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Americunt here. I'm not even a vegan but I picked up these plant based nuggets because the packaging looked cool and holy fuck these are some gourmet-tier "chicken nuggets". Popped them in the air fryer and they came out amazingly. On a related note, I've noticed every vegan option I've bought recently has been superior to the real deal and I feel better after eating it versus how I feel after eating the real thing cooked at home.

Thinking about taking the vegan pill bros

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I could never give up meat but I unironically love a lot of the plant based meat alternatives. Tofu hotdogs are the shit and the morningstar brands got so much good shit. Try bbq jackfruit too by balls are hard rn

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>I'm not even a vegan but
>every vegan option I've bought recently has been superior to the real deal
>I feel better
>Thinking about taking the vegan pill bros

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nice try but the reason you and other vegans are so unhealthy is because your meat substitutes are full of vegetable oils rich in omega-6 as well as sodium, ironically you will die from heart disease and not those evil unhealthy meat eaters

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Imagine thinking fake meat is any less healthy than the hundreds of processed calories you shove down your fat gullet every day

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>another victim of "calorie is just a calorie bro"
i will not weep at your funeral

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Discourse surrounding vegan alternatives is fucking shit in general but especially on this board. Can't even talk about Morning Star or Boca being awesome without people jumping down your throat.
Lab grown meat will be out in time to alleviate some of those concerns. Veganism as a concept is great but in practice a lot of people don't know how to do it. Takes a little more nutrition knowledge than other diets.

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>take vegetable
>call it chicken
When will this meme stop?

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How is meat "processed calories"?

Your vegan shit is the definition of processed food

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the middle way is the superior path
do not become full vegan. instead have random vegan meals throughout your week. you got options as far as healthy eating goes but limiting yourself to just one or the other will never be healthier or easier

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im looking forward to mass-produced commercial lab-grown meat only because it will inevitably drive prices down

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Why shouldn't they call it that? It's a mock meat. They're mimicking the taste and consistency of chicken. It's pretty fucking cool to be honest.

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>Discourse surrounding vegan alternatives is fucking shit in general but especially on this board. Can't even talk about Morning Star or Boca being awesome without people jumping down your throat.

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case in point

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Here's a lemon, it's really a beef steak, now eat it. It's a steak, why don't you want to eat a nice juicy beef steak?

Do you not see how retarded this is?

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that lemon is not full of vegetable oils and sodium, nice straw man

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If that lemon actually had the look/taste/consistency of steak you'd have a point but you don't. Did you really think that was an intelligent gotcha or something?

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>vegans are retards and can't get a simple point
Wow, what a surprise. It's not a steak, why call it one.

>b-b-but we massively processed it into toxic shit that'll give you cancer
Still not a steak or chicken and nor will it ever be, retard.

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Enjoy your cancer.
You have to be 18 to use 4chan btw.

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I use Quorn "chicken" in stir-frys for variety,
but I don't think I would ever replace meat with it, alternatives tend to have alright amounts of protein but can be quite bad for you in other areas.

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Show me a single shred of legitimate evidence that vegan shit is more carcinogenic and dangerous than meat and/or dairy. Ethics completely aside, dairy is fucking terrible for you and meat can be avoided.

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you replied to my clearly ironic post as if it was serious
take your meds

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>Veganism as a concept is great
No, veganism as a concept is denial of reality.

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Saying it doesn't make it true anon
Imagine having open access to fresh produce and cruelty free alternatives in every supermarket in the world and resorting to "b-b-but it's the way of life and we're top of the food chain" arguments to justify unnecessary cruelty that is unhealthy for you.

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>case in point

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holy shit you're such a faggot hope you choke on a hamburger
t. different anon, meat eater

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>open access to fresh produce
Which is a portion of my diet, yes.
>cruelty free alternatives in every supermarket
I take advantage of those cruelty-free alternatives regularly by buying meat sourced from local farms with regenerative practices. There is nothing inherently cruel about raising happy, healthy animals and killing them painlessly for food.
No, meat is not inherently unhealthy and it is in fact the best source of bioavailable nutrients.

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You're not fooling anyone veganoid.

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We are designed to eat meat. Our ancient DNA literally tells us this. Our stomach acidity is similar to that of vultures.

You are a gigantic pussy if you think that you're cruel for eating what is your natural diet. The lion is not any less "cruel" than the zebra. It's nature. You're only causing unnecessary harm to yourself by depriving yourself of food that keeps you nourished.

And even still, there's a hell of a lot of death and suffering and environmental damage done by modern agriculture.

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>There is nothing inherently cruel about raising happy, healthy animals and killing them
Hope you feel the same way when some dude like Hannibal Lector comes and dines upon your offspring, faggot.
Pretty sure our evolutionary biology which took place over tens of thousands of years hasn't yet accounted for the fact that you have open access to every combination of protein sources you can think of.

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>tens of thousands of years
Try hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions. We didn't just become homosapiens around Egyptian times, we've been around for a very long time. Eating this quantity of plant foods is still pretty new to us. Agriculture is not what we've been doing for most of our history.

