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Post your favorite celebrity chef

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VERY jewish milkers

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All the casuals and /r9k/ refugees hate him for some reason

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This woman is in her 50s

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God I would fuck the daylights out of Giada

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Blowjob queen

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>for some reason

Being a boring, poser rich kid and then offing yourself when your tatted slag trashcan of a woman cheats on you seems like plenty of reason.

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in certain parts of the world, you can buy ANYTHING for the right price.
One of his ex girlfriends was blackmailing him with some shit he did in thailand

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(She) came to America when she was 7. Her father was a movie producer who had brought the family here from Italy. They attended the best schools and lived in increasingly beautiful homes. But (her) father was difficult. He collected guns and used them to intimidate the children and their mother. When she was 12, her father decided her nanny wasn’t needed anymore. He began to enter her room at night and that was the end of her childhood. By age 13, he was regularly raping her at least three times a week.

(Her) life became a mixture of shame and fear. . . . Her father told her they had been lovers in a previous life and that he was preparing her so that when she had a boyfriend or husband she would know what to do. But there were no boyfriends. (She) was never allowed to date. She was allowed no activities outside the home. She had become her father’s captive. As (she) neared the end of high school, she began to dream of escape. She knew that if she did not leave the house now, she would be there forever. She packed her bags and told her father she was moving out. He called her a slut and a bitch. And he looked at her and said, “Take that whore of a sister with you.”

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More like toothjob queen

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There's only one answer.

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I followed him on his day off last week. He drove alone from his studio for guys grocery games out towards bennett valley on his way to glen ellen. nice car but not flashy. he was smiling. he seems to follow the same routes, which will help

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even hotter knowing she got passed around by daddy and grandad

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<fapping furiously>

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>are you ready for christmukkah dinner?

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You're delusional if you think she doesn't look like a late 40s-50 year old woman.

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I miss my Molly-pop

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Take a closer look at that snout.

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God damn Kyle calm down he probably wasnt even your real dad we talked about this

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hugh fearnley whittingstall

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Only in Flavortown

God I just want to be fucking her while she speaks Italian to me

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Food Network put people through fucking crazy stupid contests for YEARS to give them a shitty slot on a morning talkshow (Sandwich King) and then gives this Jewess her own fucking show for no reason.

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Semitic Nepotism

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You don't talk about her like that you filthy incel fuck

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>Chinese Jewess
>no reason

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for me it's Paul Bocuse, the most violent chef.

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she's a sex addict

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Really makes ramsay look like a fucking pansy by comparison.

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best oinkerfren
fuck riverson though

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He's a racist cuckhold

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So she was raped as a child then.

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and no one mentioned his jewish privilege

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Ryan Umane man, aka the flavor elevator, that dude is boss!

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Jack scalfani

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One less pedophile in the world.
Rot in piss.

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Gordon Ramsay, no contest.

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Do people unironically find her attractive?

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Antoni Porowski

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>"oh lets give this meat a little friz-fry, and we'll add some heirloom 'matoes. I love 'matoes! It looks perf!
What a bitch.

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>One of his ex girlfriends was blackmailing him with some shit he did in thailand
Not true. He was paying that ex for a guy that was underage that was blackmailing HER.

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Yeah, he is pretty hot.

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These three seem pretty fun

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I would definitely do the twink on the left, I don't care if it makes me gay.

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It's quite clearly a woman. Her name is Kristen Kish.

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dude on the left makes my cock hard

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It’s a WOMSN

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She's so fucking hot but she's gay

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> bisexual anons discover they are actually straight.

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Are you serious? That's horrible.

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2021, I am forgotten.

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>Chinese Jewess
Chinese Jewish is pretty good

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the ultimate

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Not to me.

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>which will help
w-w-with what anon?

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>from jew york
What's to like?

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not sure how much of a celebrity he actually is but his cookbook is really solid

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That fat [REDACTED] who larps as a slave for money.

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Ayy but she clogged the toilet.

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The daylight was already fucked out of her long ago. There's only darkness now.

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I wish she would lay a putrid log in my mouth.
I'd deep throat the whole thing before regurgitating it so I could chew it for the full flavor.

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His gumbo is good

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with our soul merge

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The worst cuck. And yellow fever.

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This and /thread

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Based Keith, RIP

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This is what Scientologists really believe.

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>picking the most basic 'chef' in the entire BA lineup.

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That's Brad. Brad was only an inventory manager before he started having to learn about fermentation on the fly.

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We will not see his like again.

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He didn't even cook, he just ate other peoples food.

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brad doesn't count. it'd be like calling the other white guy who makes drinks a chef.

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wanna impregnate her so bad bros

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i like weeds and sardines on youtube. it's essentially the same videos that weissman makes since minus the retarded mannerisms and stupid faggot shit weissmutt does.

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I hugged him at a food convention once, it was nice

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why no nigella yet

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maybe that is why he is the only likeable guy.

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God damn her father was a lucky man. Had her first when she was young and fresh

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How can a man have such shit taste? Even that fat cake bitch is more preferable than this pseudo-zoomer sow.

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