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Now that it’s summer, it’s time to bring out those gars to go along with the BBQ. Post and discuss pipes, cigars, cigarettes, snus, snuff, etc

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You eat cigars? This is a food board you know.
Think of the implications before you post things.

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>He doesn't marinade his BBQ in Tobacco

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I like tobacco but it fucks with my blood pressure and makes me wicked light headed. Is there anything that can help with that?

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If you ever get nicotine sickness just eat a spoonful of raw cane sugar, it’s worked for me before

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Probably just to much nicotine, when you feel yourself getting light headed, put out whatever you smoking, drink a glass of water and wait til you feel better.

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I'll keep this in my back pocket

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This man.
People drink soft drinks while smoking for this reason.
Have a rum and coke or something.

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Funny enough I learned that from this autist after one anon jokingly posted the video and asked which one of us it was


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>in your PIPE

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That guy is definitely on the spectrum.
This is my favourite nicotine autist;

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ima buy a pipe, I'm smoked like 100 cigars, they expensve

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I meticulously wrote down the steps of how to taste cigars on a deeper level from this video with Travis Pappenheim (https://youtu.be/qTmd4tzi_x4) [Open], here is my gift to you /tbg/ anons

How to Properly Taste a Cigar

1. Don’t look for flavor notes until at least 1/2 of an inch in to the cigar
2. Take long, slow, even draws off the cigar to avoid tainting the flavor
3. Puff about every 45 seconds
4. Take 2 or 3 puffs to warm the smoke up
5. CRITICAL: Hold the smoke in your mouth for 4-5 seconds while puffing your cheeks out
6. Slowly let the smoke roll out of your mouth while lifting your tongue up, but not touching your pallet
7. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and rub it around
8. Take a deep breath in
9. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth rubbing it around, and rubbing it on the front of your teeth
10. Think about any differences in flavor you experience
11. Do this 6-8 times throughout the cigar
12. For an even deeper and more rich tasting of the cigar, repeat this entire process but with your eyes closed

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> hipster beard

Didn’t watch.

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I had a cigar on NYE and trying to go to sleep that night I was battling trying not to vomit from the taste it left in my mouth, do you do a thorough cleaning of your teeth and tongue after having a smoke? I enjoyed the cigar very much but fuck that aftertaste

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A $1200 cigar makes you smell just as trashy as a nigger's newport.

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I dont care about that shit.

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and yet they taste amazing and the experience of smoking a good cigar is almost spiritual

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Stop smoking

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Ordered a box of 20 Rocky Patel Edge Sun Grown the other day.
Hope customs don't pick em up as in Bong Land you can easily pay double the price of the cigars in duty/vat etc.

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Where you order from?
I always order under a full box because I hear customs just weigh the cigar box (with cigars in it). As the tax is applied by weight, you would get a huge tax bill. I'd probably just tell customs they can keep 'em if that happened.

Also I think smaller packages are less likely to get stopped by customs.

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I've ordered these from Cigars of Habanos. Ordered several boxes from their Hong Kong warehouse and never been stung. Been ordering from Hacico past few times as well but they're no where near as CoH, so thought I'd risk another box.
Customs seem to make it up as they go along. Saw a reddit post the other day of someones haul of like 50 cigars costing them £50. According to the receipt they got they were only charged VAT and processing charges, no actual Duty lmao.

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no where near as cheap as Coh*
also they seem to randomly seize the cigars and "destroy" them, or send you charges. 1 order from the USA I received charges, and like 2 orders from EU were just seized and "destroyed". Like I say, they just make it up as the go.

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Are there any websites that don’t verify your age when selling pipe tobacco? I’m not 21 yet

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I just can't do Cigars, I've tried, and my smoke cigs since i was 12 habbits take over and I inhale the shit and fucking die each time..

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Lmao just don’t inhale

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it's still spring dumbass

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Daily reminder all anti smoking cucks can't differentiate between a plant that God put here on earth and the chemicals that the globohomo puts in cigarettes.


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You have to quit cigarettes if you want to enjoy cigars

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I tried the cigarette meme once, my head hurt and that's it, it looks cool ngl

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Has anyone thrown a cigar on the barbie for a little bit before smoking it?

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Well this is as southern trash as it gets. You make me embarrassed that people call you the same race as me.

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>[Open]) [Open]
You aren't gifting anybody anything. You are likely a christ cuck retard and part of the jewish problem.

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I like the combination of coffee and cigarettes.

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I don't think tobacco count as food

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Lmao absolutely seething

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Stop smoking nigga i mean c'mon

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Cigars aren't meant to be inhaled. That's you're problem. The smoke is supposed to be absorbed by your gums. You pull, hold and release.

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Everytime I smoke a cuban I get paranoid I'll die from water intoxication because it makes me drink 2-3L of water in 30 mins

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you and every 19-21 year old girl with blue hair and STDs in her 2nd year of an art program

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Nice, will give it a look.