>you have open access to every combination of protein sources you can think of
There are so many components in meat that we haven't even begun to study. There's a lot more to meat and protein than just macros, and the questionable aspect is whether we can actually convert those plant nutrients into our usable form.

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Anon is set to prove veganism causes autism on his own example.
Commendable to say the least.

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My organic beef from grass-fed cows is definitely going to be healthier than your v*gan trash.

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>holy shit you're such a faggot hope you choke on a hamburger
>t. different anon, meat eater

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Fucking hell its like a nudist retirement home in there.

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>Hope you feel the same way when some dude like Hannibal Lector comes and dines upon your offspring, faggot.
Do you not understand what cruelty is? Even murder isn't inherently cruel. Immoral? Yes, killing a member of your own species is generally immoral. Cruel? Only if carried out in a cruel manner. It is absolutely possible for a human to murder another human in a painless, non-cruel way, even though the murder itself would be immoral. I abhor cruelty to animals, but the act of killing animals is not inherently cruel and there are ethical ways to raise and slaughter animals without any cruelty.

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>esorting to "b-b-but it's the way of life and we're top of the food chain" arguments to justify unnecessary cruelty
God gave humans dominion over the animals and the whole Earth. It is man's God-given right to eat meat, and Jesus ate a fish-based diet, as He was from a fishing community. With all of His parables involving sheep, we can also guess He ate red meat, although I don't remember the Bible explicitly relating a time when He did as much (although it certainly doesn't say He didn't). That being said, if it's okay with God, it's okay with me

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>dairy is fucking terrible for you
pffffffffffffffft oh no no no
>meat can be avoided.
Everyone who makes these claims is a lanky limp-wristed unathletic stick and is not on any ground to be making claims about nutrition

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Fuck off faggot

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This post is advertising or begging.

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So is driving a car or taking antibiotics. You benefit from too much human defiance of nature to bitch about it.

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>Soybean Oil

Into the trash it goes. Literally the food equivalent of smoking a pack a day.

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>Literally the food equivalent of smoking a pack a day

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Lab grown meat will be used as filler protein so it will replace soy in everything. It won't ever replace actual meat though. It has no marbling or fat as it's just meat cells. It has no flavor as it isn't 'fed' like a real animal. It has no nutritional value beyond animo acids because it isn't 'fed' like a real animal

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Underrated buddhist post

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yeah for processed shit like that the vegetarian/vegan option can be really good sometimes
my gf buys vegetarian nuggets and schnitzel, tastes great

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You won't be feeling better after the cumulative effects of years of a purely vegan diet. Take the pescatarian pill instead, fish are fucking retarded.

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>Processed garbage

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in the modern city-scape jungle it is obvious why eating real meat is the better choice. it is relatively cheap. and easy to prepare, and when you have alot of people that need to eat, several times a day, highly processed specialty vegan shit is not a product that everyone can acquire , cook, and eat. all that fake meat vegan shit is for rich hipster faggots that don't know shit about actual dietary needs of a populace

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I would rather eat salad than this gay shit

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>no don't eat fast food it's full of processed garbage, just eat some fresh fruit like us vegans
>literally every vegan's diet outside the most extreme hardcore people is made up of vegan substitutes that are processed up the ass with stabilizers and colorings and artificial sweeteners
What did vegans mean by this? I wish they would just admit it's purely a moralfag argument and there aren't actually any health benefits to eating a frozen fake "chicken" patty with 100 ingredients over an organic fresh chicken breast

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How are cars or antibiotics denial of reality? Vegans hide from the concept of death while their food choices just lead to even more death which they just don't think about. They can't bear the thought of a chicken or cow being slaughtered for food at the end of a happy and healthy life, but they don't seem to mind entire ecosystems being torn down and replaced with endless fields of monocrops draining the soil to nothing as thousands of animals are displaced and killed pointlessly. It may be a bit sad to think about an animal being slaughtered, but at least that death serves a meaningful purpose in feeding people unlike the deaths of animals who live in forests that get bulldozed to plant hundreds of acres of soy and wheat.

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i bet it only triggers you because of the word "söy" in it and you actually have no idea why exactly its bad for you

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stop making these threads OMG

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>It may be a bit sad to think about an animal being slaughtered, but at least that death serves a meaningful purpose in feeding people unlike the deaths of animals who live in forests that get bulldozed to plant hundreds of acres of soy and wheat
Anon, you are aware that deforestation happens at greater rates for livestock production than crop production, right?

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soy isn't filtered on /ck/ newfriend

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Holy hell, how can someone actually be this retarded. Look at the wiki pages for all 8 extant hominids. They all eat primarely plant based with some meat thrown in. We CAN eat meat, but we can eat other stuff as well and be just fine. As for other retarded shit you said, there are vegans that live without health problems for a long time.

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I source all my meat from local regenerative farms and I recommend everyone else do the same. Sustainable, ethical meat farming exists and you would do well to support it. There is no such thing as sustainable, ethical vegan farming. I have plenty of problems with factory farming in general, but meat CAN be farmed in a way that helps maintain and support local ecosystems where you simply CANNOT do that for vegan products.

