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Is pic related right?

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I made the ingredients?

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no, subway sucks because it's very overpriced and they don't cut their own meat like jersey mike's

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I did not choose to put 3 thin slices of half meat and once slice of cheese on a stale roll and call it a sandwich. I live by Philly, I don’t need to go to subway.

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Only if people keep going back. Just because you put together something that should taste good doesn't matter if poor ingredients are mishandled by some burnout. A bad franchise may give you old bread and wilted, shitty veg and overwhelm the whole thing with too much sauce.

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Sir, this board is for qualified chefs to have serious discussion regarding cooking. This is not your meme page.

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Big whoop, tons of faggots live in Philly.

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jersey mikes is for greaseballs who don't know garfield new jersey's roses pizza.. yet next time I'm at total wine in riveredge I may grab one of these..

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Subway sucks because most of the cold cuts are made with poultry.

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Jersey Mike's is fucking good. Been going there lately instead of Publix for my subs. The only meat they serve is like five times better than Publix, EVEN when you fucking go with the Boars Head premium shit.

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Jersey mikes is ass

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Wait, the Publix subs that southerners shill about consider Boar's Head to be a premium option???

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>nigga you made the sandwich
yeah, using their shitty ingredients

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well I mean shit when they offer two options, one Publix brand and the other Boar's Head which is a bit more expensive yeah. I do. It is better than their shit which is why I chose it. But Jersey Mike's is better than that.

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Jersey Mike's all day.
Club Sub, White Bread, Mike's way, no tomatoe.
As far as chain sandwich shops, there isn't much better. Firehouse is pretty good. Anything better you need to go mom and pop.

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All I'm saying is there's a reason people that have worked at subway don't eat there

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man I wish I still lived near my favorite hole-in-the-wall deli, not shit for mom and pops in the next town over

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My brother's favourite food is unironically Subway. He eats it every weekday for lunch and often once or twice on the weekends. For his birthday every year he goes to Subway with his wife and kids for dinner.

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Having the customer in charge of menu design is a big mistake. Skimping on that is strike one against Subway.
Strike two is that the ingredients aren't fresh and progressively get less fresh as the franchise loses customers.
Strike 3 is that they can't produce anything that I can't make at home (or at the office) better cheaper faster than they can make it.
Strike 4 is that it isn't actually healthy for some reason.
And finally, strike 5: Every bakery does the same thing cheaper. Especially the Vietnamese ones.

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They might have vaguely chose the ingredients but they have no say in the quality of them

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I wish

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all the ingredients are absolute shit, and the sauces are awful too

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I swear Subway somehow subsists on a business model of "no one's least favorite". No one ever wants to go to Subway, they only go for one of two reasons:

1. They're in a group and it's a compromise
2. They need a bite to eat and the other couple options don't interest them

I may be wildly wrong, but it's a pet theory.

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>$5 footlong
>easily the cheapest fast food and 2nd most volume of food for the price (apart from Domino's $5 large pizzas)
nah you're just a dumbcunt

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I don't understand who Jersey Mike's is trying to appeal to (my Dad loves it, not sure why tho).
If I want a cold, fast-food esque, giant sandwich I go to subway.
If I want an actually good sandwich, I'd go to the deli.

Who is Jersey Mike's for?

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5 dollar foot long is dead in most territories

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>Who is Jersey Mike's for?

Most people in this thread apparently

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>who Jersey Mike's is trying to appeal to

People who do not have a deli to go to.

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A properly-designed Subway sandwich holds its own.

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I didn’t make their stale sawdust bread or soy filled meat product

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There are only 3 strikes in baseball.

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A foot long goes for $12 here. Dominoes large value range is $5.

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Too complicated. No wonder people prefer cricket.

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Not enough people appreciate the nuances of cricket. A normie cannot fathom the need for limber calfs. A true nobleman's sport.

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Bosrs head is overrated we carry it exclusively

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>A true nobleman's sport
That's why the English suck at it.

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must suck to live in Albania or some other 3rd world shithole with ovepriced food.
$5 footlong and $5 large pizza have been standard in Subway and Dominos for decades.

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No, it is "nigger" not "nigga."

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I'm white, I can't be a nigger. But I can be a nigga.

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fragile cumskin hands typed this post

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I like black people. Especially the way they talk. It's so cool and interesting.

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I hate to admit it but he's right... it's my own fault...

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Being easily pleased is a blessing.

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i remember liking subway quite a bit as a teenager, this would have been in the mid 2000s

did subway used to be better or did i just not realize it was shit?

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It really depends on the owner/particular location. Some have fresh ingredients all the time, some don't.
I always hear Americans hate subway, but have never personally met anyone from my area that has a particular dislike for it

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All American food franchises are better in other countries because of more strict food quality laws. They just feed soy, sand, and sawdust to the americans.

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Silence faggot, no one asked for your dumb opinion.

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Sirs, please do the needful and take this discussion to /sp/.

