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Why do americans think that this combination is weird?

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Why do you think it isn't

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>Why do americans think that this combination is weird?
Because their homosexuality is also anti-egg

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Because my tastebuds aren't retards

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government brainwashing programs during the 90s

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because it's creamy on creamy. The flavor is fine but texture wise theirs so many better options, like dark gravy and cheese curd.

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Because it's not sweet like ketchup. They want sweet and salty.

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>Do AmErIcAnS rEaLlY???!?!?!?
Rent free.

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Americans need sugar in everything and mayo doesn't have enough

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only niggers do this in the US

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They don't want salt. They all crave the sugar.

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And yet you think mayonnaise tastes good? Interesting, tell me more of your delusions

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I'm american and I don't think it's weird. Just like to add a bit of malt vinegar.

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>Just like to add a bit of malt vinegar.
expand on that

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>creamy on creamy
Is that your asshole you're talking about on a Saturday night? How the fuck are fries creamy?

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American mayo is COMPLETLELY different from Euro mayo. American mayo is more dense and eggier while Euro mayo is light and creamy. If Yuros tried American mayo they'd understand why people don't eat fries with straight up mayo here. The closest thing we have to Euro mayo is aioli and that IS a popular fry dip.

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He's never made mayo at home. So sad.

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Because like >>15834923 said it doesnt mix well. Ketchup has a sweeter flavor. I like to compare it to the pizza toppings of anchovies and mushrooms, which work together perfectly because the texture of the mushrooms helps absorb and balance out the saltiness of the anchovies, leading to a tasty slice of pizza.

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>American mayo is COMPLETLELY different from Euro mayo.
it isn't

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>Ketchup has a sweeter flavor
Dumbericans can't eat unless sugar is added.

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our mayo sucks
euromayo might be pretty tasty. never tried it, tho

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idk about euro mayo but jap mayo is completely different from American mayo and they enjoy it with fries as well. So, yeah, I'm thinking American mayo is the problem here.

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Wizened elder sorcerers mix mayo and ketchup and use that for their fries, it is better than either option alone

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I love dipping fries in mayo since this Romanian girl introduced me to it but I have to hide it from everyone because if I do it in public then people will point and laugh at me and I have to go cry in the bathroom

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your fixation on creamy white substance is telling

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Either on the fries or mix into the mayo. Flavor is awesome. Mainly the older generation like it though

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What do you mean

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You mean non-Dumbericans. Malt vinegar isn't sweet enough.

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As a western euro I think it's mostly an eastern thing?
I was in an Ukrainian McDonalds and I had to explicitly ask for ketchup because they only gave out mayo

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The idiot responded to the wrong post I think

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Because mayo, which is fat, eggs, and salt, is so much healthier.

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Is to me.

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A good fry is crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside.

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And Dumberican ketchup which is sugar, tomatoes, sugar, preservatives, sugar.

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If real malt vinegar tastes sweet to you, you need to see a doctor.

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mayo is an explicitly superior and sophisticated condiment. ketchup is for fucking children.

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This is some terminal-stage obsession.

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How do deep fried potatoes get creamy without the addition of milk or cream? You mean soft and smooth.

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Lol, it has a sweet aftertaste compared to distilled vinegar.

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You list sugar 3 times, must be having a stroke from all that mayo congealing in your brain

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Yet Dumberica's obsession with sugar is not an obsession. Explain.

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fucking ESL retards trying to talk about definitions of words

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The word you're looking for is fluffy. Creamy suggests a much thick, liquidy consistency. Even then a good fry is thin and 70-80% crunch and 20-30% potato fluff not the other way around.

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Distilled vinegar tastes sweeter that malt vinegar. Don't talk about what you don't know.

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Brilliant contribution to the discussion.

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So English speaking person, how do they get "creamy"?

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Creamy doesnt always refer to the addition of fats and creams or a flavor. A texture can be creamy, like the soft insides of a french fry, and theres a reason why “cream” is slang for cum.

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Cream flows. The inside of deep fried potatoes don't. Try harder.

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fucking cityfag ESL retards don't even know about cream or creamy

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English is my first language, and “creamy” is used to refer to a texture all the time. I know this better than you do.

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ESL? That's all you can come up with? Sad.

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Ever had a creamy steak with no sauce on it?

>> No.15835340

you gonna cry now? keep studying paco

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What is the recipe for creamed potatoes? Why would you add cream if they are already creamy?

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I have refered to high quality steaks Ive eaten as being creamy due to the low effort it took to chew and how it felt in my mouth.

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No coherent reply. So sad.

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Isn't Miracle Whip just mayo with sugar instead of egg whites?

