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HelloooOOOO, this is Chef John from fooooood wishes dot comm, wiiiiith...

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How to pound your soyboy! Thats right - Todays episode is a little different since its not really a cooking video, but more an instructional video. And since I know all of you in the comments are already saying "Wait a minute Chef John, isn't assraping Raguesa kind of gay?" Well maybe it is! But its also a lot of fun to completely emasculate a faggot like Raguesa, so stop getting hung up on the details!

So with that, lets go ahead and get started by lubing up our soyboys asshole with some Oil! I use regular Olive Oil; You could use Extra virgin, that is totally up to you - You are after all, the J.K Rowling of Anal Pounding!

But I am officially gonna recommend something cheap since we aren't really concerned with flavor as much as texture. Nothing ruins an assrape as much as your cock getting stuck because of unwanted friction! Regardless of what oil you choose, you want to be liberal with the amount, so really try and drench that hole.

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Of course, if you are looking to spice up your pounding, nothing hits the spot like a hit of Cayenne pepper to really stimulate your glans as you penetrate your soyboy. And yes, I admit I'm cheating a bit here since this part is totally optional, but hey - It wouldn't feel right to leave the Cayenne out. So just put some on your fingers, show it right up the hole and really smear it out. There will be some resistance at first - Don't freak out - That is totally normal; Its actually kind of fun!

And thatsss it, you are done prepping your hole! And ready to be enjoyed in oh so many ways. Some people like to let the hole simmer to let the cayenne work its way in, other recommend chilling it in the fridge overnight - Me, I'm a traditional assrapist, so I just go for it when its fresh. But anyway, thats it - What I'm calling Soyboy pounder is officially done. And please, don't cheat yourself out of this by substituting your soyboy with a woman - Fun as that might be - but do try to find a real faggot to desecrate. Trust me, the feeling of dominating a Soyboy is out of this world. And stop worrying about looking like a homosexual! Just remember to say "No Homo" and you are off scot-free! But anyway, Soyboy or otherwise, I really hope you do give this a try soon! So head over to foodwishes dot com for all the ingredient amounts and more info as usual.

And as alllllwayyyyys, EeeeeenjoooOOOOyyyY!

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Hey chef, got any crab legs?

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This is the worst thread on 4chan.

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hello based Chef John from Foooooood wishes daaawt caaaawm

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My sides

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every . thread on any board is objectively worse

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Imagine being this upset over Adam

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>implying any thread in this cesspit is "good"

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Fuck off and season your chopping board, soychud

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You are making the asshole looser of one adam ragusea

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Not my problem.

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>You are after all, the J.K Rowling of Anal Pounding!

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Oh hello Adam!

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Fuck you, Adam!

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I love Food Wishes

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Hey Chef Fag, shut the fuck up. No. Just shut the fuck up you pathetic dickless hairless spinless brainless little fat fuck. When I'm done relentlessly plowing your dead mother, aunts, sisters, ugly wife Michelle, and daughters until all their holes gape like a raw Thanksgiving turkey, I will season the cutting board upon which their flesh will be prepared for my ultimate feast. Once I'm satisfied I'm going to slide my rock hard 15" long thick as tallboy Maconian Georgian monster dong the likes of which have never been seen on this side of the Mississippi all the way down your throat and then I'm going rest my massive balls over your nose completely cutting off your air supply. The last thing you see is going to be my powerful masculine shaved anus shitting instant demi glace diahrrea and easy pan pizza turds into your eyes as the lights go out. I'm coming for you John.

T. Adam "I'm the ambassador of your family's sodomy massacre" Ragusea

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I like to think fagusea made this himself

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>the J.K Rowling of Anal Pounding!
Didn't even rhyme

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we're on 4channel nerd

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My headcanon is that Chef John checks /ck/ every night for threads about him

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oh no-no-no chef john what are you doing?

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what did he mean by this?

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i think it’s anti semitic

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Take your meds, schizo.

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Quality content Anon

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don't you have a bull to prep Adam

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Hate the way this guy talks. His recipes are good but can't stand how he says every sentence in the same rhythm. What is wrong with this guy

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Fuck off nigger

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Half his lines aren't even rhymes.

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Pathetic samefag

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an instant classic

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Boomer isn't good with his editing or instructional cadence. His old videos aren't near as bad and he talks normal on livestreams.

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Sweetheart, honey? Look at the poster count.
Seems like someone is up way past their bedtime and is getting grumpy. Let's put you down for a nap, eh champ?

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put that nigger down for good

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shut the fuck up fat ass

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fucking based

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