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Always miserable to order there, Subway is after grocery store delis, only if I haven't eaten for more than a day and Subway is the only place available... even then, if I still have granola bars and bottled water in my car I prefer that over the dread of dealing with the tards that work at Subway.
If I must I choose one of the more common sandwiches, making eye contact I slowly with careful enunciation tell them the sandwich, bread, cheese, sauce and never more than 3 other items... and nearly every time they turn around then turn back, "what bread?"
I'll repeat the sandwich and bread again, then wait.
By the end of the journey I've repeated myself several times, repeated each item several times, and walked them step-by-step through a menu sandwich with no modification.
That said, I eat Subway maybe once every 3-5 years, it is a lot of work to order there. Every other place I rarely have to repeat a 3rd time, and I order basic menu stuff because fastfood and quick lunch places are not fine gourmet specialty restaurants.

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Yes. Go to a deli and compare how much meat they give you.

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This, I only know one place you can get more meat than a deli

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Can confirm, I am a faggot from Philly.

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Post your location I can look up your store online and verify the price. Otherwise I don't believe you.

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>most volume
>95% veggies and bread

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here in aus its the only decent place to get a sub
I only remember there being one good one in Sydney, and I dont live there
there might be some in my city (Bris) but I live so far away from the actual city that i wouldn't know
so the only option is subway and it sucks dick

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>or some other 3rd world shithole
That's the opposite of how it works. Food is cheapest in third world shit holes. Or it will be until mechanization eliminates the need for a livable minimum wage.

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Just get a Bahn Mi and stop pretending that you're not statistically Asian.

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for like 3 minutes I pictured myself jumping over the counter and making it myself then realized he just meant the ordering aspect of it

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>5 dollar foot long
you have not been to a subway in 10 years

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*take care to look over the menu and make my choice*
*go up to order*
Let me get a steak and cheese sandwich
>uhhh ok..... what size you want?
Give me the big one
>uhhhh you gotta say "six inch" or "footlong"... I don't know what "the big one" means...
Ok, the footlong
>Ok sir... uhhh... what bread do you want?
Regular bread?
>Sir... you have to pick a bread. Here are our 12 types of bread (lists every bread)
Ok... 9-grain honey oat.
>Ok sir....... would you like that toasted?
Umm, yeah. I think I'd like a sandwich with hot meat and melted cheese. Does anyone even get it untoasted?
>Uhh.... I'm not qualified to answer that sir... Ok, toasted....
*toasts for 5 minutes*
>Ok sir... what toppings do you want....
Can't you just make the sandwich?
>Uhh I'm not qualified to make those decisions sir.... what toppings?
Fine. Give me the onion, black olives and banana peppers.
>Ok sir..... Sir... what sauce do you want?
I thought that when you pick an item off the menu, the restaurant makes it for you... can't you just pick one?
>Uhhhhh.... we are not allowed to do that sir... please pick one... here are our sauces (lists every sauce)
Fine, Jesus. Give me the ranch dressing.
>Thank you sir.... ok, sir..... we are almost done...... Sir, do you want salt and pepper?
Salt and pepper..... in my sandwich. That is what you're asking me, right?
>Uhh... yes, sir...
>Ok sir... would you like a bag of chips?
>Uhh... would you like a cookie?
>uhh... would you like a chocolate milk?
(firmly) No.
>Sir, please be patient, sir...... would you like a muffin?
>Sir, I don't appreciate your tone, sir..... Uhh..... would you like a soda?
>Ok sir.... that'll be $10 sir......
Ten minutes. That's how long it takes to get a sandwich at this supposed "fast food" franchise. And you have to do all the freaking work. Fuck subway.

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Are you mentally ill? Be honest.

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he ordered a cheesesteak with olives and ranch dressing on top. What do you think?

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The one and only time I ever went into a subway was when I had no other option available to me. The place was teeming with flies, stank to high heaven, and the entire counter was staffed by foreigners. Took one step in saw all that and I walked right back out. Never again.

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wow its like I'm really there.

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I asked

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i want greasy wog subs not chink subs fuck off

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The nigroid seethes at the thought of its homelands and women conquered by the White giants from the far north

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By properly designed he meant every topping in one sandwich.

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Subway is good when food safety is kept up, ie, just following protocol for dates, checking cooler temps and making sure it's functioning properly at all times, etc. But managers fall into traps of trying to eke out a better bonus by cutting corners and this is why most Subways suck. The bread-making routine is designed to be nearly foolproof but is easy to fuck up anyways for wagies and for slack ass managers. When I was there it was literally just make sure it's been thawing in the little locker in the walk-in for 8 hours, pull it to open air for 20 minutes, spritz with water (that bottle has to be changed on a schedule too), and then proof to 3/4 of baking size. Another step that's very easy to do but just as easy to neglect so these stores really need corporate to just go around periodically to keep everyone up to speed on the little details or else it all falls apart. Speaking of the proofer, it and all the other equipment there is ridiculously easy to maintain, but just neglect to wipe the debris out daily and you quickly get a nasty operation. Ours was a 24 hour operation and we were able to have fresh bread at all times since there was an overnight person to make bread for the morning shift, otherwise, they are allowed to have bread from the previous day to be used in the first couple hours of operation. That's the only time the bread "should" get away with not being fresh but again, many will try to cut corners here as well, and that's about the worst thing they can do. If they're diligent about making the bread right and throwing it away when it's expired then they won't suck.