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the fda is 'moving to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars'. WTF all I smoke is flavored cigars, and theres no way i can afford to stock up on them

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I've got a set of Gurkhas in my humidor waiting for the next really nice day. I'm gonna have a nice BBQ, crack open a Coors Banquet, and smoke me a fat Gurkh.
I'm a big fan of smooth lagers to pair with that dense smoke flavor.

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Ask them to make any declarations in Chinese, might help them get through.
Keep in mind they aren't guaranteed to get through, I've read leddit posts from bongs ordering from there and getting stung.

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If dementia Joe bans Newports it’ll make the george floyd riots look peaceful

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They just did. Goal is within a year. I work for Altria aka Phillip Morris, John Middleton, others. Its going to be an interesting year.

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And I work in flavors and ingredients. Ask questions if you're curious. If I don't know, someone here will.

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What’s your daily routine at work? How many people are smokers? Do you get free cigarettes? What “new” brands are in the works?

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But everything's better now.
Racism is over, no more riots, and the pandemic is finished.

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I'm more quality control so closer to analytical sciences. Making sure vendors don't fuck up when things arrive. Testing new flavors.

There's the mad scientists type of flavorists that just have a wall of chemicals and a ton of knowledge. Then there's the sciencey flavorists who run a grape thru a gas chromatograph, see what its made of and build a flavor that way.

Personally, the mad science approach works far better. Im a contractor, so no free cigs for me. B4 covid employees got a pack a day from a vending machine. A lot of my coworkers have been smoking 2 or 3 packs a day for decades, and damn it takes a toll.

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As for new stuff, pouches, gum, lozenges. The idea is that it is synthetic nicotine, so there is no tobacco, so its not a tobacco product. Dunno if pharma would take that over or what.

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Finding out that this chick has another 50 pics of herself making that face at pizzas broke my heart.

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I should clarify thats only if they are smoking cessation devices. I guess the dream would be to stay under the fda and be recreational.

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If you feel that you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, because you want to quit but life without nicotine doesn't seem worth living, you are not alone. I used to feel that way. I thought there was no way out.


Alan Carr's method creates happy nonsmokers. After reading this book you'll feel just the same as before you ever tried nicotine. It worked for me, and now I'm free. It will work for you, and you'll be free too.

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I don't think so. If you live near Northern VA, there's a place called John B. Hayes Tobacconist in downtown Winchester and when i bought pipe tobacco on my 21st, they didn't bother checking my age at all.

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it would be hilarious if they walked back on it because of that

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please stop projecting, anon

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awesome sauce bro now pass me the bong haha

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Why so angry? Someone go pissy in dipey??

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Who /snus/ here?

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Does Missouri Meerschaum make any unfiltered pipes? I don’t want anybody that filtered shit

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Does Missouri Meerschaum make any unfiltered pipes? I don’t want any of that filtered shit

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This. You're not Tony Soprano, the monopoly man or whatever it is you picture in your mind when you spend absurd sums of money on this ridiculous and disgusting "hobby".
Usually, guys who get "into" cigars are fat dudes looking to adopt some cool image without needing to put in the effort to grow an actual personality. They think they can be the "cool fat guy" if they smoke cigars, drink whisky, and do other superficially "masculine" things from a 1960s Macy's catalogue. These are the same guys who go on about how much they love bacon and buy beard oil. That's who's on the other side of the keyboard in these threads.

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>walls of text
Lol filtered

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I smoke cigars because I like them faggot.

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How long does tinned pipe tobacco usually last for after you open it? I don’t want to buy a bunch of different blends then have them dry out or get waterlogged with a day

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How long does tinned pipe tobacco usually last for after you open it? I don’t want to buy a bunch of different blends then have them dry out or get waterlogged within a day

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Project harder faggot

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absolutely disgusting

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new to pipe here. I bought a couple of tins and the last one was opened a month ago and still humid.

I saw a lot of people preserve tobacco in these kind of jars

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So when sleepy Joe bans cigars what will you do?

>> No.16027918

had to stop because they were fucking up my teeth too hard :( bag to just cigars now

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>5 sentence "wall"
Lol retarded

Doubtful. Cigars are an outdated mode of nicotine delivery. People who genuinely enjoy nicotine smoke cigarettes or vape, there is no reason to smoke a cigar aside form wanting to look cool.

No need, I already projected a perfect likeness of you in the mind's eye of the reader.

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neat video

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> Doubtful
Stop projecting your insecurities anon. Some kind of girls like feminine guys.
But some people like things you don't like

> Cigars are an outdated mode of nicotine delivery. People who genuinely enjoy nicotine smoke cigarettes or vape
You mean low level burley that taste like burnt paper (if you don't inhale) or sweetener for cakes?