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yes we already determined you have problems with the english language. dry those tears and stay in school.

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If your steaks tastes like cream, they've gone off.

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Still no relevant reply. Trolling, trolling, trolling. Rawhide!

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Well, from an asian perspective, its because mayo is too mild in contrast to that starchy potato. Ketchup has an acidic kick that livens up the flavor and helps counter the carby richness of fried starch sticks.

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>yes we already determined you have problems with the english language. dry those tears and stay in school.

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What do americans think about eating fries with peanut(sate)sauce?

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Try a little bit harder.

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Who invited rebbit?

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Don't even tell them about this. They are so dumb, they will dunk their fries into a jar of peanut butter.

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You mean the shit put on cold Chinese noodles? Sounds good.

>> No.15835469

did... did that do it?

>> No.15835477

No. The decent stuff served with Indonesian food.

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You were almost believable until you said
>fried starch sticks

>> No.15835510

>like no asians ever heard those words or use them like its impossible for them to think of let alone type those words.

How dumb are you?

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>fried starch sticks
When the words chips and fries are known worldwide.

>> No.15835545

>play on words
yeah, you're a fucking retard

Also, mayo on fries is a horrible idea. Stop distracting people from the real point of this thread.

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Mayo is great with fries. Tartare sauce is better.

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How would you describe the texture of an egg yolk?

>> No.15835627

Raw, soft boiled or hard boiled? You're still trying too hard.

>> No.15835630

I think they would be a lot more into the idea if they had ever tried freshly made mayo but they are also scared to death of raw eggs. Not like we need the calories anyways

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All 3.

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Not him, but that describes a method of cooking (or not cooking) and has nothing to do with the texture of the egg. Ive had HBE done properly which were soft and tender and HBE done poorly which were tough, overcooked and chewy.

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Have you ever drank engine oil? Creamy texture?

>> No.15835659

Synthetic or regular?

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Raw eggs drink whole with milk. Soft boiled, I dip bread soldiers into them. Hard boiled are in mayo or a sandwich. So liquid, liquidy and soft solid.

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no one and yet you're still here

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So creamy?

>> No.15835699

What is synthetic oil made from?

>> No.15835700

This. Also, Europeans:
>only watch American films and TV shows
>only listen to American music
>only read American books
>”Do Americans really?!?!?”

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Little tiny balls

>> No.15835714

The ones with may are. The other two not.

>> No.15835720

You actually believe this?

>> No.15835721

How do eggs get creamy without the addition of milk or cream? You mean soft and smooth.

>> No.15835725

Enough about your sex life. What is synthetic oil made from?

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Nandos' sauce (which is sort of like mayo) with their chips are god tier desu

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Fuck you lmao

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it is actually aioli and it tastes excellent with fries

>> No.15835748

They don't. You ever eaten egg yolks from a cone from a van?

>> No.15835756

But you just said that the mayo ones are

>> No.15835761

Glad you saw the funny side of that.

>> No.15835768

God, I want proper Belgian fries with mayo now. And some clams in a white wine and cream sauce...

>> No.15835771

>EEEWW mayo is gross!!!!
>*eats ranch, dip and every other mayo-based concoction"

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Oil will give a creamy texture if whisked with eggs.
The original argument was creamy fries.

You lost. Stop trolling. Fries aren't whisked or injected with cream. Give up and go to another thread where you might have a tiny bit of knowledge.

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My mayo tastes of egg and mustard. I make my own.

>> No.15835832

My nigger.

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It's really not weird but it's more so that most people in the USA only have mayo in very designated ways....cold cut sandwiches, "salads" like tuna salad chicken salad etc, and that's pretty much it, so applying mayo to anything else just seems odd to a lot of people even though there's really nothing wrong with it, and apparently mayo was used in all kinds of ways back in the day.

It's kind of like how I've met many people who find the idea of chicken used as a pizza topping to be "disgusting", but they'll happily eat a pasta dish with chicken or chicken parmesan when it's essentially the same thing. Is that what people call a cognitive bias?

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Based Connie Blake

>> No.15835886

There you have it. Chicken parmesan is a pizza. What next, scrambled eggs are a stew?

>> No.15835906

>creamy texture comes from whisking
No thats an airy texture.

How would you describe the texture of an avocado?

>> No.15835907

Nice LARP you low IQ mongoloid - fries, mayo and the very act of putting fries on mayo is about as western euro as you could possibly get.

Ketchup is a condiment for literal children, it removes all the salty fatty goodness from a fry.

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>> No.15835916

And buttery is a synonym for what word?

>> No.15835917

creamy is a texture, as in, similar to cream, retard.

>> No.15835927

Follow the comment chain before calling someone a retard I'm using a direct quote from him against him.

