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This isnt spicy. Are you all children? Fucking embarrassing.

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its a bit spicy

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its spicy in a fun and tasty way. what do you want?

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Its not spicy, the flavor also tastes like shit. I already added some Lao Gan Ma to try to inject some flavor, and now Im grinding a bunch of this over the top to try to add some actual spice to it.

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instant noodles are made for people who eat instant noodles

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post hot sauce collection

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wow, you're really cool.

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Wow, you are not affected by the spicyness of this food that is commonly described as spicy. You must be a real badass! Thanks for sharing how cool your are.

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thats what I was hoping to read, thanks man :)

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>this food that is commonly described as spicy
thats the problem- I like to eat spicy food so when I see people talking about something thats "spicy" I'm interested in trying it. When its not actually spicy it pisses me off that I wasted my time and money on it. also pisses me off that apparently lots of people think this is spicy. you all need to start eating real food.

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>real food
talkin a lot of shit for somebody eating cup noodles

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honestly this is a fair point. its fucking cup noodles, to expect this to actually have a good flavor or decent amount of spice is pretty stupid to begin with. but again, when you see tons of people saying how mindblowingly spicy it is, it gets me interested and I cant help but be disappointed when it's not.

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somewhere along the line people started equating spiciness with masculinity, which, if that was the case, India would be the most alpha country on earth, which it's not.

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India is more "over-spiced" rather than capsacian spicy. Thailand for one is spicier.

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Aye nigguh

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the 2x burned me good and I usually am pretty tolerant in spicy food. you are either lying or the cup noodles are less spiy than the bag ones.

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>look how tough I am
shut the fuck up, you attention seeking faggot

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I think the point is that its not "looking tough" at all because it's not even spicy. whats tough about eating something that isnt spicy?

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>you are either lying
no, I have no problem getting my head blown off by spicy foods and talking about it, I love eating super spicy shit and getting destroyed. I've had thai, chinese, even mexican food that has knocked me on my ass. this simply isnt spicy and im disappointed, especially when I see it referenced so often as "spicy".
>or the cup noodles are less spiy than the bag ones

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Hey guys am I cool yet? Haha see white boys do like flavor. If I'm not sweating and hiccuping it isn't hot enough. Haha an I right guys? Guys?

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I hate you so much. Like I personally hate you and wish you harm. Dickholes like you are the reason the US is a shit hole

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>This isnt spicy. Are you all children? Fucking embarrassing.

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Yes the land of trannies is hyper masculine

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>look mom I posted it again

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Nigga if Koreans think that shit is spicy and you taste nothing, the problem is with you.
You’re like someone who jacks off so often they gotta hit their junk with a belt sander to feel anything. Normal people don’t need to do that.
So when you see shit labeled as spicy, remember it’s for people who aren’t freakish statistical outliers who have to sand their dicks just to get off.

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The appeal of spicy food exponentially diminishes as the heat increases. Not due to how it feels in the mouth but the inevitable pain of digesting and shitting it out. I don't care how manly eating the food makes me look or how many endorphins get released because the next morning I am going to be reduced to a sweating mess on the toilet. At a certain point it's not worth it.

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>everyone in the thread crying and triggered over someone calling out their special cup of noddles as no big deal
does the idea that someone can actually handle food bother you this much? never go to Thailand.

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how does the paido-brand noodles hold up against it?
they have fairly similar packaging.

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Is this common? I've never had more than a very slight uncomfortable tingling in my stomach and a very slight burn shitting. Mildly uncomfortable at worst after eating very spicy food. And it has to be fucking hot to even experience this. I always see people talking about painful shit like this, a sweating mess? Does this happen to most people? Are you remotely in shape? Do you eat a bunch of unhealthy bullshit and that's why your digestive system is fucked up?

Or is it me? Do I have less of whatever nerves inside me? Can you adapt to it like you adapt to the level of spice?
Is this just some stupid meme because most people are braindead NPCs that lack the capacity for conscious thought? Haha spicy hot make my poo poo on fire haha peepee poopoo heckin' spicerinos!!!

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Nah it's true, worse for some and nothing for others. I used to go to an indian takeaway often after work and the one time I was a "sweating mess" on the toilet was when I tried a new spicy dish. I thought it was the food being bad but it was just because of the heat

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>when you see tons of people saying how mindblowingly spicy it is
You mean in those dumb normiespace videos where people overreact to appeal to children?