You are retarded

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So can I just take the filter out of any filtered pipe, or do I have to buy a special unfiltered bit? I don’t want the filter to fuck with the flavor or airflow

>> No.16027996

> So can I just take the filter out of any filtered pipe,
It depends. If it's a 9mm you better use a converter

> I don’t want the filter to fuck with the flavor or airflow
Most of the filters don't do anything to the flavor

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Altria guy here...smoking isn't just about nicotine. Sure if you want the hit then cigarette or a vape will deliver nicotine better. Especially the nicotine salts like juul had.

Nicotine is a stimulant, yet people often smoke to relax. It's an experience, with factors like impact, flavor, mouth feel, and yes also nicotine content.

And to call cigars outdated when they are removing menthol and flavors, and leaving traditional cigars alone seems...wrong.

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I’m looking at buying a Missouri Meerschaum Legend, how would I go about removing the filter from that?

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>He doesn't grill during all seasons

You don't belong on this board. Even niggers grill all seasons.

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Simply don't buy the legend, buy a MM that comes without a filter. Cob pipes are cheap and not meant to last.

Or buy 2 of them, since you don't want to use a MM more than once every 2 days. 2 MM cost less than a less than average pipe, so don't think too much about them

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Who /cigarettes/ here? It's gonna kill us, but fuck it. For me it's American Spirit lights, used to be on the perique blend for years but I'm feelin it.

No bully, be nice to each other :)

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Also don't go for cobs as your first pipe.
Learning to smoke pipes require some time and efforts, and the first times it's gonna sucks bad.

If you want to give it a honest chance, start with a good pipe *and* a cob.

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what's up with these long cigars? they only look skinny because of MJ's big hands but where do you get these super long ones? what are they called?

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you can also use regular mason jars too. I've had my blend in one for over a month and it's doing fine

>> No.16028240

grow my own leaves. which is what i'm doing anyways.

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I just tried General for the first time after only using camel.
It's miles better than camel.
I'm gonna order some from sweden soon,

>> No.16028631

i think they're called lanceros.

>> No.16028659

You have to put a filter in yourself genius
They don’t come filtered, at least the ones I have.

>> No.16028674

4noggins just asks your age. Just lie

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I call it breakfast

>> No.16028687

any time i see a cigar i just think about that clip of arnold talking about stoagies
then i think about will sasso's arnold impression

>> No.16028701

If you live near the border got to Mexico. You can bring back 2 cartons duty-free. They even got Camel crushes with menthol AND berry flavored on the same cigarette

>> No.16028717

Yes they do but just buy one and take the filter out. Its literally a tube of paper

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File: 1.98 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20210429_183045464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isn't the Legend but it is a MM. Pull out the bit and remove the filter (white tube) and wala

>> No.16028759

Yes, Lanceros are long and skinny, Churchills are long and normal sized

>> No.16028847

When I asked this question I assumed the filter was permanent and built in, didn’t realize until just now that they were disposable tubes of charcoal. Thank you for tolerating my autism

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You don't smoke cigars for a nicotine hit dumbass. Why do you speak so strongly about a subject you know nothing about?

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shouldn't it be /sgw/
>surgeon general warning

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Not sure about tinned tobacco, but with cigars you can buy himidifier packets and store them in an air tight tupperware container along with the cigars. Search online what sort of humidity you need to store pipe tobacco in.

>> No.16030902

the thinner the cigar the higher the wrapper/binder to filler content. The wrapper and binder leaves tend to be higher quality with better flavour, whereas filler is typically used to help with burning/deliver nicotine. This is a huge generalization and depends on the blends but it's a nice rule of thumb.

>> No.16030956

So many seething trannies in this thread, if you don’t like tobacco then fuck off and take that DARE program shite attitude with you.

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Give yourself a treat! Cigarettes and meat!

>> No.16031244

Can someone recommend some snus/chewing bags that is available in central europe?
Also, what's a good online store for tobacco products in Germany?

>> No.16031267

I'm still confused on how you cook and eat the cigar

>> No.16031327

do you just bite off chunks and chew? I'd imagine it'd be like trying to eat a teabag

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File: 45 KB, 800x800, loose-herbs-incense-small-tobacco-twists-15881487974462_800x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, that would be a "twist." I test tobacco products for metals and got some a while back. Opened the package and was like...wtf.

I thought I was browsing /b/ looking at a log post.

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>> No.16032175

Do you smoke that or chew it???

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When I smoke meat I always add a good cigar into the mix.

All the kids absolutely love the smoked meat

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>> No.16034575


Smoker here.
I clicked that link with an open mind but right off the bat they fucked it up. It shows the top 10 smoking countries and then compares it with the top 10 lung cancer statistics.


5 of those countries i know are huge smoking countries and that's just off the top off my head. Not necessarily the top 5 per capita but still. It's like a high schooler wrote that article.

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What are some flavored cigars you guys would recommend i try out before they go the way of the ghost in the land o' the free?

>> No.16034716

you chew it like a dog toy

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File: 3.76 MB, 1701x2048, Screenshot_20210501-110627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Came in to post that.

