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Fridge rate thread
Post a pic of what's in your fridge and let other anons judge

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looks like u have a lot of sex

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Cool thread, bro. Never seen anyone post that before.

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lets see those fridges!

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Enjoy your UTI

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It's a small fridge because it's just me in a huge empty house.


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>Small fridge
Amerimutt hours...

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I'm not in America anon

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are you 12? what's the deal with the frog you fucking faggot.

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coward, diet drinks is akin to vaping.

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it was a gift from my nephew. also you're mad

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whered you get the A1 fellow ozzy

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why not the 2L bottles and use a cup ?

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I have associates in the US and had them posted to me

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ah, is it good? whats it comparable to that i can get here

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it's like crack. it's a tangy vinegary pasty mix of spices and it just shakes hands with beef, especially steaks so damn well.

I have lived in this fine country for 16 years and I don't even have a weak suggestion, there literally is nothing

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Pre-bottled beer instead of a growler. Cringe.

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I bought 3 cases of beers for to cover me awhile. It's the correct thing

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Kys incel faggot

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but anon why are you so mad

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>being gifted alt-right memes
so its an entire family of bigots isnt it?

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I'm seeing a lot of "incel" on /ck/ right now. Did some buttmad roastie discover 4chan or something?

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We go grocery shopping every month instead of every week unlike in Bongland or wherever you live

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plush Pepe is licensed by Matt Furie himself and it's the original, good Pepe and he helps around the kitchen

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Enjoy your preservatives laden bag of shit groceries burgerbro

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depending on how fast he's drinking these sodies, a 2L bottle can go flat pretty fast

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where can i get one?

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what is that tool on the ground in front of your fridge?

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Whiteboard marker I accidentally took home from my job as a school teacher

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>school teacher
>browses 4chan

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its been a long week bois

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Yikes. Possibly a nonce.
Wouldn't want a chantard teaching my children ..... if I had any.

I have a dog. If I found out my dog walker was a chantard of probably find another one.

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>dog walker
is walking considered a profession in america?

>> No.15876927

Seconding this >>15875276
I want one, he cute

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We're not all Walmart greeters, anon.

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You used a pic we have all seen, OP. You fucking retarded nigger.

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Usually something teenagers or stay at home moms do for extra cash flow. The real autistic stay at home moms will start up a neighborhood dogwalking business and walk all the little shits at once so you'll see some lady with like 7 or 8 dogs in tow

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S E E T H I N G poor insignifucnt

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Found the actual virgin
>Muh growlers
>Muh beard to cover muh weak chin!

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>Everyone must be as pathetic or depraved as meeeee!

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>America, America, America!

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nice pepe anon

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Where's all the food, do you just eat canned or frozen meals?

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Plenty of us are well adjusted people who don't have irrational hatred in our hearts and just enjoy a rowdy conversation.

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What grade do you teach?

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Did you know this doll has a penis and balls? I have one too and it was years before I noticed it.

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2nd grade, which is actually a lot of fun because that's the age when, in my district at least, kids are finally allowed to choose their own genders

>> No.15880978

kek yes I do. it's especially hilarious because of how difficult it is to see it. shit's literally hidden away under his tight ass shorts and you have to really tug and peel to get a glimpse

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So you only need a third grade education then

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to do what

>> No.15881305

>flaunting Amerilard ignorance

>> No.15882536

>franks red hot

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not the main fridge, just the minifridge in my room

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>he made fun of america, he must be european
lol don't be so obsessed, you are a laughing stock of whole world, not just europe

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Vikangs represent

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Oh, anon. I need a closer pic of the FAL, that camo is making me hard.

>> No.15884126

People pay a lot of money for that believe it or not.