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I don't think these noodles are spicy but it just gets stuck in my throat. The ''pepper sauce'' kind of blocks the passage in my throat so I can't breathe and can't swallow properly which in turn gives tge illusion of spicyness. It is more annoying to eat than spicy for sure

Go ahead and make the dick jokes

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>Go ahead and make the dick jokes
>already thinking about dicks

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I think it depends on where the spice comes from, personally. Like I make a lot of dishes with jalapenos and habaneros, but never really have any issues the next day. But if I eat a bag of picrel, I've got a serious case of hotbutt the next morning. Maybe its the volume of spice?

I don't know, a common summer dish I like to make is habanero poppers on the grill - so bacon, habanero, a bit of cream cheese, and turkey or chicken. That will probably taste spicier, but even if I binge eat a ton of those I'm fine the next day. Never ever had problems with any indian, thai, szechuan dishes, even though some of them have been extremely spicy.

As for adaptation, I've heard that if you give yourself hotbutt every day it will eventually burn out your pain receptors. I tried that during my country's shutdown due to covid (had nowhere to go so I didnt mind having to deal with a sore ass every day) and after a month of trying to blast my asshole apart with spice it never seemed to make a difference. Maybe it takes longer. My personal theory is just that there's a wide variance in sensitivity around your asshole to this stuff. Hell, maybe your bussy is made to take some real punishment

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these fuckers are the spiciest things on earth. I've had habaneros, I've had ghost peppers, maybe there's some gay science shit that makes them rank higher on the scoville scale or something but they just don't compare. they're spicy but they aren't thai pepper spicy. thai peppers are pure fucking heat.

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>have spicy food
>food isn't spicy
You're probably just eating it wrong then.

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peppers are weird. Ive had habaneros that did absolutely nothing to me, then had a fucking jalapeno that dropped me.

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only really happened to me after I ate a pure ghost pepper. when I took a shit later my stomach felt like it was literally being stabbed with a knife and I thought I was actually bleeding from my ass. intense fucking pain, way more pain than what I felt in my mouth while I was actually eating it.

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You are so cool could you please fuck my face?

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> He only eats 2x spicy

Get on that 3x level.

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normal people things are devastatingly underwhelming, never forget this

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Just eat 2 packs, 4x the spicy

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Based chad anon

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Your taste buds must be fucked. Must suck not being able to taste any flavor in food

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>The 3X Haek Spicy Buldak Chicken noodle is the spiciest of the product line, with Scoville Heat Units of 13,000.
>Nando's Extra Hot Sauce: 35,000 scoville
Ramen aint shit son.

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Most of us didn't destroy our tastebuds with spicy foods you chink

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Take your meds transcel

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LOL holy fucking shit, this entire thread just got BTFO, everyone crying just got raped!!!

only 13,000 scoville unit, not even as hot as a habanero!!! and you have people in here saying "your taste buds are fucked, omg you're a liar, what a cool dude, blahblahblah"


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>eating the cup version
stupid faggot, get the packets

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Probably see a doctor.

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We get it, you're not white.

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I was pretty disappointed with the 2x spicy, outside the spice they have like no actual flavour.

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Such a retarded meme. I watched my white parents, dad especially, slather shit with hot chilli and wasabi sauces my whole life. We used to grow different types of chilli too. Its nothing but insecurity manifested as baseless insult.

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3x spicy in the bag brings tears to my eyes, ive taken hot wing challenges, I put ghost pepper sauce on my eggs, no spicy expert by any extreme but can hold my own, I really suggest maybe trying the 3x in bag. It does not take well but it is hot.

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Only had one spicy shit and it was 12 years ago from a bag of hanover's jalapeno pretzels, which are barely spicy. burning shits are more likely a hemorrhoid or anal fissure problem. Been eating way more spicy food and never again had a spicy shit.

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>Are you all children?
says the guy bragging about his capsaicin tolerance, as if it wasn't something anyone could achieve just by eating spicy shit every day
imagine being this pathetic

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Show us your rectum smartass

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>my tastebuds are dead from years of hot sauce abuse and I will have stomach ulcers by the time I'm 40
Ok chang

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There's like a distasteful amount of spice and pepper extract on those noodles, don't try to act tough like you eat spicier because that's disgusting if you do.

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