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Why the FUCK do amerisharts eat:
>fake butter
>fake cheese
>fake syrup
>fake juice
>fake ramen
>fake sugar
>fake vanilla
>fake crab
Are they literally just NPCs playing out a simulacrum of life? Like they wouldn't even balk if you started giving them cattle feed, which is what they basically already eat for breakfast, because they're not conscious entities capable of requesting otherwise.

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I mean, beyond meat is basically pig feed. I don't think humans could eat most of what is fed to cattle considering only 10 percent of cattle feed is edible to humans.

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I see you have never visited Latin America or China

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yes yes yes
they simply don't know better
my boomer parents have no interest in other cultures and just assume everything we have is the best
me, I seethe and want to move or at least go to a big amerifat city where foreigners come to sell their own cuisine within our national borders...
however I try to keep the daily seething to a minimum these days

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Spics are worse

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in my experience half of them are hard working and half of them are retarded, lazy, rude assholes. there is no self policing among them

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>fake butter
Real butter was caught up in the anti-fats health fad and for a few decades margarine was thought to be better for you, until we found out about hydrogenated vegetable oil anyway. Some people haven't gotten the memo yet.
>fake cheese
It's real cheddar, it's just got a binder added to it. Makes it melt perfectly, too.
>fake syrup
Corn syrup is real syrup. There's a government subsidy on corn so it's cheap and we have entirely too much.
>fake juice
>fake ramen
Japan, China, and Korea all eat the same instant ramen as we do.
>fake sugar
see: corn.
>fake vanilla
Real vanilla is expensive and doesn't taste any better.
>fake crab
Honestly I have no idea.

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This is 90% of all those street food videos for any culture
>take noodles and maybe a protein
>keep dumping piles and piles of shit on it
>add 9 different sauces because why should you taste it?

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Margarine is good in her own right.

Fake crab is the superior crab for those who don't eat sea bugs.

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Why do you fucking retards put corn syrup in everything? It's extra sugar that nobody needs. No wonder people get the goddamn beetus so often these days.

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As corn syrup became cheaper (because subsidies) it started replacing sugar in just about everything. Then we started using High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is many times sweeter than sugar.
Now, the smart thing to do would have been to use smaller ammounts of HFCS, to equal the sweetness of sugar. But HFCS is so cheap that it's all too easy to just dump it in 1:1.
Gradually our palates acclimated to this added sweetness and we became kind of addicted, so we started adding HFCS to more and more foods, and in ever greater quantities.

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Americans have no class, no taste and no culture. Why are you surprised they eat like shit? I just feel sorry for them, because they're good people at heart. They Just live in a third world country

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