What varieties are we working with? Trying Odens clove right now, it's good

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File: 1.24 MB, 601x1740, Belle+Meade+Bourbon+Reserve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just beat cancer so I'm done with smoking forever, but I used to love smoking a buttered rum virginia burley pipe tobacco that was recommended to me by the local tobacconist. I loved smoking it out of my lovely hand-carved pipe. I spent a few weeks paycheck back in highschool on that thing. Great memories. Smoked well with a smokey bourbon or a peaty Islay scotch like Laphroaig 12/15 or Oban

>> No.16034841

i want to stop smoking and vaping, but i live in the South where dipping is king. can I order snus online? any good websites that wont sell my info? thanks :)

>> No.16034940

Yep, buysnus.com, I've been getting mine from them for 3 years, they're good

>> No.16036028

What type of cancer was it?

>> No.16036622

i dont buy cigars to smell good

>> No.16036719


>> No.16036723

i did snus direct... hopefully i didnt fuck up

i shall keep everyone updated

>> No.16036828

Flavored cigars aren't going anywhere. Not yet anyway. But Acid cigars are alrite. They're herbal infused and they're not bad at all

>> No.16037024

It's tasty and like taking a literal chill pill.

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Gawith brown xx maple with a decent cup of coffee. Just sweet enough to take off the harsh edge of brown rope but not enough to mask the tobacco.

Think it's a better wake up than a cigar, getting a tight draw is just a shit start to the day.

>> No.16037071

Amateur hour on /ck/

>> No.16037179

>smoke meat

>> No.16037353

Camel kino


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should i buy a big green egg

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File: 2.38 MB, 2262x2680, 20210501_141142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good times.

>> No.16038319
File: 2.50 MB, 1784x3072, 20210111_093036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More good times.

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>head down to the local cigar store/lounge
>brought the old laptop and some movies and a book
>owner tells me I can't sit down because he's closing in a few minutes because it's may the 1st
>he's only in finishing up his books
>pick up a RyJ sport largo and walk home while smoking
>mfw I don't know what day it is
>mfw I dropped the spaghetti

>> No.16038596

just smoke weed ffs nictards

>> No.16040047

Enjoy tasting skunk nigger

>> No.16040052

I don't smoke that cheap shit

>> No.16040072

are natural american spirits worth trying?

>> No.16040212

oh good thank god someone told me how to smoke a cigar

>> No.16041780

Going to start smoking a corn cob pipe, what do anons recommend for beginner tobacco blends? I’m ordering from 4noggins, and I want 2 aromatic blends and 2 unflavored blends

>> No.16042117
File: 79 KB, 650x902, Lucky-Strike-Original-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on Lucky Strike?

>> No.16042124

There are three states of matter.
You eat solids (food)
You drink liquids (drinks)
You smoke gas (cigarettes)

>> No.16042143

i only like them without the filters otherwise they taste really flavorless

>> No.16042201

What about plasma?

>> No.16042899

Yes you can drink and eat animal blood

>> No.16042953

This is gonna work out great in my favor. I live 2 hrs from the border.
Go to mexico with 4 friends
Each person is allowed 2 cartons of cigarettes duty-free
Bring back 10 cartons
Sell them to local w*men and blacks for $15 a box
About $30 a carton * 10= $300 initial investment
$15 box * 10 boxes a carton * 10 carton=$1500 - $300 investment= $1200 profit

>> No.16043443

How often have you even been to Mexico? I’d imagine once the cartels get wind that there’s a profit to be made off this they’ll kill you

>> No.16043491

Goat tier combo and the best way to flush your bowels when you start a day

>> No.16044142


>> No.16044317

Someone answer >>16041780 please

>> No.16045271


>> No.16045864
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A cigarette is the best thing after a meal.

>> No.16046031

Here ya go fren

>> No.16046044

For me it's Twinings English Breakfast tea.
Fuck I would have one right now if I wasn't half in the bag already.

>> No.16046139

Alright you cunt. You inspired me to get back into pipes. That looks too fucking good.

>> No.16046997

Thanks anon

>> No.16047875

Do pipe filters restrict the flavor or airflow at all?

>> No.16047929

Well then, I guess it's time to stock up with intent to illegaly vend.

>> No.16047937

troon mindset

>> No.16047945

Fact. Cigars are fucking gay and the majority of people who smoke them do it because they think they're cool and couldn't tell the difference between a black n mild and a $50 cigar

>> No.16047995

will you eotena onslaught cucks ever stop spamming this shit?


>> No.16048049
File: 115 KB, 1800x1578, 78BEDEB9-75DD-4F68-A895-D32BE5A8B13F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.16048235

I worked at a golf course at one point, and some mad lad gave me some snus. It was called Odin and it made me lightheaded instantly. But god damn was it good shit.