>> No.15835934

The same as I would describe the texture of another food that is soft and not chewy. Avocadoes aren't creamy. No cream in them. The same as fries.

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>> No.15835941

are you trying to say buttery and creamy are synonyms?

>> No.15835948

The best fry sauce is Tzatziki.

>> No.15835954

So if you order a steak in a restaurant with a creamy peppercorn sauce, you would pay $5 - $7 dollars for that sauce that contains no cream?

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>> No.15835967

If you can pour your refrigerated butter, it's not butter.

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Yeah merriam websters thesaurus lists it as a synonym.

Wrong the answer I'm looking for is "I can't believe its not buttery"

That other guy was right you are one of the most ESL people I have ever had the displeasure of talking to. Here have pic related. See definition 2.

>> No.15835979

>mixing one ingredient with another can make it taste completely different
Shocker. I bet you think tomatoes and tomato ketchup taste the same, retard.

>> No.15835990

websters describes it as "near synonyms", whatever that means, and i couldn't find it described as a synonym anywhere else

>> No.15835993

How sad can you get. This is gastronomy, not dictionary. It still doesn't mention fries though, does it?

>> No.15835995

Why do Amerifats eat mayonnaise with everything?

>> No.15835996

also if you look up creamy there is no mention of buttery

>> No.15836009

I have no idea anon I just had websters open for the other guy already.

>resembling cream as in color texture or taste

>> No.15836011

Regular mayo is just bland, swap that crap with the tangy zip of Miracle Whip and you've got yourself an amazing dish

>> No.15836012

You need fat and salt to survive, sugar is not only not needed, but also harmful.

>> No.15836013

It's sweetened.

>> No.15836024

sometimes i even dip fries on mustard. it's good

>> No.15836038

>resembling cream as in color texture or taste
It does not resemble cream.
It does not have the same texture as cream.

Just stop. Fries aren't creamy. Get over it.
It does not taste like cream.

>> No.15836046

They do. Yours don't because you overcook them.

>> No.15836048

Snow is white. Is that cream?

>> No.15836052

Mayo mixed with ketchup is best.

>> No.15836062

You can describe snow as creamy if you want its not technically wrong. People often describe skin as creamy too and last I checked that doesn't have milk added to it.

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>Americans can't even not do something without obsessed faggy Europeans complaining about it

>> No.15836086

t. /fit/

>> No.15836094

over here
we do it with mayo + ketchup, but 2bh, I love mc donalds deluxe fries dipped on bbq sause

>> No.15836097

Fries and custard based

>> No.15836101

You're floundering. Give it it up. Fries aren't creamy.

>> No.15836106

>There you have it. Chicken parmesan is a pizza. What next, scrambled eggs are a stew?
A pizza topped with chicken, and a chicken parm are both chicken, flour, cheese, and tomato sauce.

I've never heard of a stew made of eggs and butter.

>> No.15836117

Yes they are. So is egg yolks and avocado. A good fry has a crispy outside and a creamy inside and something can be creamy without being a liquid. See cream cheese

>> No.15836136

shakshuka. Try a bit more harder. It's like you're not putting the effort in.

>> No.15836155

How is it creamy? Can you make butter from potatoes? Milk? Anything that pours?

>> No.15836164

Because it resembles cream in
>color texture or taste

>> No.15836178

How often do you sit there and think I'll put som avocado, or egg yolk or potato in my coffee?

>> No.15836183

>he thinks there's tomatoes in ketchup
try not eating legos next time you're reincarnated

>> No.15836197

A potato tastes like cream, feels like cream, same color as cream? STOP NOW. You've lost the plot.

>> No.15836198

Me personally? Not ever really. I am sure theres someone that does though. In fact some people do put egg yolks in their coffee thats actually a thing.

But that doesn't make those not creamy, it just means I don't really imagine they would go well in my coffee.

>> No.15836200

Not raw, but when fried the inside does, yes.

>> No.15836219

you faggots are retarded. fries are not creamy, and both mayo and ketchup are ok for different reasons. but fry sauce where you mix them together with vinegar and cayenne is the best

>> No.15836222

It doesn't though, does it? Have you eaten a plate full of fries and then drank a pint of cream?

>> No.15836232

fairly sure american mayonaise is raely sweet

>> No.15836239

No that would be retarded, anon.

>> No.15836255

Why? Apparently, according to you, it's the same thing.

>> No.15836259

creamy as in the texture/taste/color not as in made of cream.

Remember there are two definitions.

>> No.15836273

creamy as in the texture/taste/color not as in made of cream

>> No.15836279

Yes that's what I just said verbatim.

