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>Richard Montanez has been credited with inventing Hot Cheetos as a janitor at a Frito Lay factory in 1990
>He claims he showed his invention to the CEO and 100 other Frito Lay honchos
>After a decade of keeping quiet, he starts repeating the story in the 2000s
>Media eats up the tale
>Gets a fucking book deal
>Speaks at Harvard and business events about his legendary creation, earning $10,000 to $50,000 per speech
>Gets a fucking movie deal
>Now the LA Times has revealed Montanez made the whole story up, and the snack was actually invented by a junior executive

How did nobody catch this dude until now?

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Whenever the fritos were coming round he'd dip

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>How did nobody catch this dude until now?
Because it's good PR, even if the story was fake corporate doesn't care because it's a moneymaker.

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sounds pretty based, scammed normalfags for decades

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This. And because nobody gives a fuck

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this. also who gives an honest damn. just another con man.

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it's a lot more marketable story than some pimple faced white kid fresh out of business school inventing it

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most of the people were retired by then and they don’t care to look up these things

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Yeah, Of Course Frito Lay didn't squash this shit, assuming some woke cunt herself didn't make up this story to get brownie points. It's a perfect underdog story that appeals to the people who buy Hot Cheetos, male losers wo have no class and no taste. Also, the story makes more sense anyway, Mexicans have been sticking hot pepper on salty snacks since time began.

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Apparently Frito Lay told Hollywood in 2019 that the story was fake, but the movie studio ignored them. The movie's going to be called "Flamin' Hot."

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Total penetration means we get the same exact stories they get on Fark, Reddit, Hacker News, and Slashdot. Hooray!

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I read this on the LA Times and then came to post here, schizo. Sometimes other people want to do more than just talk about fast food and being afraid of the pizza delivery guy.

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I thought this was a terrible ck copypasta until I looked it up lol the fucking guy just stole the plot of Rainman but with Cheetos instead of math what a legend

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>going to a seminar about a spic that made some chips

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This. By the time this guy was doing lectures on it that executive was retired in a Malibu beach house and gives precisely zero fucks.

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Pretty big deal if you ask me
This story was all over the place a few years ago
Even in my business school, it was well known

Makes me wonder how much fake stories we are fed daily

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Never trust brown people

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they're still making the movie

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Suuuuure, we ALLLLLLLLL believe you, wink wink.

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no importa

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The apple on the head, the "Eureka!," the cherry tree and the hatchet, and most things regarding Newton are all untrue.

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>story about geniuses finding insight and inspiration in seemingly prosaic events
>mexican janitor puts spicy powder on fried corn snack and is paraded around by corporation as business genius
one of those is not like the other

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They both sustain the myth that success comes like a lightning bolt.

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most of these founder stories are fake. I used to work in advertising and there are companies specializing in creating these stories

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i'm pretty sure that's not the message of the mexican janitors who are secretly geniuses

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Get out of the basement and breathe some fresh air for once.

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i'm sitting outside smoking a stogie

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pizza cheetos. boom. where's my billions

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Damn, what a liar. lol

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>Flamin’ Hots were created by a team of hotshot snack food professionals starting in 1989, in the corporate offices of Frito-Lay’s headquarters in Plano, Texas. The new product was designed to compete with spicy snacks sold in the inner-city mini-marts of the Midwest. A junior employee with a freshly minted MBA named Lynne Greenfeld got the assignment to develop the brand — she came up with the Flamin’ Hot name and shepherded the line into existence.

So this beaner stole a white lady's invention?

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>How did nobody catch this dude
Because nobody really gave a shit? And companies like good PR?
You’re retarded if you think some janitor could make that shit up, ‘steal’ credit, and keep claiming it to such effect; the whole thing was surely signed off upon at the corporate officer level.
He literally went from janitor to executive; that sort of shit doesn’t happen unless it comes from the top.

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What did you or anyone expect from beaners?

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hodl the fritos I'm just buying the dip

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That's super pathetic.

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and yet, because you're so outraged, you're still going to see it

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What would you suggest they do? Cancel it, and be stuck paying out tons in breached contract agreements?
For one, people will probably want to watch it even more because of curiosity and knowing the whole thing is a lie.
Secondly, even if nobody watches it, then the loss will be a write-off for the company.

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No, I already watched Good Will Hunting.

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>breached contract
the fact that the story is completely fabricated while falsely represented as a true story is a huge breach of contract in itself

>> No.16120554

not to mention that all the people who ever paid this beaner money to tell his lies have grounds for a lawsuit

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They knew it.
But he's a 'people of color'. We must have low expectations of them in order to not be racist.
Even though that is practically the definition of racist.

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He didn't go straight from janitor to executive, you ESL. The article said that he moved up through marketing positions.

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shut up you racist. it's not racist to say that people of desirable diversity are too unevolved to be deserving of the expectations of civilization when it's clearly true.

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Except he was really into prophecy and alchemy

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They're all fucking fake, all of them. Everything in America is based on capitalism, to sell, so if there's an opportunity to get more money then people take it. Reality in comparison is boring, dry, and predictable.

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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

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Biden won tho

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Yeah, this guy probably made millions off his speeches, book, and movie deal. I'd be really surprised if there isn't a backlash.

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don't make me laugh

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First peanut butter and now this. Rough day for black excellence

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I think the most impressive scam is that he got people to actually care that he invented them in the first place. Wouldn’t give a fuck if it was true.

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>clearly can’t read English
Nigger did I say he was promoted directly from one to the other?
The fact that his corporate track went from janitor to VP is something that doesn’t happen in reality.

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>TFW you have no idea about any of this
I'm not unabomber cut off, but jesus a movie about some spic and flaming hot cheetos? Lord bring us our salvation already

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>completely fabricated while falsely represented as a true story is a huge breach of contract in itself
Wait, what?
I don’t think movie production companies are under some sort of contract to present “true” things. Even if they were, that’s why they always say “*based* on a true story”.

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did you know black people invented the peanut

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>but jesus a movie about some spic and flaming hot cheetos
If I were forced to pick one, I would unironically rather watch some mexican sprinkling red powder on cheetos than a marvel movie.

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who cares?

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>>Gets a fucking book deal
>>Speaks at Harvard and business events about his legendary creation, earning $10,000 to $50,000 per speech
>>Gets a fucking movie deal
Clown world.

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Why don't you do the same, anon? Evidently it's pretty easy.

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But he's all "make it taste all burny" and they're all "wow, this guy's just a janitor?" Modern American classic

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The absolute mad-lad

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Love stories like this, look up the guy that Bloodsport was "based" on cause it's a trip

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Unfortunately I'm white so it wouldn't work..

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>Modern American classic
Reality is so much more screwed up than fiction these days.

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>According to Dux, a ninjutsu expert named Senzo Tanaka trained him as a ninja when he was a teenager.

People really believe this?

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Don't fucking take this from us.

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He aged so badly, probably the worst of any rockstar including Vince Neil

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>How did nobody catch this dude until now?
because even """smart"""" people pretend to be while they arent.

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>because you're so outraged
who is outraged?

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Have it be about your epiphany of realization of your white privilege and mission to make things right by being nice to black people and stuff

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The greatest deceptions are those that nobody really cares whether they're true or not. Very low stakes lie.

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