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McDonald's Burrito is quite nice, I'd like to enjoy one with you.

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I'd like to enjoy it after your body has extracted any nutrition from it and expelled it directly into my mouth.

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At a later date anon, I'm sick atm D:

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imagine being this stupid stealing money from someone then calling the person they stole from a broke piece of trash

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I work at McDonald's. This garbage is prepared a full day ahead of time and is slowly warmed up wrapped, in some sort of heating slot.

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That only makes me want it more. Makes it sound like it’s aged like a fine wine or whiskey to me

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the worst fast food breakfast burrito
breakfast burrito are require to have hashbrown

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I'm sorry but as a medically ceritifed homeiopathic docoter you don't have much to live. You should have taken the burrito but now you are died.

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Eat shit

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Still better than being Ragusea

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They were ok until they switched to only whole wheat tortillas. Fuck that noise.

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Where the fuck do you live lol? I had one the other day and it was a regular white tortilla.

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keep the rito. Gibbs picante packets.

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do amerifats really eat mcdonalds breakfast burrito?

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Sonic does it better.

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One time I went to mcdonalds with my friends at like 4 am and ordered a couple breakfast burritos. The guy working must have been high out of his gourd, because every time he came back with my food it wasnt breakfast burritos. I’d tell him it was wrong and he’d go back to the kitchen just to bring me another mcgriddle. I ended up with like 4 mcgriddles and no burritos before leaving. How could he fuck it up so badly?

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U can't put carbs in carbs

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what is the rice in burritos about then?

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Nobody is impressed that you can afford ground sausage, poorfag. Make room for the potatoes.

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I like them, but I wish the combo was 3 instead of 2.

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I'd like to enjoy it with you too. maybe you can feed it to me with your mouth and shove your tongue down my throat (if ur cute) :3

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Mexicans are often too big

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Even if a femboy is a nazi I cannot not love a femboy, I just realized this

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