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Internal temp of 38°C, is this sufficient for bleu steak?

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yea bro

>> No.16037328

You overcooked it

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how many dicks have u had in ur asshole? if more than 1 then im not gonna help ye

>> No.16037334

is that meat glued? why does it look like it's falling into pieces?

>> No.16037335

Sear it retard

>> No.16037349

that's like 70 degrees innit?
yeah m8, enjoy

>> No.16037406

I just did. It's at 38°C right now, perfect Bleu

>> No.16037502

you did a terrible job

>> No.16037513

But it's at 38°C, the temperature for a perfect Bleu

>> No.16037531

Fucking gross how you cooked it way too long enjoy your flavorless piece of leather

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You have awful taste and bad cooking abilities

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You have no idea what you are even talking about OP made the perfect steak

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Found the cooklet

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I bet you cooked it at 38 degrees the entire time fucking gross I cook mine in the fridge for a full day before even letting it touch 38 degrees

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Its factory tenderized "enhanced" meat.

>> No.16038831

That's the temperature it had when the cow died

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>Safe to eat
You can eat it raw

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what are you on about mate that steak is not even cooked are you mad why is your kitchen 38°C???

>> No.16039127

It's not raw, it's 38°C the perfect Bleu

>> No.16039140

>wasting food just to shitpost on /ck/
please don't post here again until you've cleaned up your act

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no meat is ever safe to eat

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He's probably Australian, that's room temperature.

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What the fuck kind of meat is that?
Meat isn't meant to look like that.

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Bro is that shit glued together?

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