>> No.15836287

How does a fat/protein mixture look and taste like carbohydrate?

>> No.15836297

Frying oils and its already white.

>> No.15836327


>> No.15836348

You make fries by frying them so the outside gives you a nice crunchy texture that has a fatty taste, while the inside is steamed soft mush inside leading to a creamy mouth feel. The inside of a potato is already white like cream.

>> No.15836381

You've said this before. Fries aren't creamy. The insides are white, but not as white as cream. Just give up. Potatoes aren't creamy.

>> No.15836393

But anon they are. side by side you might see a difference, but creamy skin isn't "as white as cream" either.

The inside of a good french fry is creamy.

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File: 168 KB, 1500x1500, 81E+Mu2XphL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We just use better mayo's, OP
>this stuff slaps, and slaps so damn good

>> No.15836408

How many stores sell creamy fries in the US? And if they did, what would people expect?

>> No.15836418

Can you pour it out of the skin?

>> No.15836427

I have a question. Did you argue about borscht a few weeks ago?

Quite a few.
> if they did, what would people expect?
Fries that are creamy on the outside and crunchy on the outside

Can you pour cream cheese or avocadoes? Pourability is not a factor of creaminess.

>> No.15836434

Heres a 500 IQ alternative: Ketchup AND this and conveniently enough for you, it already exists! 1000 island

>> No.15836445

I've never had beetroot soup.

>creamy on the outside

Yet cream, you can pour.

>> No.15836451

So you're saying scrambled eggs ARE a stew. You're a retard.

>> No.15836455

There we have it. The Rebbit spacing comes out.

>> No.15836456

Yes you can pour cream. Can you pour all things that are creamy? No.

>> No.15836478

Only cream is really creamy. Like milk is milky, chocolate is chocolatey, fish is fishy, meat is meaty.

>> No.15836486

Milk and chocolate are creamy.

>muh other site spacing
Go be new somewhere else

>> No.15836507

Milk isn't cream.
New? Can you triforce?

>> No.15836511

When did you know that you were autistic?

>> No.15836524

About 10 years after you. Why?

>> No.15836529

>umm technically cream has a higher milk fat percentage than milk
Milk is still creamy. Its not as creamy as cream, avocadoes, egg yolks, chocolate, or the inside of a good french fry, but its still creamy.

>> No.15836552

Root vegetables are creamy. Stop listening to cooking shows. The are only creamy with the addition of milk, cream or butter.

>> No.15836558

see pic >>15835970
definition 2

>> No.15836560

Fries? Nobody wants creamy fries.

>> No.15836565

Mayo is good but patrician taste is fries + blue cheese

>> No.15836567

Obviously people do, otherwise so many restaurants wouldn't sell them.

>> No.15836574

Creamy chicken wings, creamy chicken legs, creamy fried pickles?

>> No.15836581

I suppose there would be a way to make those creamy, but unlike a good french fry they aren't usually as such.

>> No.15836582

Show the menu for 10 restaurants with creamy fries. I'll wait.

>> No.15836588

They just list fries. Their fries are creamy.

When you go out for fish do you go to a resturant that advertises fishy fish, salty salt or eggy eggs?

>> No.15836592

I don't want them to describe them as creamy on the inside. I want them to be called creamy fries.

>> No.15836598

So nowhere sells creamy fries? Is that what you're saying? Why tell lies on the internet? Is it because your family have had enough of the lies that you have nowhere else to go?

>> No.15836603

americans put mayo on everything but fries kek

in all seriousness, the optimum fry sauce is mayo, ketchup, and mustard.

>> No.15836610

Go back.

>> No.15836616

to what?

>> No.15836619

Rebbit. You're not wanted here.

>> No.15836630


>Why yes waiter I would like one order of your fishy mackerel
>with a side of your pickley pickles thank you

>> No.15836634

cope, seethe, mald, etc.

>> No.15836638


When I get fries I get a bit of Mayo and a bit of Ketchup so I can get the best of both worlds.

>> No.15836643

Still waiting for the menus.

>> No.15836650

So sad. Just go.

>> No.15836672

So you're saying fish isn't fishy unless the menu lists it as fishy fish?

>> No.15836680

20 minutes and you still haven't found a single one. How many eating places in America?

>> No.15836826

>35 minutes and not explanation about how fish can still be fishy if its not sold as fishy fish at a restaurant

>> No.15836989

Who are you quoting?

>> No.15836992

Still waiting for those menus.

>> No.15836995

>he doesn't know

Are fish that aren't don't have fishy before their name fishy?

>> No.15837005


>> No.15837025

Go back.

>> No.15837044

That all you got back? How do I know if cheese is going to be cheesy unless the menu lists "cheesy cheese"? Please can I get some salty salt to put on my dinner?