>> No.15884142

>sweet baby ray's
>bananas in the fridge

>> No.15884204

>Not Saxby's

>> No.15884219

Sorry anon but Bundy's better. Even though I live only like an hour from Taree I do not support their business

>> No.15884454

uve got no idea how much i want those stella cans
we used to have the pint ones here in aus but even those have stopped being sold, can only get the domestically brewed bottles that taste nothing alike

>> No.15884490

im gonna have to go with bundy too

>> No.15884511

>irrational hatred
>statistical distributions are irrational

>> No.15884514

Those shelves on the left look cozy.

>> No.15884572

Are you on my exact diet? I have all of this shit down to the flavor of Kroger seltzer water.

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Pretentious cunts like you need to jump off a bridge.

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I mostly eat chips, fatty meats, tortillas/flatbreads, hummus, cheese, and various forms of cucumber salad

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almond flour and sliced almonds butter for baking. salad dressings all suck dick i hate all of them and they're all expired. kewpie mayo lactose free whole milk cultured butter based organic miso rotten broccoli

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I had salad dressing woes for years but I sorted it all out eventually

1. Spend money on good quality olive oil, it's worth it to splurge on an item like this.
2. Get malt vinegar
3. salt & pepper


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I take care of my grandma on the weekend. The fridge is dedicated purely to drinks and dog food

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I’m a dumbass. I forgot to mention that grandpa built a man cave of sorts. I’m using his fridge. Grandmas fridge has regular food in it

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There is fake butter in the picture but we don't use it. I don't know why it's there. Also there's extra meat because easter sunday is tomo.

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>cereal in the fridge

>> No.15885004

i heard on tiktok its better yo

>> No.15885029

Fucking christ that gives me flashbacks to my parents fridge growing up.

>> No.15885279

It would taste bad like 12 hours after opening them

>> No.15885301

I've never seen a fridge that screams "white college bitch" so strongly. I can picture the kind of girl who owns this. Blonde, into "social justice" shit, about 130 lbs, 5' 4", and wears camisoles and flip-flops all the time. Is into healing crystals and new-age BS. Probably into astrology.

>> No.15885305

Goddammit I meant

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One of these days I'm going to deep clean this fridge.

>> No.15885627

beautiful fridge anon

>> No.15885644

i liked the mental image of that girl with an fal

>> No.15885683

Ayy dough. Looks like what I use for pan pizzas.

>> No.15886226

>oranges and lemons in the fridge
Are you retarded, anon?

>> No.15886238

if you have never had a cold orange you are missing out

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Dude, your fridge is nearly empty. You need to stock up on the basics. There is distinct lack of Dr. Pepper Cans and 2 Liters. You really need to think of consuming a balanced diet.

>> No.15886903

I am frozen broccoli and spinach guy. You know what my fridge looks like

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Bah! I go nearly everyday. How do you not decide to get a fresh piece of something to cook into a new meal? Are you one of those meal preppers from /pol/?

>> No.15887516

We can afford to run our appliances

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Just re upped

>> No.15887567

i thought this was a closeup of that guy with a fist because his son turned into a tranny

>> No.15887593

>Monkey briefs
>Has african wear them

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fridge feet gang

>> No.15888469

How many pounds overweight are you?

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fridge feet gang

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where’s the mudcake?

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What grade anon ;)

>> No.15889408

I didn't pick one up. I'm kind of off sweets atm. I do stop at Donut King once a week or so, but I have no business having a whole mudcake in the house all to myself

>> No.15890470

other than having a bag of carrots in my crisper this is also my fridge, carton of eggs, diet coke and only one carton of eggs :(

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holy fucking based

>> No.15891301

This is what it must be like to live under socialism.
Sad picture anon. I weep for you.

>> No.15891383

but i've only just moved in, i'm not stocked up yet

also i grocery shop daily

>> No.15891402

Do you like chocolate?

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Jesus christ.

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>also i grocery shop daily
The shelves are so bare he doesn’t just shop weekly.

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Diabetes: the fridge.

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I always knew /ck/ was full of filthy casuals.

