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Where does /ck/ get their vanilla beans from? The only local place I could find that even had any charge $15 for one vanilla bean.

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I have a friend online who lives in Madagascar who sends me them for free since they are worthless. He only asks that I send him cans of chef Bogarde lasagna throwback edition

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Price went crazy over the past 20 years.

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that's highly illegal

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Plantz ae a mintal illneez stawp feedin in to yer man mude sugarr sugar cravinv and eat raw meet and darey

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Supermarket, but it's true that they're fucking expensive. €4-5 a bean here. They used to be €2. I only buy them once a year for Christmas crème brûlee though so it's not like I suffer from it

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Unironically just buy them on Amazon. I do, you can get different grades of Madagascan, Tahitian, or Mexican vanilla at price ranges of $1-3 per bean. What's wrong with you guys? How do you forget to check the #1 international online marketplace?

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I got my hands on beans from Tahiti, Madagascar and La Réunion.
Shit is cash

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>Why am I paying $15/€5 for a single vanilla bean?
>Americans Americans Americans Americans

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subverting standards for importing organic goods

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I spent days trying to find them for Valentine's day, ended up finding 2 for $15 from whole foods, amazon has them cheaper however the reviews are spotty, lots of people saying they're dried out and cracked.

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How much money were you paid to say that?

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Essential Spices has good quality at $5 a piece for a 3 pack or less if you order in bulk

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>tfw europoors spend their entire monthly wage on a single vanilla bean

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