My first day on the job one of the first people I served was this silly dude who worked in a deli. I got lucky to serve him cause he explained how he worked in a deli and he instructed me to put in the little bit of extra detail to put the meat exactly from end to end and even with the lettuce to be detailed enough to cover the bread

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When everything's running how it's supposed to, it really is good and you can tell how happy the customers are too. I worked in a gas station 24 hour subway and I made it my mission while I was there to have a clean operation. Sometimes customers would tell me they wished Subway would hire me to go around and train people to make the sandwiches right. We had a nice environment going on where I worked, and I was usually the overnight guy, so I was able to get the cleanliness standard up just by busting my ass overnight. The manager was down-to-earth and just tried to point people in the right direction. When you get little douchebags trying to play hall monitor about only using 9.75" of paper towels per hand wash to get costs down, but let's tell Pedro to change the dates on the ham and roast beef when nobody's looking, neglect to train people to make sandwiches right and only the bare minimum cleaning is getting done.. you get an operation with no pride. It's so easy to do right but when you leave people to their devices you get what you get. I think where Subway went wrong is they let too many stores open, especially in gas stations, where their goal was to have Subway taste the same anywhere you go but they didn't stay on top of those stores to put out their standard of quality

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Genuinely impressed by the level of autism here from both sides.

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Oi like brown bricks in miney crafta

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pretty much, you can clearly see what you're putting on the sandwich dude.

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>Over priced
Imagine being a grown ass adult man and you don't even have a couple dollars in your pocket to buy a cheap ass subway sandwich, you need to reevaluate your life dude.

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>Is pic related right?
Subway sucks because the bread is spongey with zero crustiness, and the meat is subpar and sitting for hours between paper. The employees may or may not wear gloves, reuse said gloves, all the while touching lettuce and dirty disgusting dollar bills with the same gloves. Dining there is sure to piss you off in some way, like asking for cucumber to be added and telling Habib there to add more when he lays a single transparent slice of cucumber on the roll and looks at you with a blank look of like anyone ever would want only a single slice.
Why go there?! Geesh, 15 better choice for nearly anyone, unless you're in an airport at 3am and it's the only thing open.

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Hope you're getting help for that autism.
And your desire to make up cringe stories on the internet.

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I can deal with all that. But the smell. I can't get rid of it for 12 hours after

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Tchaikovsky be like "1812 overture sucks"
Nigga you made the composition

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I think your brother is unironically autistic, and also based.

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>judging food based on the volume you get

You need higher standards anon

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They are not allowed to call their bread bread. This alone shows how trash it is. Either no carbs or the real thing. No cake with meat slices

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Every time I've visited a subway they start by asking me "which bread would you like?", explain yourself.

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>Every time I've visited a subway they start by asking me "which bread would you like?", explain yourself.
The EU to protect local markets has a say in every aspect of food production. Subway uses too much sugar in the bread so it's not bread but a cake under EU law.

>> No.16208013

Sounds disgusting, glad I'm not in EU

>> No.16208015

so do the employees at European Subway ask
>which cake would you like?

>> No.16208031

It's just used as justification to tax the subs at a higher rate as cake isn't a staple food like bread is. That's all.
EU subjects can have tasty bread with some sugar in it made from all white wheat flower and pay more in taxes or they can eat whatever nasty historical peasant bread is a local dish and save on the sales tax.

>> No.16208079

It was Ireland that decided Subway had too much sugar in their bread to qualify for VAT exception. I don't know what you're going on about with the "EU".

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imagine being a grown ass adult man and you value what your surplus labor can net you in market instead of pissing it away like a nigger

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The problem is the quality of the ingredients being shit. The bread used to have that yoga mat shit in it, but even after they got rid of it, it tastes awful and stale. The bread is the worst part but usually the veg is as also wilted and slimy. It's edible if you're hungry and want a cheap fast food lunch that's a bit healthier than McDonald's, but that's it. I used to go to one maybe 2x a week at my old job, but I dont think anyone ever has thought "man, I could kill for some Sybway".

>> No.16208162

>The bread used to have that yoga mat shit in it
It also has chemicals in it!
Like water, do you know that everyone that drinks the chemical water dies?

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>people prefer cricket
About 80 million people prefer cricket (UK, Aus, NZ) versus ~250 million preferring baseball (US whites, Canada, Japan)
Pajeets and mestizos entirely disregarded

>> No.16208311

God bless you for doing your job well

>> No.16208340

beats bein the color of poop, shoutout to bein the color of life

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Guess where I live u cunt

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I lived in the US for a decade and always avoided subway like the plague because their bread smelled absolutely horrid. I never entered one just because of the faulty smell alone

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