>> No.15837053
File: 558 KB, 1106x1012, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>these 2 faggots going on a +40 comments bant on creamy fries

>> No.15837057

I ask to taste a sample first before I order. We don't do Kraft singles.

>> No.15837065


>> No.15837073

But that doesn't answer the question. Do you expect everything to list its texture in the title?

>> No.15837096

Tasting something fishy isn't a texture. Salty isn't a texture either.

>> No.15837106

No its a descriptor. You're just being pedantic you know what was meant.

Do you throw an autistic fit when the menu at the restaurant lists "cheese" instead of "cheesy cheese" and then argue for an hour about how you can't know if the cheese is cheesy unless its listed on the menu?

>> No.15837111

Imagine confusing texture with flavor and arguing that it's the same.

>> No.15837112

Imagine samefagging.

>> No.15837127

I don't buy anything that is described as just "cheese". That is a red flag.

>> No.15837135

Imagine not explaining.

>> No.15837138

Jesus christ anon. You want some cheesy provolone? Some cheesy cheddar? What about regular cheddar? Find me a menu that lists cheesy [cheese type]

>> No.15837150

mayonnaise a shit, toum is the best condiment for fried potato

>> No.15837178

If I go to a restaurant and something comes with cheese, I ask what cheese and can I have a sample of it. What is wrong with that?

>> No.15837188

nothing, if you want your food spit in

>> No.15837195

Thats not the question Why would I expect a restaurant to list the texture of french fries when they don't list the texture of everything else on the menu?

In fact it wouldn't be listed as "creamy fries" it would be listed as "crunchy on the outside creamy on the inside fries", but that is if places listed the texture of the fries before giving them to you which they don't because that would be ridiculous.

>> No.15837210

>toum is the best condiment for fried potato
This is the truth. Just had some 20 minutes ago.
Only problem is how terribly godawfully unhealthy it is. At least with mayo not the entire thing is oil. Toum is whipped oil with garlic in it.

>> No.15837221

It's obvious you don't visit the places I do.

>> No.15837224

you have the ratio wrong, then

try again

>> No.15837228

You guys really do have some pointless arguments don't you?

>> No.15837238

Were talking about cheese here. I'm still waiting for the menus for creamy fries that so many places sell in USA. Let it lie. Give up. You got found out and go back.

>> No.15837243
File: 45 KB, 1000x1000, eyecatchingimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can dip potatoes in anything and is good, the real question is why do americans think ketchup is ok?

>> No.15837244

Go back.

>> No.15837258

Because fat on fat doesn't provide you with a contrasting flavor or mouthfeel.

Fried foods are to be eaten with something acidic, not creamy and fatty.

>> No.15837259

Can you post 10 menus that sell creamy fries? No sauce and no describing the insides as creamy.

>> No.15837260

Guys I guess hamburgers in the US aren't juicy and meaty and cheese isn't cheesy because they don't list "Juicy meaty hamburgers topped with cheesy [type of cheese]"

If only humans were capable of inferring textures for food before eating it.

>> No.15837264

Muh sugar.

>> No.15837272

Only once you learn to make toum correctly

>> No.15837278

Juice is a texture? Don't you want to know what you're eating? As I said, I don't think we eat in the same sort of establishments.

>> No.15837287

You can still go back.

>> No.15837290

you haven't left your room in 5 years

>> No.15837292

Boomers think it's weird. Millennials love it. Though they like to mix some sauce and other spices in the mayo and call it an aioli

>> No.15837293

Yes juiciness is a texture.

Well yes obviously we don't eat in the same establishments you eat at places that list the texture of the food for you before you eat it.

>> No.15837296

you can still learn how to make toum

>> No.15837301

Garlic may already exists.

>> No.15837310

Learn English

>> No.15837312

I said juice not juiciness.

>> No.15837313

>American mayo is COMPLETLELY different from Euro mayo
It's the same euro nigger

>> No.15837316

No, juice is a liquid that you get from inside something else.

>> No.15837327

My degree not enough for you? Typos happen when words are misspelled and the misspelled word is a word. Blame autotext.

>> No.15837331

You've wasted your money and your life

>> No.15837340

You're just verifying what I said. Duh.

>> No.15837341

>"You've wasted your life!", said one 4chan poster to another.

>> No.15837348

And you're wasting your time here. Say lavvy.

>> No.15837357

Anon I think your translate messed up somewhere. Just now and at the beginning of the conversation.

I'm thinking this whole thing was just your machine translating "creamy" and your language translating it to "made of cream"

>> No.15837359

This thread is a mess

>> No.15837366
File: 115 KB, 1024x1024, 1616728403441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fry sauce is 100 times better than plain mayo or plain ketchup. And it's quite common in america.

