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Can you use them?

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Why should I? They are inferior to my trusty spork in every way

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I've done it once or twice, very paraplegically, I'd much rather use a fork 2bh.

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Can’t eat cheetos with a spork

>> No.16081738

not with that attitude

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Cheetos, chips (that's crisps for bongs), cookies, chocolate...

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Spoonfuls of crushed up cheeto dust is definitely someone's idea of a good time, but not mine

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Is there any real benefit to using chopsticks over fork/knife/spoon anywhere, ever? And if you say noodles you just out yourself as an ogre

>> No.16081898

just LARPing weaboos

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There is no benefit but uptight hipsters will tell you that you aren't allowed to eat asian noodles or sushi without chopsticks.

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It's not fork/knife/spoon, it's just fork/knife. The spoon is used in practically every culture.

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No thank you, my eyes are normal

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Picking up little bits
Precise item grabbing

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Yeah, but not the right way. Japanese were always too polite to correct me.

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When I get deenz for lunch I'll grab chopsticks from the sushi area to eat them with.

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It's just fun. They're very easy to get the hang of, people who can't into chopsticks are certified brainlet tier.

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When I get noodles I eat with a fork
When I eat sushi I use my hands or a fork

Any food you can eat with chopsticks you can eat better and easier with a fork, gooks eyes are just too small so they need to use chopsticks

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Fuck off chang

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Stick insects are retarded mostly.

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Yeah but only for ramen.

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Not for eating with, but I've found they're handier and easier to clean than tongs for cooking. The wooden ones also don't scrape the pan.

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noo dont fuck that guy too your so quirky ahah

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Her friend is really cute. Just my type. Is she a singer as well?

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Yup, pretty proficiently. Not even Asian, juat had a lot of practice working in asian restaurants

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One of us, one of us, one of us!

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Retarded utensil. We got forks now but the gooks still choose inferior utensils. Absolutely mind blowing.

Fucking squinty eyed chinks.

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I use them to mix my mixed drinks together. Best stirrer for a narrow glass, gets all the way to the bottom without making a mess

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only to dilate my urethra

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Yeah, I learned back when I didn't have shitholes like this convincing me I had to be too cool to enjoy novelties like enjoying japanese culture.

If I had not been taught before then I'd probably have rejected it to not seem like a tranny-weaboo.

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