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>owns ketchup
>orders dessert
>puts sugar in coffee/tea
>likes marshmallows, any context

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Terrible bait, please insert coin to try again.

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>Says "Tuesday is the new Friday"

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Ok, hah,

*plays with knife menacingly*

Do you,

*flips knife in the air catching it, blade facing you*

Have anything else to say...?

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>thinks curry is food

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>sink has 1 handle

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>owns ketchup
i have both tomato sauce and BBQ sauce on hand, family uses more than i do but i do like BBQ sauce on some fatty snacks
>orders dessert
i dont eat out and im rather cheap, so no
>puts sugar in coffee/tea
no sugar in my tea, milk is enough. i dont have coffee often but when i do usually 1 teaspoon of sugar
>likes marshmallows, any context
not really, unless is a campfire thing, but then its more about the activity not the food item

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>cares about other people's food habits
That's the biggest red flag of them all.

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>eats sandwiches
>cooks with olive oil
>uses a colander
>puts aluminum in the oven

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So, to sum it up
>is American

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>nooooo you can only eat bitter things, you cant just balance them out with sweetness

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This is a bonafide tastelet opinion...

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Don't reply to mutt bait.

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Curry tastes like coconut and that's fucking gross

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You sound like a projecting lardass

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>throws knife in the air spinning
>catches the blade

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>doesn't have a favourite mustard
>no cookies
>fridge full of condom mints
>skim or 1% milker
>no compost
>no peppermill

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>”carbon steel is the patrician’s choice of pan”

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>uses anything besides a drip coffee maker
>buys fresh garlic and onion instead of using powder
>no cream of mushroom soup in cupboard
>has kosher salt and a pepper grinder
>uses a meat thermometer
>hot sauce
>makes sauces, soups, and stocks from scratch
>lettuce isn't iceberg
>buys dried lentils and beans instead of using canned

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OP ain’t peepin’, poor guy

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