>> No.16048264

unironically this. i'm the only cig smoker left in my friend group, but all the quitters moved to stogies. whenever they offer me one, I try my hardest but muscle memory is a bitch and a half when chemicals are involved.

>> No.16048305

I just like the taste.

>> No.16048556

Why would you ever quit pipe in the first place? The almost nill risk of cancer is a great trade off for the stress reduction

>> No.16048566

Cigars are my go to. The pipe was kind of annoying to clean. But I just ordered a new one, gonna be puffing on it this weekend. Any good tobacco recs for it?

>> No.16048580

Someone ITT recommend this

>> No.16048873

If vapefags need any money you can join this lawsuit


>> No.16049218
File: 2.63 MB, 4160x3120, shiggy innit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody roll their own? I tried it recently and I don't think i will go back. Tastes so much better than a regular cig. I bought a pure tobacco pack which was much cheaper than a normal pack and yet it outperforms even more expensive cigs, imo at least. It takes a little bit of time to roll them, but if you are not a serious addict, i would recommend it.

>> No.16049255

Don’t use cellulose acetate filters bro, the fibers get lodged in your lungs whenever you smoke and directly contribute to lung cancer. Either go unfiltered or use charcoal filters that don’t lodge fibers in your lungs

>> No.16049352

Personally I'd rather sniff gas

>> No.16049635

best chewing tobacco brand recommendations? so far only tried red man

>> No.16049644

definitely, best prerolled on the market
like pall malls

>> No.16049696

How much money do you have to spend in order to get a good quality briar pipe made in America or Europe?

>> No.16049792


>> No.16049795

/ck/ is my smoking board

>> No.16049839

Not really helpful anon

>> No.16049925

What are some good vanilla aromatic blends?

>> No.16050000

I'm the same way. regular mouthwash doesn't do the job; I use a mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide. I don't know if it's the foaming or the oxygen (peroxide is an oxidizer) doing the oxy-clean thing, or what. but it works a treat.

>> No.16050029

a couple of months. if it dries out (usually they dry out) you can spritz a little distilled water in there every now and then to keep them at the right moisture. or just dump the tin into a mason jar. people have kept tobacco for years in a mason jar without it drying out.

>> No.16050049

>So can I just take the filter out of any filtered pipe
>do I have to buy a special unfiltered bit?
>I don’t want the filter to fuck with the flavor or airflow
it won't. the filters for pipes are mostly to absorb some of the steam. you can buy "converters" or "adapters" that are little plastic cylinders to put in the hole in the stem where the filter would go, but they're not necessary, they're just for autists.

>> No.16050067
File: 2.16 MB, 1673x2987, 2021-05-03 21.06.09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder to take the tapeworms out of your cigars, boys.

>> No.16050086

I just got a 5 pack of cao pilon robustos it's now easily top 5 cigars I've ever had. It's got the rich burnt caramel flavor of a bourbon and a buttery umame finish. Not too expensive either

>> No.16050093

>restrict the flavor
depends on the filter. paper and balsa filters don't, charcoal filters take some of the rough edges off.
the question is kind of meaningless with a pipe. This isn't a cigar. The primary determinant of the draw of the pipe is you. you are the one who loads and tamps it. if you want a looser draw then tamp it lighter, if you want a firmer draw then tamp it harder. any effect of the filter on the draw is almost completely immaterial because you have control over the pack.

>> No.16050097

>buying chinkshit cigars

>> No.16050104


>> No.16050239

Thanks, didn’t see that

>> No.16050308

Some are worse than others. First cigar I smoked in 45 minutes just puffing like a chimney and got so sick and tasted it for a day and a half afterwards. Took me a year at least to try again. Drew Estates Undercrown Shade is my go to referral for first cigars. Flavor but no long term aftertaste.

>> No.16050329 [DELETED] 

Girls are a good value smoke. I'm sitting on a few right now looking for the right occasion and company. Tried to break them out for derby day but current friend group bitched out on me so I just smoked my pipe instead.

>> No.16050386
File: 898 KB, 2196x2900, IMG_20210503_135042426-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Others have already said it but mason jars are the way to go. I've kept all my jars in a cool dry place and they've lasted at least a year so far.

>> No.16050413

Blood red moon gets a lot of praise if you're into aromatics. Currently I'm rotating from Mac Baren vanilla cream to their plum cake which are much milder flavored aromatics.

>> No.16050449

Is that a burly maple pipe? It looks fucking amazing

>> No.16050488

There are duty free stores by the border, you don't need to enter mexico for this brainlet

t. chula vista fag

>> No.16050541

do most of you guys puff or inhale? kina new to this and currently using a small bong to smoke my pipe tobacco

>> No.16050576

looks like a clay pipe
puff. you don't inhale pipes or cigars.

>> No.16050613

But will they still sell menthol?

>> No.16050643

make your own. mix menthol with everclear, dip cigs in menthol everclear, wait a few minutes for the alcohol to evaporate.