If you're lazy just mix half and half mayo ketchup.

>> No.15837370

apprends le francais

>> No.15837375

go back.

>> No.15837382

I have a degree in English. Potatoes are not creamy.

>> No.15837392

So glad that didn't go over your head.

>> No.15837397

wanna french?

>> No.15837410

Too bad this is the cooking board and not /int/ then.

Please show me a local menu if its reasonable for you to expect your food to be sold to you with the textures listed in the name of the food.

>> No.15837414

pas avec toi

>> No.15837421


>> No.15837423

Just go back, You have no idea.

>> No.15837426

No need to swear on /ck/.

>> No.15837427

Yeah I really think you are using some sort of translator and thats why you just can't follow conversations correctly.

>> No.15837428

how fucked up are you

>> No.15837463

This thread is about fries and mayo. You bring up /int/ and then moan at me for for it.? Good luck with the rest of your education and I doubt you will get a decent job.

>> No.15837469

Whiskey or cocaine?

>> No.15837473


>> No.15837483

Thanks for clearing that up, Borat

>> No.15837495

"Borat". Is that all you could come up with?

>> No.15837504

I didn't want to confuse you

>> No.15837508

Or you're just a bit simple.

>> No.15837510

At least I have the reading comprehension of a sober child

>> No.15837516

You're the one that brought up your English degree which I'm believing exists less and less for every post you make.

>> No.15837517

It doesn't show. Have another JD if your old enough.

>> No.15837520
File: 149 KB, 300x300, 1321988955693.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has an "English degree"

>> No.15837522

What does my degree have to do with fries and mayo? Your intellect seems limited..

>> No.15837525

Prove me wrong.

>> No.15837526

If it has nothing to do with the conversation then why bring it up?

>> No.15837527

I just did retard

>> No.15837528

you are illiterate

>> No.15837542

Thanks for the heads up bud. Gonna keep an out for that goodness

>> No.15837544

So Rebbit's answer to prove you wrong is to post a meme?
Grow Up and go back.

>> No.15837548

He said I was using a translator. Read the thread before you comment.

>> No.15837554

>prove you wrong
>Grow Up

2 grammatical mistakes in one post, great job!

>> No.15837555

You've lost already.

>> No.15837558

Who's on first?

>> No.15837559

Then you tried to flaunt your fake degree and now you've realized how obvious it is you don't have a degree so you tried to backpedal about how none of that matters, but it does matter.

>> No.15837566

>nothin' personnel kid

>> No.15837570

They're not though are they. Look at the context.

>> No.15837579

>Look at the context
Dude, just stop. There is no context that makes sense for either of those mistakes

>> No.15837581

>English degree
>doesn't even spot the really weird obvious mistake he made

>> No.15837583

I'm going to work between 10 and 11 in the morning, What about you? I own my business. how about you?

>> No.15837588

Amerilard here, I've always enjoyed the combo and have no idea why people think it's so strange here

>> No.15837591

Mistakes? No context. Go back to school and listen this time.

>> No.15837594

Does your supermodel canadian girlfriend love you more for your flawless physique or your emotional intelligence

>> No.15837601

Me? Well for starters I'm not going to go on the cooking board and make up things about my life to try to one up anonymous strangers. Aside from that?

Personally, I think she loves how humble he is the most.

>> No.15837608

why not both?

>> No.15837612

I'm single. I'm not a millionaire (yet). My business is my priority.

>> No.15837614

>Mistakes? No context.
You just keep digging eh? This statement doesn't even make sense

>> No.15837616

mayo is definitely rich and tangy though

>> No.15837624

>English degree anon owns a business and will be a millionaire

The stuff you kids come up with these days, I swear!

>> No.15837626

I'm still waiting for the mistakes to be pointed out. Apparently they can't be.

>> No.15837629

ESL niggas be wilin out over fries and mayo damn

>> No.15837632

Did I say I will be a millionaire? I would hope to be but it will take a while.

>> No.15837634

toum is better

>> No.15837640

I already did, but let me explain it in more detail for your illiterate ass.

>prove you wrong
Should be "prove me wrong"
>Grow Up
Makes zero sense to capitalize "Up".

Get it now, Mr. Degree?

>> No.15837642

>he didn't actually say what type of business he owns in his anonymous flex

>> No.15837643

Cause it is? Stupid yuropoors when will you learn?

>> No.15837644

>I'm not a millionaire (yet)
>Did I say I will be a millionaire?

