonus.

>> No.16246130

Why are siphons different from moka pots? They seem similar to me

>> No.16246398

Moka pot brews under VERY LIGHT pressure with a concentrated ratio of coffee to make poor man's espresso. Siphone is a fancy science way to make ermersion coffee(like frenchpress) where you have more total control over the brew, and the ability to pull and filter oils and debris from the coffee.

>> No.16246430

sounds comfy

>> No.16246472


>I'm taking the instant pill


>> No.16246480


>> No.16246524

With the v60 I notice different notes as the cup cools
For example my coffee this morning tasted like lavender when it was hottest but as the cup cooled it changed to blackberry

>> No.16246918

That's part of the experience, the sweeter notes usually come out as it cools down, usually covering up slight over/under extraction. I wouldn't get a mug that keeps it's temperature cause I like the whole evolution.

>> No.16246966

don't listen to this guy. I brew in fridge for 72h and it comes out fine. You could probably go a bit longer but I'm not sure what the limit is before it becomes way too bitter

>> No.16247796
File: 312 KB, 1730x1000, 1622275016200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gotta stop drinking coffee in the afternoon bros. It's ruining my sleep.

>> No.16247855

>buy bourbon-barrel aged beans from local roaster for father's day
>get a free cup of cold brew of them too
>tastes and smells like fucking wood glue

how do the fuckers roasting and brewing this shit not taste-test their product
easily one of the most heinous coffees I've ever had

>> No.16247875

Just the cold brew, or did you try making a cuppa with the beans as well? Because I don't know if the bourbon barrel taste would go well with coffee.

>> No.16248087

I've had some bourbon-barrel aged before, it's entierly contingent on the bourbon used. At best, it gives it a bit more honey/caramel and interesting aromatics. This one uses Smooth Ambler casks, and sure enough the beans themselves smell like it too. Gonna try some coarse pour-over, will see how it goes.

>> No.16248449

anyone use an april brewer? im thinknig of pre-ordering the glass one. i currently use an origami with kalita filters.

>> No.16248488

i kinda need to either buy an espresso machine or quit wasting so much time trying to choose which one to get

>> No.16248551

anyone get some tightness in your stomach after drinking coffee? i think it causes me mild stomach distress. not enough to be painful but some wierd tension, maybe the acidity or something. thing is, i dont want to stop since i enjoy the whole process of brewing and drinking coffee.

>> No.16248990
File: 205 KB, 964x957, gweenfee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16249506

get a water filter man, like the one that purifies the water before it goes into the pipes
as an added bonus you get to use regular bar soap without that drying feeling that you probably are aware of

>> No.16250187


>> No.16250259

You like slow drain time?

>> No.16250275
File: 104 KB, 644x422, 1622546725926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just replaced my v60 with a chemex. This shit is incredible. I always thought it was just another pour over.

Lately I've been doing the method where you brew it directly into ice. I'm even using cheap pre-ground Columbian from Costco and it's coming out tasting like something from a nicer coffee shop.

Also thanks to that anon a week ago who recommended a ceramic filter. I've been loving it.

>> No.16250367

Brought my comandante into work to play around with some of the samples sent to us from our roaster.
This is why I love the comandante. Nobody ever mentions this. Dosing into a portafilter or aeropress is piss easy.
Messing around with a natural Honduras grown by Arturo Romero.

>> No.16250373
File: 2.18 MB, 3264x2448, DSC_0775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the pic

>> No.16250410
File: 2.40 MB, 3264x2448, DSC_0776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This shit is so fucking rich.
Strong cherry notes with some plum in there too. But that fudge body, holy fuck. It's like I'm drinking a brownie.

>> No.16250726
File: 43 KB, 508x278, sailormoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a good Cambodian/Vietnamese coffee?

Try it

>> No.16251385

>want an aeropress
>don't want cancer

>> No.16251522

Tried dalgona one more time. Used only a serving and a half of instant bustelo. Did my 1-3-3 ratio Hoffman did, but also added coco powder, mint flavoring, and vanilla extract. No amount of electric beater got it to foam much. Queen I added it to milk it tasted like mint chocolate milk with bit of coffee. I'm done messing with this bustelo though. I got a headache not long after. It just didn't taste good, and fucks me up. I'll stick to tea/tea bag if i need quick caffeine.

>> No.16251539

I get shilled Nguyen coffee on social media a lot. They have full and mixed robusta blends. Some pretty phin filters. Can't attest the quality cause I haven't tried it, but guess their shtick is quality robusta.

>> No.16251563


>> No.16251977

Their marketing budget is fucking massive. Turns out aznwmn is a big seller in the weeb consumables market.

>> No.16252562

Sounds comfy.

>> No.16253208

Any good tasting decaff whole bean that is widely available?

>> No.16253217


Yeah man the acidity kicks off my acid reflux and gives me a bit of a dodgy stomach about half an hour after

>> No.16253929


>> No.16254145

Can these beans be purchased online? Sounds awesome.

>> No.16254215

haven't had a single decaf that wasn't ass. so prob not

>> No.16254408

I tried out the drip-bag variety pack from kurasu, and it included a decaf. I was really surprised at how good it was, but I can't commit to regularly paying for coffee from kyoto. It sparked hope in me that I might be able to find a good decaf if I just try more decaf varieties.

I'm trying because I can't take the caffeine anymore. But I'm too committed to coffee as a hobby. I've tried to "develop a tolerance" over the years, but it's not working and I can't even find a line I can safely toe with the caffeine.

>> No.16254461


That shop is so based. I dream about their ethiopian refisa.

>> No.16255239
File: 860 KB, 692x1000, 2021VV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you pronounce that?

Dalgona looks nice but no amount of instagram-filters can make it TASTE good.

>> No.16255511

yeah agree

>> No.16255960

rip anons who want a df64 and haven't got one yet

>> No.16255966

Yeah, every tea is labeled well, servers know how to prepare them (temp and how long).
Meanwhile even in good coffee houses/bars/shops coffee is just coffee

>> No.16255976

Back ~30 years ago we all had to write our names on index cards to tape up on the bus as a seating chart. Well seeing as we had just started kindergarten, my buddy Matt Nyugen had ZERO clue how to spell his last name. He's just like, its winn, write down winn. It doesn't matter.

>> No.16256525

His review wasn't massively positive.

>> No.16256918

Morons here will still reeeeeeee about him shilling it, despite a lukewarm review.

>> No.16257421

based retards. probably the most critical review of his i've seen. can't remember much about his aldi espresso machine review.

>> No.16257431
File: 54 KB, 768x768, 03-McChicken.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coffe is shit, eat a mcchicken instead-

>> No.16257769
File: 74 KB, 1050x700, niche-coffee-1050x700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the Niche Zero worth it? I brew basically every kind of coffee except espresso at the minute, but I'm going to start espresso later this year or next year. I don't really want two grinders or to have to buy another grinder for at least five years. I'm not anal about "perfect" coffee either, just want decent coffee

>> No.16257975

/ctg/ wants you to eat the bugs and grind by hand

>> No.16258422

Finally have a tracking # on the 58. Hasn't shipped yet but hopefully I'll have it monday.

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