>> No.16050677

biden should ban watermelon and purple drank, next

>> No.16050742

And tendies too

>> No.16050777

starting to run low on the stuff, really a dread

>> No.16050906

I'd rather sniff a cute girl's quaint tart farts.

>> No.16050937

yes, its very versatile and can do everything. Tons of addons, and other replacement parts are plentiful. Has a bit of a learning curve but that's what makes it fun.

>> No.16051035

You mean the one on the right? Maker claims it's Briar with a stain but the grain pattern is definitely unique.

>> No.16051048

Middle one is a cheap clay pipe. Watched too many episodes of Turn and had to have one.

>> No.16051092
File: 280 KB, 1080x1920, 096FE29B-604C-48A9-AE65-D1EA11179059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me
>Start Smoking at 16
>15 years later
>None of my friends smoke any more
>Wife constantly nagging me to quit
>Parents nagging me to quit
>Can’t smoke in bars anymore
>Taxes keep skyrocketing
>Doctor wagging his finger at me during my check-up
>Constant hacking cough and out of breath during exercise

Sorry lads, I can’t stand the pressure any more. Became a quit-cuck about a month ago. It just wasn’t fun to smoke anymore. See you in Valhalla

Pic unrelated

>> No.16051461


>> No.16051507

get off my board you crustlet

>> No.16051741

get off your own board, faggot kike

>> No.16051767

what do you think we're doing?

>> No.16051772

bacon? >>>/x/

>> No.16051803

I bet you enjoy chicago deep dish pizza

>> No.16051859

how many pranayamas

>> No.16052121

Is there anything else you need for pipe besides tobacco, matches, a Czech tool, and pipe cleaners?

>> No.16052252

no buy a Primo instead. much better form factor. oval instead of round so things like ribs and brisket fit better, you get usefully large cooking spaces if you need to split it to cook at different temperatures, much thicker ceramic so it's even easier to control the temperature.

>> No.16052259
File: 757 KB, 1920x1280, 673980_1578bad2-e5bf-43cf-83af-947ef641420a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pocketknife with a blunt tipped blade for the occasional reaming. the spey blade on a stockman style knife is about perfect.

>> No.16052497

>Remove the mouthpiece
>pull out paper filter
>replace mouthpiece

>> No.16052504

If you get a REALLY good one, break it in just right, and smoke it regularly for years, that briar will ALMOST smoke as well as a $7 cob that’s 3 bowls in.

>> No.16052541

some retarded rollers think leaving the stem in is a good thing

>> No.16052720

It’s intended for chewing, but you can do either. Most twists I’ve seen are not treated with as much stuff as other chew preparations, so they take a light better and don’t just taste like charred molasses.

You sound like an experienced meat smoker.

>> No.16052848 [DELETED] 

I want to smoke but I have T1 Diabetes. Guess some things just weren't meant to be...

>> No.16052952

Aww man, charcoal ones are so expensive, almost defeats the whole purpose of "cheaper cigs". Well whatever, i'll give it a go.

>> No.16052993

That’s it to start.
Other stuff like cake reamers are also nice, but you can get that stuff later on as you need it.
One thing I like instead of a pouch is a quart sized ziplock bag. Just put everything in there, and then it’s grab and go.

>> No.16054398

>Tobacco General
>/ck/ - Food and Cooking
Why is your thread even up? Jannies will delete ‘za threads but not this off topic garbage?

>> No.16055191

Does a finished corn cob pipe affect the flavor at all versus an unfinished one?

>> No.16055214

no. it looks a bit nicer.

>> No.16055404

Inhaling pipe tobacco is a guaranteed bad time.

>> No.16055655
File: 1.75 MB, 200x200, sam rockwell.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

of all these random fucking comments and i see this bullshit

>> No.16055661

how are you supposed to eat the tobacco

>> No.16055670
File: 29 KB, 720x400, 1619573717299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't smoke in the first place

>> No.16055694

looks like my penis

>> No.16055695
File: 11 KB, 225x225, images (42).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Snort it

>> No.16055696

Might wanna have a doctor look at that.

>> No.16055721

make your own kretek

>> No.16055865

Is it true that unfinished cobs take a lot less longer to air out?

>> No.16055895

Tobacco doesn't reduce stress, it's only an illusion. Studies show smokers are more anxious and depressed than nonsmokers. Quitting nicotine will greatly improve your quality of life.

>> No.16056051

> Tobacco doesn't reduce stress, it's only an illusion

> It doesn't reduce stress, it only makes you feel less stress


>> No.16056057

can i smoke cigars if i have hiv or is that dangerous?

>> No.16056199

People think nicotine relieves stress because smoking temporarily relieves the discomfort of addiction. When you're addicted to nicotine, you have an additional constant stressor that non-addicts don't have. Smoking makes you feel, temporarily, like a nonsmoker. Smoking to relieve stress is akin to wearing shoes that are too tight so you can take them off to relieve stress. It makes no sense.