>> No.15837645

Maybe he's a mayo distributor in Lithuania

>> No.15837649

Sounds tasty. I’m in the “Mayo lacks acidity, which tastes good in fries” camp, and I’ve tried eating fries with fancy American mayo. I wanted it to taste better than it did.
Most commercial ketchup is crap, but there’s nothing wrong with a dipping sauce made of tomato paste and balsamic vinegar.

>> No.15837654

>with his lithuanian english degree proudly displayed in his office


>> No.15837656

Explains his English degree as well

atsiprašau broli!

>> No.15837660

the real MVP

>> No.15837665

Talking in the third person.
You don't know about that.
Claim your education fees back. You were robbed.

>> No.15837666
File: 27 KB, 350x468, 1305856332661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15837672

>when you talk in 3rd person you're supposed to capitalize random letters

>> No.15837673

Still didn't say I was a millionaire. What is your point?

>> No.15837675

>You don't know about that.
Yes, I do. No reason to ever capitalize random words in a sentence. You'd know that if you actually knew English

>> No.15837681

>Talking in the third person.
>You don't know about that.
>Claim your education fees back. You were robbed.

Do you have a podcast we could listen to

>> No.15837683

Maybe where you live, not here weirdo.

>> No.15837690

You can't even understand your own writing is my point

>> No.15837693

What random words are capitalizied?

>> No.15837699

Oh shit hes going to act smug because you said "words" instead of "word" even though he doesn't realize that its fine for us to make grammatical errors as we never claimed to have specific degrees in English.

>> No.15837704

I'm not a millionaire. I aspire to be one, one day. But it will take time.

>> No.15837706
File: 46 KB, 485x468, 1293840098797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus fucking Christ you don't even have basic reading comprehension

>> No.15837710

Rebbit. Go back.

>> No.15837712

and skills you do not possess

>> No.15837714

Please just stick to speaking Lithuanian, it'll be much easier on everyone

>> No.15837717


>> No.15837723

Go back. It will be better for all of us here.

>> No.15837727
File: 505 KB, 155x146, 1300780626120.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posting images on an image board is Rebbit

>> No.15837737
File: 79 KB, 772x525, 1601451543277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have somewhere for you to go

>> No.15837739

Posting Rebbit images. Sad. Go back.

>> No.15837741

So sad. You don't even try.

>> No.15837748

And you?

>> No.15837751
File: 29 KB, 519x519, dd7a22b9d76ec6dff78f2396263dad8b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lithuanian mayo distributor's first foray into 4chan

>> No.15837762

What about me? You're the one trying and failing, hard.

>> No.15837766

Even sadder.

>> No.15837771
File: 13 KB, 446x361, 1318619126001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets see if you can translate this

>> No.15837773

>the guy flexing a fictional degree and business thats not trying too hard
>the guy laughing at him for being a sperg now thats trying too hard

>> No.15837779

this is the best thread about fries and mayo I have ever read

>> No.15837780

Even more sad. Bordering on desperate.

>> No.15837787

this is obviously a 4chin slapfight between two to four mongoloid downies

>> No.15837789


Hey! You learned a new word, congratulations

>> No.15837794



>> No.15837796


>> No.15837810

How dumb is your education system?

>> No.15837812

I hope you're happy. You've killed a comedy genius

>> No.15837814


>> No.15837817

Do you honestly think he won't respond to posts he can't even read with machines?

>> No.15837825

Ooh. If you're educated, they don't liked being talked down to, do they?

>> No.15837832


>> No.15837837

hahahaha, what are you talking about?

>> No.15837840
File: 6 KB, 342x119, 1601445872795.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

either way we only have like 2 and a half hours until he has to go to work

>> No.15837843
File: 8 KB, 493x402, 1283148815663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15837854

You read it. It's true, isn't it?

>> No.15837867

>Ooh. If you're educated, they don't liked being talked down to, do they?
please explain what that is supposed to mean

>> No.15837868

Lithuania. How new is the internet to you?

>> No.15837871

They don't like being talked to by people that are better educated than them.

>> No.15837877

A) That's not what "talked down to" means
B) If that were true no one would go to college (not that you'd know anything about that)

>> No.15837894

They seem to think it does.
College? After University?
I don't think you comprehend the education system.

>> No.15837910

>College? After University?
Oh boy, here we go again.

Maybe you should look for a Lithuanian 4chan copy? I'm sure there is one

>> No.15838035
File: 96 KB, 428x510, 1308224668783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this entire thread getting derailed by a single Lithuanian shitposting about a non-existent English degree

>> No.15838179

i don't think its weird, i use to eat mayo with fries as a kid.

americans think vinegar with fries is weird. i remember as kid my mom would always get really weird looks when she asked for vinegar.

