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What do I cook a date in order to make her do this?

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Go home disappointed and masturbate in front of her Mac?

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Anything with ecstasy in it.

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>thinking there's one dish that pleases all women
This is why you're an incel.

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Most women can't cook, therefore they eat fast food and trash.

Just cook some fried food and she'll love it.

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Women don't cook and are easily impressed. You can make just about anything with technical skill above 0 like spaghetti or something and have her dripping.

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Make a nice steak with some asparagus. Also oysters. Aphrodisiacs are your friend.

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Spaghetti Carbonara.

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The only answer.

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chicken marsala. extra butter. served on angel hair pasta

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>cooking for a woman
easy way to make her pussy dry up
just door dash some sushi and put on netflix

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yes make her eat a ton of asparagus and give her all the white claws she can drink. disconnect the chain on the flush on your toilet and profit

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sea scallops

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Sous vide halibut and a side of crispy potatoes and vegetables. She'll be wringing her panties out over the sink.

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A cake in the form of a big black dick.
:) She will love it

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look up the cookbook 'Natural Harvest'

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Something nice and creamy

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Ask her what her favorite foods are.
Do those.

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Anything, honestly.
Most college aged women are so starved for an actual home cooked meal that even the most basic shit will impress them.

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