>> No.16056345

you sound like a real fun guy

>> No.16057724

they dry out quicker for sure. how much quicker depends on a lot of factors. you also have the option of buying two cobs, which is a good idea anyway if you smoke very two different genres. aromatics and latakia blends will ghost a pipe, even different aromatics can ghost a pipe in a way that clashes (e.g. cherry vanilla vs licorice vs lakelands vs erinmore) so having different cobs for different types of tobacco isn't a bad idea. cobs are somewhat more resistant to ghosting than a briar, but they will still ghost.

>> No.16057727

>pipe and cigars don't cause nicotine addiction
>pipes and cigars are relaxing
>noooooo you're really stressed out because of your nonexistent nicotine addiction trust me bro

>> No.16057735

How many of those studies focus on pipes and cigar smokers and how many on cigarette smokers?

>> No.16057739

Cigars taste nice and last long, that's why I like them. People have been smoking tobacco for flavour long before people even knew that nicotine was a thing.

>> No.16057771

dangerously based

>> No.16057897

>>pipe and cigars don't cause nicotine addiction
>Nicotine doesn't cause addiction

>> No.16057905

Go back to r/antismoking faggot

>> No.16057911

Why don't you go to r/cigars, this isn't even food and cooking

>> No.16057913

Then report the thread and fuck off

>> No.16057915

And yet you're constantly bumping the thread just to let everyone know that.

>> No.16057928

stay salty, faggot. the centuries of experience of seasonal pipe and cigar smokers prove you wrong. the delivery method matters.

>> No.16057937

ime nicotine is less addictive than caffeine. If I don't have a cup of coffee in the morning I'll get headaches from caffeine withdrawals. If I go a week or months without my pipe I feel nothing. I didn't smoke at all last week due to the weather, no symptoms whatsoever. Talking with the guys at the local pipe shop this was everybody else's experience as well, except for this one guy who also smokes cigarettes. cigarettes are definitely addictive, but nicotine itself doesn't seem to be nearly as addictive as you anti smokers seem to believe. and no I don't care what your studies show, they're all based on cigarette smokers.

>> No.16057951

Every thought you have as an addict is clouded by your addiction. I know because I used to be one. I used to actually think things like that, I'm not a nicotine addict because I use a special delivery method, or it's not bad for me because of my special delivery method. Lots of anecdotes about some guy who only smoked cigars sometimes and some other guy who smoked and lived to be 90.
The physical withdrawal symptoms are barely anything, I agree. Even from cigarettes they're very slight. It's all psychological. You didn't smoke for a whole week, totally didn't want it, could've quit right there if you wanted to. Yet you still went right back to it as soon as you could.

>> No.16057984


I smoke less than five times a month, I don't feel cravings anymore than I crave the taste of a cup of a tea or some specific food. If tobacco didn't taste nice I'd not touch it at all. Why is it that you temperence neo-puritan types never get that? The fact that you say you used to be an addict makes your judgement even less sound because you're projecting your own problems onto others.

>> No.16058143

Well, everyone used to smoke only 5 times a month. Do you think I jumped right into smoking all day? Everything you're saying is what I would've said 10 years ago. The difference between tobacco and tea is that tobacco is addictive and it will cause serious injury to your health. Someday, you will smoke every day, and it's going to cause you a lot of stress and pain.

>> No.16058162

>Yet you still went right back to it as soon as you could.
nice headcanon faggot. nowhere in my post did i say that.
if there are no withdrawal symptoms then there is no addiction. you like eating tofu, it doesn't mean you're addicted to it.

>> No.16058194

don't project your lack of character on me you fucking addict. An addict can't quit without cravings or other symptoms. I have stopped for months at a time (all summer) for decades without any issue, and this experience is damned near universal among pipe smokers who live in areas with extreme summer or winter weather. I could easily smoke in the summer, but it isn't pleasant to smoke outside in that heat, so I don't.

>> No.16058219

If I were addicted to the nicotine then the heat wouldn't matter, i'd either smoke inside, or smoke a quick cigarette outside, or vape or whatever. I don't and feel no urge to. I enjoy the taste of the pipe, and if your only "evidence" that I'm addicted is that I enjoy it then you've got a really unicorn definition of "addiction" that you're welcome to fuck off with.
wierd. I've been smoking my pipe every nice day for over 30 years, it's never yet caused me a hint of stress and pain, much less "a lot". Must be all that clean living and lack of cigarettes.

>> No.16058401

>I've been smoking my pipe every nice day for over 30 years
So you're in your 50s and posting here? I highly doubt this.

>> No.16058470
File: 66 KB, 500x500, 000000004443_821WYEF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

epic weeb cig smoker

>> No.16058689

I've been keeping this up for nearly a decade through some of the most stressful and painful points of my life. When am I supposed to become addicted again?