>> No.15838217

unironically niggers. every brown person i know finds mayonnaise revolving for some reason. browns make up a good chunk of fast food consumers so mayo + fries would never take off.

>> No.15838233

based canadabro

>> No.15838245

>americans think vinegar with fries is weird

no they dont. Vinegar on fries is a big thing on the east coast

>> No.15838250

jp mayo is actually more dense, not less, they only use yolks while americans use the whole egg. It's also why kewpie mayo is tasty as fuck.

>> No.15838315

i speak only for texas then. 20 yrs ago when i moved from canada to texas, vinegar on fries caused stares. stares from people who drink cold tea. not much has changed since, i've only been to one restaurant that puts out malt vinegar.

>> No.15838567
File: 26 KB, 680x447, 1616556417343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15838849

I read this in Anthony Cumia's 1950's voice.

>> No.15838853

After having frites and mayo in belgium I think it's partially that we have worse mayonnaise. Also not all kinds of fry's are really suitable for it I think. Boardwalk and shoestring fries for instance don't do well with mayo in my opinion.
I mean it's not completely different. >>15836407
Kensington is probobly the best mayo I've found in the states. But I usually can't even get that just hellman's. It's awful.

>> No.15839062

Mon negro.

>> No.15839134
File: 130 KB, 1200x630, unnamed (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>French fries are creamy

>> No.15839159

>they dont want salty
Then they wouldn't be eating fries.
Isn't that what Wendy's does for their burgers?
Just because a potato product is fluffy and soft, does not mean it is 'creamy'. By your logic no one would eat a baked potato with sour cream.
Oh you're that ESL troll that thinks 'tad' means 'flame'.

>> No.15839243

M8 there's a world of difference between belgium and dutch mayo and they're basically the same country. Obviously there's a massive difference between them and american mayo.

>> No.15839261
File: 93 KB, 590x590, Frites-Speciaal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you can use curry

>> No.15839377

>by your logic no one would eat a baked potato with sour cream
Baked potatoes aren't creamy.

>> No.15839402

Why would the insides of a French fry be 'creamy' but the middle of a baked potato wouldn't be? You know what French fries are made out of, right?

>> No.15839415

>why would something cooked quickly by boiling in hot oil have a different texture than something cooked slowly in the overn

/ck/ everyone

>> No.15839440

>potatoes cooked in hot oil have a texture comparable to thickened milk

>> No.15839450

Its a creamy texture. You see the potato cooks without the liquid escaping so its a creamy texture.

This is basic cooking. Why am I explaining this to you though you believed that slow cooking will result in the same texture as frying for literally anything.

>> No.15839454

The quality of mayo in the US is fucking complete garbage.

>> No.15839486
File: 133 KB, 800x600, toddler-tantrums-displayplaybutton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its a creamy texture it it just is i don't care that 5 other people think im a retard im just rite

>> No.15839502

It cooks down without the liquid escaping retard who can't even reply to the right person.

>5 people
I wonder if they all happen to have lithuanian english degrees.

>> No.15839511

>who can't even reply to the right person.
And who are YOU replying to exactly?

>> No.15839516

You. I don't have to go out of my way to do things you're too stupid to do

>> No.15839531

Im sorry the UI doesn't make things as simple for you as the Reddit interface you're used to. I'd understand if you went back.

>> No.15839537

Anon you're the one that replied to yourself trying to reply to me.

>> No.15839565
File: 97 KB, 1024x576, 1574182859661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are non-Americans so obsessed with what we think and do? If you like that food combination then eat it.
Is your own identity so weak that you constantly need us to validate you? No wonder there are so many people leaving your countries to come here.

>> No.15839583

Anon you're the one who couldn't figure out how to reply to me.
Are you THAT lonely?

>> No.15839594

You legitimately couldn't figure out how to reply to me.

>> No.15839608
File: 63 KB, 1440x560, Screenshot_2021-03-27-11-04-50-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you already forget your blunder, anon? Don't worry, I will remind you.

>> No.15839610
File: 44 KB, 622x148, 1609127478567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you already forget your blunder, anon? Don't worry, I will remind you.

>> No.15839622
File: 10 KB, 304x304, billy-blanks-jr-304x304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really seeing a blunder there. If I was replying to myself, there'd be a (You). Since there isn't it must mean you were replying to yourself, which is a pretty embarrassing mistake for you to make. Lol.

>> No.15839631

Oh you're merely pretending. le epic troll

So back to the begining do you seriously think that baked foods have the same texture as fried foods?

>> No.15839643

Do you really believe that fried potatoes get classified as dairy?

>> No.15839649

see >>15835970
definition 2

Things don't have to be made of dairy to be creamy.

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