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Funny how religious retards say shit like this and then have tattoos, wear mixed fabrics, eat meat and dairy together etc. Unless you're following the whole Leviticus to the letter, you're a cherrypicking hypocrite and will end up in Hell for going against God's words.

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>I'm not even a vegan but
lies, propaganda

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>There is no such thing as sustainable, ethical vegan farming
>you simply CANNOT do that for vegan products
Can you explain what makes it so impossible?

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That's the old testament. Didn't you hear? We got a new one.

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Most people are retards with shit diets and no exercise, vegan or not. I cook all my meals from scratch since I was 12, now vegan for 2 years. No difference so far other than my farts no longer stink and my shit has some smell, but doesn't stink. Being vegan for health is a joke, you either eat healthy to begin with, or you don't.

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>(((meat eater here)))
lmao stfu u lentil guzzling faggot

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Mainly because of the endless fields of monocrops with nothing to replenish the soil but manmade chemicals. Regenerative farming involves rotating animals and crops through multiple fields such that the animals graze and poop to fertilize and refresh the soil which you can then plant things in while the animals move onto the next field. Veganism holds that not only is meat murder, but animal labor is slavery, so such a balanced system literally cannot exist under vegan principles.

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Oh, so it was a different God or something?

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part of the reason humans are so different than other hominids is our diet. Would be hard to get big brained without cooked food.

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Most of the monocrops with manmade chemicals get fed to animals, it's inefficient. Regenerative farming can be done without animals other than humans. We dump our shit and urine instead of using it on fields. You can plants legumes, even fast growing ones like lentils to replenish nitrogen in the soil very easily. Read more about farming, the animal agriculture is what makes it so fucked. 75% of land would be freed up if everyone went vegan, and we wouldn't need to monocrop and spray chamicals nearly as much as we do now.

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Yes, but your digestive system can't change that quickly in such a short amout of time. Cooking food and preparing it in other ways made our brains big and civilization possible. But our brains got so big and good that we can manipulate our food more than ever, and we can make plant-based diets work without a problem. We modified plants to produce a lot more nutrients than they did millions of years ago, and now we can even make bacteria and fungi produce things they never would in nature.

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imagine lying, on the internet.

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>Most of the monocrops with manmade chemicals get fed to animals, it's inefficient.
I agree, it's a problem. That's why I'm in favor of raising animals that graze and are not fed manufactured feed.

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Does the package come with the complementary dress, or do you already own it?

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This is a board about food and cooking and not some chemical shit slapped together to look like meat.

Vegan shit will NEVER be /ck/. Fuck off back to shittid.

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Sure, but then say goodbye to meat everyday. Meat was treated as a luxury for a very long time, if you eatvit, eat it sparringly. The reason our system is set up like this is because retards eat steaks everyday. You can't supply that much meat from grazing animals that weren't fed manufactured feed.

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>cooked veggies and rice will never be /ck/
Processed vegan foods should be eaten rarely, just like meat.

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Unironically this. People think because it's vegan it must be healthy, but in actuality it's mainly just a fuckload of starches.
I enjoy trying the imitation meats, milks, etc, but no way would I eat them daily even if I were vegan.

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Not him, but how is "bro..." ironic? I don't need meds for this level of self-righteous faggotry.

>> No.15931357

I have nothing wrong with vegan alternatives, but they usually cost the same or are more expensive and just as unhealthy.

>> No.15931365

take your add meds and learn to read past first reply

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Ah yes. If we forced veganisim onto the masses murder and cannibalism would cease to exist.

Don't use any food item to compare it to smoking. Soy oil is trash I agree, but saying its like smoking a pack a day reminds me of that vegan fag who compared eating an egg to smoking a pack a day. Soy oil is awful on its own, it doesn't need to be compared to anything else.

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Listen i know you can barely read but just because there's a chicken on the package doesn't mean it's being called chicken.

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So how much do you get paid for this?

>> No.15931542

>unironically comparing a fake chicken nugget which replicates the taste and consistency of an actual chicken nugget to a lemon you arbitrarily decided to call a steak
do you have actual brain damage

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I agree that vegans are weird about death. They assume all death is as tragic as when a family member or a pet dying when it literally isn't the same at all. Vegans would instantly assume I lack any sort of compassion because I raise and slaughter my own livestock for meat (because I don't like and don't wish to support factory farming or industrial slaughterhouses). Slaughtering an animal you have raised for that specific purpose is almost therapeutic. You feel a relief after it dies instead of emptiness and sorrow. A loved one will suffer immensely before they die, whereas the whole point of slaughtering livestock is to take a healthy animal and kill it as quickly as possible so it feels no pain.

My animals feed and manage their land while they are alive and continue to feed it after they die with the little inedible scraps I leave behind.

I can't explain it to most vegans. Vegans are so terrified of death it blinds them. They think I am literally just as bad as a factory farm.

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>being vegan

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