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am i fucking retarded or is this beer the fucking shit? i got this from lidl and it blew me away so much that i had to make this thread

it also has 10% abv so it gets you drunk and happy so quickly

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im trans btw

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btw I'm a transexual, hope this doesn't bother anyone

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i don't get it

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I haven't tried that beer specifically but I have a feeling you may like Gulden Draak too.

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btw by the way I'm trans, I hope it's not an issue

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incels detected

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same shit. different logo.

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>belgian ale
>product of belgium

what, did they run out of text to print on there!?

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Belgian Ale is cheating. They're all excellent.

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Piraat fresh/not stored hot is pretty delicious. if you like that I'd recommend:

chimay (any of these will be a winner)
st. bernardus
le trappe

dubbels/quads are fun too, brown instead of golden so a different experience.

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thanks bro. didn't even now piraat is belgian ale.

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Based happy monk appreciator. It's really the best one.

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Not had it in YEARS, but I remember it being really enjoyable.

St. Bernardus ABT 12 is the best beer on the planet, bar none.

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It could be understood that Belgian Ale is a type, rather than where it's from. Although you'd have to be quite special for that

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Literally my favorite. I've never found it in Aldi though some claim they have.

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The funny thing is, most trannies are unfuckable losers before and after trooning out.

The incel to trancel pipeline is real.

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