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Very overrated.

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He's one of the few people who actually accurately measures how much of an ingredient he's putting in. If you rate cooking e-celebs by replicability, he's at the very top.

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OP is the Bobby Flay of being gay

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wtf why are you being mean to chef john

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OP is the Gordon Ramsay of being a pansy

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i still don't understand how this has anything to do with food or cooking unless u r admitting that you are a cannibal.

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hand over the cayenne

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His voice is fucking annoying

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GTFO stat

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The baked gumbo is insane

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people find it awkward to give you a hug

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you're right but that's irrelevant to his skills

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Stop making faggot threads you retarded fuck

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he's a unpretentious but competent chef who makes comfy videos on YouTube to help normal people cook better at home.
he doesn't aim to become a Michelin starred chef or something

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How can an OP be this gay

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His cheater brisket is probably the best way to make it outside of owning a smoker.

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OP is the Adam Ragusea of being a pussy

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OP is the Emeril Lagasse of being fucked in the ass

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I've been subscribed to his channel for atleast a decade now and the recipes are great.

But I've started to notice that there basically isn't a single recipe where he doesn't go for making it as fatty as possible and it seems like it may be some what of a crutch for him. He's always reaching for extra cream, butter, cheese, etc

Ideally home cooking isn't as bad for you as eating out, but if you exclusively cook his recipes you will gain as much weight as eating out every night.

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he's an unironic jew, let that sink in.

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You have to be selective about what you cook senpai. You can't eat the fatty recipes every meal... no one is suggesting that. Read some on nutrition.

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Take... it... back.

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>loading 12 gauge shells into a 20 gauge shotgun.

What did he mean by this?

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If I'm pointing out how unhealthy the recipes are why would I need to look up anything on nutrition??

The point being made is that there are a shit ton recipe sites out there and 99% of them suck so it'd be nice if he would cook meals every now and then that weren't so bad for you since hes an actual competent chef putting out recipes on the internet

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There are plenty of fitness channels that make somewhat decent stuff for dieting.

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Yeah. He makes a ton of videos but rarely is the recipe above average.

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me @ my boss

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Apu isn't very smart

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Wrong. It's soothing

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>Hello, this is chef John from food wishes dot com wiiiiith
>Sucking cock!
>That’s right today I’m going to suck this delicious cock. It’s so simple to do and so delicious, you’ll be kicking for not trying it earlier!
>First let’s prepare our ingredients. To prepare the cock, make sure you open the zipper fully and remove it from its blue jeans wrapper.
>I’m using a slightly smaller one today, about 4”, but don’t be scared about using a larger one if you prefer
>You are after all the Elton John of how to smoke this Baton
>Once the cock is out of its package, we have to knead it for about 30 seconds.
>You don’t want to be too rough, make sure you use long strokes and it should firm up in your hand
>After that simply place in a 98F or 37C mouth for about10 minutes or until the cock starts leaking juices, basting frequently with your tongue.
> To finish you can allow him to release in your mouth or on your face. I don’t want to do a lot of cleaning up, so I’m going finish with my mouth, but it really is up to you.
>And you're done!
>This delicious cock can really be sucked anywhere at home or at a fancy restaurant
>The combination of the sweaty musky cock and the salty briny semen really make this dish a treat.
>I really hope you give this a try soon
>Follow the links below for the ingredient amounts as usual
>And as always, enjoy!

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Nice, will be calling tyron to try sucking cock now thanks.

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Gordan Ramsey is a pansy. And his scrambled eggs look like diarrhea.

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Hey it's Chef John from Food Wishes dot com, wiiiith... a hot creampie! That's right, besides humiliating your cuck, the thing I love about fucking is that it often shares its names with food. I mean, there's the pretzel, the chili-dog, and, of course, the classic hot carl... but for this video, I thought I'd stick with the basics, with an alpha dominating a beta. So with that, let's go ahead and get started.
First up, you're going to need to get ahold of OP's girlfriend. And yes, that's a joke. So go get yourself OP's crush. Then you're gonna need to get OP himself. Which can be a little hard to do, because he almost never leaves his room. So get his crush to invite him to her place. Which is really your place. And don't worry about him leaving. It's the only time he's ever going to see a real woman naked. So he'll stay on his own. And you might want to make him hold a camera. But I didn't here. I'm doing this every week after all.
Next we have to prep the bull. Sometimes OP's crush will also need help getting ready. She can dry out if she's been thinking too much about him, and you should finger her a bit if she has, but that wasn't the case here. So, regarding the bull, all you need to do is get OP to suck your dick. And it doesn't need to be perfect. Because it'll have a chance to rise in his mouth. And, though he may tell you otherwise, you don't need to worry about how it tastes. Okay we're really just after the right texture at this point, and I go into a bit more detail in the blog post.
And what we'll do once that's done is I'll go ahead and stick my meat directly into OP's crush's pussy. And you're gonna wanna pound her for a good 8 hours. Or just 2 hours if it's a weekday. Remember, OP's watching. And he'll need a full night's sleep to wageslave enough to subscribe to her Onlyfans. But it's entirely up to you. After all, you are the Johnny Sins, of your outs and ins.

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When you feel like you're about to cum (or "nut," depending on where you're from), you'll just want to push in as deep as you can go. And, you're done. Almost. Once you pull out, you're gonna want to slap your cock on her pussy, which is gonna shine her up beautifully. And also, of course, add a little bit of flavor. Which, OP will enjoy in the form of post-coitus cunnilingus. But not before adding a few shakes of cayenne.
And that's it. Your beautiful rustic netorare scenario is done! And it really is so easy, I hope you give this a try soon. So please follow the links below for the ingredient amounts, a printable written recipeandmuchmoreinfoasusual... and as alwaaaays, eeenjoooooy!

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He's trying to give people good tasting recipes, not help them live healthily.

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Yeah I don't like his vids, watched a few and didn't find his recipes to be very good
Also I don't enjoy his voice or personality at all

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I use his easy as shit recipes like garlic noodles and cheese sandwich ones.


>and as always, enjoy

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Think the latest I've done of his was the Birria, and it was fucking good. He used 7-9 dried chili though and I used probably 22 or so, but otherwise I don't think I altered anything. It cooks down very rich so thin it out with some broth if you aren't accustomed to eating really rich beef stew. Next time I'd probably also add some hot fresh peppers for heat. It's not supposed to be a spicy dish it's really just adobo pot roast, but I like a little heat so I'll tweak that.

Think next I'll do that spinach sushi salad he served aside the seared ahi, or the al pastor pulled pork.

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>Hey instead of hello
that aside 10/10, read it in his voice

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You're a faggot go die

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