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Despite making up only 13% of the ingredients, black garlic is responsible for 52% of the flavor.

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You think you are funny? Pfft fucking chuds I swear.

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I've never heard of black garlic. Does it taste like regular garlic?

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Are you the retard who made the retarded black garlic thread yesterday?
Or did you just save that retard’s image so you could make your own ‘clever’ retarded thread?

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Wait, it's 52% now?
Is that 52% of all tastebud assaults or flavor in general

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The VAST majority of flavor enhancement by black garlic is done to other black garlic. White garlic is also more likely to be flavor enhanced by other white garlic.

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don't forget to dilate or that wound will close up :>)

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>unironically saying "chuds"

opinion disregarded

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That's only aroma rates but it would be nice if Black garlic assaulted more white people.

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Haha funny
Only tastebud assaults, not all flavours in total

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Seems like nobody on this board uses black garlic

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I thought black garlic mainly assaults Asian dishes.

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I just made some. Didn't take a month either. In fact, it took less than a week.

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>calling people chuds on a food and cooking forum
you need to go back

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Caucasians Having Understandable Distress?

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Stealing this lol

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I had it up to here with your racism, buddy.

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how does it become black?

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its aged under heat and humidity for 15-90 days, as wikipedia says. Now i want to try it fuck that looks interesting.

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It's cooked for 40 days at a super low temperature. But I made it in a slowcooker and it took me 5 days lmao.

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That's brown garlic. It's what they use to make Akrum Nakaala. Add some swordfish stew and you got yourself a beautiful Malaysian breakfast

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More mellow, kinda with a balsamic vinegar taste

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It looks black like in the OP picture.

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I've seen that for sale at the Asian store but don't know what to do with it.

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>Food and cooking forum
>on 4chan
I think you’re in the wrong place, bub

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I made that retarded black garlic thread.
I'm not OP, but I am racist.
Hey can I load my black garlic into into one of those crank-style cheese graters?

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>no food and cooking on le 4chin hackerman
Neck yourself kid

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I use black garlic in my salads.
They taste absolutely amazing.
It tastes nothing like garlic; it's much sweeter.

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I think it would be too soft to grate it.

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That isn't wrong. Black garlic is bomb.

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Can black onion be made? I grow hella onions and am growing sick of pickled onions

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try it

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Think I will.

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post results in a later black garlic thread

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>falling for such obvious troll
Despite claiming to be the most elite trolls on the internet, /pol/dditors take 100% of the bait

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to be fair we are experiencing heavy traffic from /v/ lately

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Shut up chudster, I'll roll your chudmonkey ass outta here!

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>not realizing it is summer
ok goy

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I tried to cook with it, but it never works

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>thinks /pol/dditors aren't always like this

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I love watching my wife swallow something tasty and black

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they SEEM flavorful to the untrained eye, but actually there are only a few individual cloves with extreme flavor that make the rest look that way

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Shut up

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You sound just like the Christians from the 80's and 90's whenever someone poked fun at Jesus. You fanatics and your sacred cows, I swear.

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That looks foul.

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>elite trolls
you need to go back

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Purely socioeconomic factors

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Top zozzle.
Fed/tranny/ultra leftoid could fit into a barn.
Much less here.

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Purely due to social-economical factors of course

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t. schizo

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Thank you for putting a red ring around the important bit. I wouldn't have found it otherwise.

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