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Check out my main freezer niggas

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Just finished making about 6 kilos of sausages - spicy Italian, Pfälzer, Thüringer, normal bratwurst and a trial recipe of liver, sage and apple. Thanks to the long Easter weekend closure, I picked up a bunch of produce for 50% off. In the white packages I have skrei filets, a salmon filet, and a whole Saibling to be vacuum packed and frozen. Also got a whole duck at 50% off for five Euros. Will cut off thighs and sous vide them for 36 hours for duck confit, cut off the breasts and vacuum pack them for a later dish, render out the fat for later use, make duck rillette with the scrappy bits, and use the carcass for a duck fond. I already have a tonne of duck fond so will probably give it on to a friend.

Having Lamb Kleftiko tonight.

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>James Squire
god, you have the absolute shit taste

>> No.15891969

san miguels are the best tinnies

>> No.15892105

but also there's the Fat Yak, and not pictured: Little Creatures and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

>> No.15892191

yeah I'm telling myself the same since 5 years

>> No.15892193

this anon is right, as long as they don't freeze
I don't understand the lemons though

>> No.15892199


>> No.15892201

based LIDL / ALDI fag

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>> No.15892860

Anybody who complains about not being able to eat healthy on a budget is fucking retarded - at least in most western countries. This duck alone gave me 4 to 6 portions of duck breast and duck confit, a duck stock, duck fat and a bit of duck rillette for 5 Euros.

If you're not fucking retarded you can have a filet mignon steak dinner for under 5 euros a person. Most people are just too fucking dumb or lazy.

>> No.15892873

>5 euros for a duck
Literally where? For 5€ I get a ~500g breast. Supermarket by the way. Local one is like 12€ for a single breast.

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>Energy Drinks
Where's the fucking MEAT? The VEGETABLES? Do you faggots live off fucking mayo and ketchup? Fucking freaks. Do you even cook?

>> No.15892946

>he doesn’t know that most of us just order fast food

>> No.15892981

Found it at a LIDL for about 10 Euros, but because they were closing for several days for Easter, it would expire, and they put it on 50% reduction. Last time that happened my gf sent me back to LIDL to buy 3. They also do that with other things on Saturday, as they're closed on Sundays. Mushrooms are 50% off? We buy a bunch and make stroganoff sauce for pasta, mushroom soup etc.

Also, I shop at a wholesalers that sells to restaurants. If you buy in bulk you pay approximately 40% of the prices of meats you find in normal supermarkets. On top of that, if something is about to expire, it's sold for 50% off, meaning you're paying 20% of normal store prices in those cases. If it's not chicken or fish, it's always worth it. During lockdown there was a massive pileup of meat as restaurants weren't open. They've reduced their orders now, but for several months we were buying tomahawk steaks 10 to 12 kilos at a time, for 9 Euros a kilo. I also managed to find filet mignon for 11 Euros a kilo, a 3 kilo duck for 14 Euros, a whole guinea fowl for 5 Euros, frenched lamb racks for 12 Euros a kilo... I shit you not, I bought over 50 Fine de Clair oysters for New Years's Eve for around 12 Euros.

Say what you will about corona, my freezer's fucking stocked. Also, if you can find out when a supermarket in your area is closing, whether for renovations or for good, they will usually sell everything at a fraction of their normal prices.

At the end of the day though, it comes down to buying in bulk, butchering your own pieces of meat, not wasting anything, and having the freezer space to take advantage or any opportunity to the greatest extent possible. Also, grow your own fruit and vegetables when possible. Next time you have the stalks of spring onions, lettuce, celery etc. left over, just plant them anywhere, and most of them will regrow.

>> No.15893002

I'm OP; my fridge is broken and doesn't get very cold so meat goes bad quickly. My landlord has been delaying fixing it so I haven't been buying meat

>> No.15893079

Just buy another one cheap somewhere, why wait for your landlord?

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>> No.15893182

Are you the hoarder YouTube cook from Montreal?

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File: 2.52 MB, 3024x3660, fridge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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strong virgin energy

>> No.15893778

Are those pickles in the upper right tupperware container? The cleanliness of this fridge is refreshing

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