>> No.16058760

reality is just something that you see on tv isn't?

>> No.16058761

Is there any way to ship flavored Japanese cigarettes to America? I really wanna try those things

>> No.16058767


If you know any chinese college students they'll know

I got a contact on wechat who imports them for me taxfree in bongistan

>> No.16058826

I have been both non-smoker and smoker in my life.
Cigarettes make you feel less stressed, it's out of questions.
It's like saying alcohol doesn't makes you fell less stressed because when you are an alcoholic you need it to feel normal

>> No.16060230

What’s the least harsh unfiltered cigarette out there?

>> No.16061018

The only ones I’ve ever tried were Camel studs, but they were great.

>> No.16061092

Black Devil is not even Japanese

>> No.16061102

Any of yall niggas fw snus or nah

>> No.16061118

U don't inhale tobacco and pipe smoke, genius

>> No.16061142

lucky strikes are really good

>> No.16061171

Vince Goodrum loves those cigars

>> No.16061426

>NickDaSmoka here

>> No.16061945

I smoked a swisher sweet. I was gross and one of them was snapped in half in the package. What is a good go to for small cigars or cigarillos that are inhaleable?

>> No.16061951

>everyone is just like me
Fucking faggot. Not all tobacco is the same as smoking cigarettes anyway. Pipes and cigars will not give you that insane nicotine rush like cigarettes do. Quitting either won't give you nasty physical or psychological withdrawal. Cigarettes (and I'm assuming chewing tobacco as well) are completely different animals.

>> No.16061966

do Ameritards really?

>> No.16061977

Why do some people still chain smoke when vaping exists? I have a cig with my morning coffee and after that its vape time

>> No.16061979

cant believe how wrong I've been doing it this whole time.

>> No.16061994

Taking some form of nicotine to calm your nerves doesnt make you an addict any more than popping a benzo prescribed to you does

>> No.16062154

What are the Dunhill blends like now that they're under the Peterson name? Have they changed?
Nightcap was the first latakia blend I ever had and was a staple of mine when first getting the hang of pipe smoking. Also have a tin of Dunhill Royal Yacht sitting in my drawer since 2014 that I'm looking forward to cracking open.

>> No.16062698

I tried a lot of cubans and weed is better

>> No.16063324

They're pretty much the same, the same people who blended them before (STG) are blending them now, so if it's STG Dunhill you're familar with, there's no change.

I doubt that, but honestly Cubans are over-rated. Cuban tobacco is nice and of course the seed variety/local soil gives it a nice flavour but too many times Cuban cigars, even expensive ones, are poorly made and they use tobacco that's too young or there's been a poor harvest, etc.

>> No.16063358

Exact same stuff. Dunhill hasn't made them in decades, it's been contracted out for ages. IIRC McConnell made them in the 60's and 70's, then Murray got the contract for a couple decades, then STG has had it since then. Peterson bought the blends from Dunhill who is now too hoity-toity to be associated with declasse things like pipes and tobacco; STG merely changed the labels they were gluing on the tins.

The blends changed a bit from McConnell to Murray to STG, each blender had its own sources of leaf and own processing quirks, but they were always excellent quality. Unfortunately the quality has gradually but significantly worsened under STG's term. That's unrelated to the name change though, just STG cheaping out on the leaf. The tins don't have painted tins or gold paper wrapping inside. Cheap all around. They deserved to go to Peterson, they haven't been *real* Dunhill quality in ages.

>> No.16063363

Cubans are overrated, their tobacco farms are barely functional, they have massive problems with insect infestations that result in cigars riddled with tobacco larvae, they don't properly cure and age their leaf anymore. their reputation was justified 50 years ago, but times have changed and cuba hasn't.

>> No.16063396

Cuban cigars suck because Cuba is communist country and thus there’s no competition or innovation. Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan cigars are infinitely higher quality

>> No.16063402

That is what we were getting at, but trying to put it in technical details not political ones. However, there is the fact that you can't replicate the precise taste of a Cuban. The issue there is the idea that you should want to, or it's a holy grail type of cigar, or a cigar is better merely because it was made in Cuba with Cuban tobacco. It's that magical reputation that the Cuban cigar trade has been relying on for decades to prop up a product that really hasn't been worth the hype since the 1960s.

>> No.16063409

Actually, I just breathe air, preferably without carcinogens.

>> No.16063413

You must not live in any built up area then.

>> No.16063426

I said preferably, meaning I don't do it on purpose like some kind of brain dead monkey.

>> No.16063471

That's nice, so you stay away from cigarettes. Very sensible. What have you been smoking lately?

>> No.16064115

Your mom's asshole.

>> No.16064219


>> No.16064258
File: 32 KB, 404x405, BE052FD1-67D9-47C3-A031-7ED83DACC2C3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16065327
File: 131 KB, 364x852, 6FA5AEDD-5A0C-4EC3-B766-E35803E718AD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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