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American ramen.

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That egg needs to be scrambled.

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It's pronounced ROM-EE-UN sweaty.

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>File: EtGKK9cXcAMvkk3.jpg
Twitter filename.

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Japanese burger

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Tots would probably taste pretty good in there. Those nooks would hold the broth while still staying relatively crunchy.

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If the bowl isnt plastic this thread is LOCKED

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Remove all potato. Add American single cheese, green onion and sesame seeds. Most Americans do scrambled or hard boiled egg, do that instead. Take that sprig of who-the-fuck-are-you-kidding out of there. Pepper and bacon to taste. That's a real American ramen.

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nice presentation imo

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American ramen would just be chicken noodle soup with the noodles chopped into small spoonable pieces

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>today i made "american ramen": 24 hour chicken stock,chicken breast,corn, egg, fried onion strings, french fries, tater tots. its soup season baby instantlyfuckingkillyourself.com/soyboy

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Looks good
We are kings of taking foreign dishes and improving them.

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>Remove all potato.

Well fook ye, ya coont. 'ope yer famileh gets removed too

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No it's Ray-men.

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>Add American single cheese
>That's a real American ramen.
No, I'm pretty sure that's a distinctly Korean staple.

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