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Introducing the newest abomination from America:

Sausage strips

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pork gyros

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10/10 would add to blt

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Christ thats disgusting. Americans deserve a bullet through the skull

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Of course you would you fatbodied disgusting burgermutt

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you're american

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I actually leave my house and are able to burn off enough calories to not worry about a slice of sausage on a sandwich you fucking tranny.

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A little extreme don’t you think?

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I'm not even an American, but fuck, you guys really are obsessed.

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We don't have sausage strips in our country.

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That would revolutionize breakfast sandwiches

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>nooooo you can't just slice a sausage into thin strips

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So what makes this different from other packed sliced meat that is sold literally everywhere in a million varieties from baloney to prosciutto?

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Ideal basedfast sandwich meat.

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so meatloaf slices?

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Why are Europeans so fragile?

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Are you going to post it?

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Looks delicious

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Are you guys shitting me? People put slized meat on their bread allover the civilized world.

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This seems alright, would probably eat
Murrica has done much worse

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Literally just turkey bacon made with pork you retard

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Wow how revolutionary. Truly worth seething about.

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>Implying a German would envy your toddler steps to sliced sausage.

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Don’t fucking google this you fucking faggot I was on my work computer I’ll beat your fucking head soft loser

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the Americans have finally arrived

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Is it a central european thing? Because sliced sausage seems to me like one of the most mundane food items there is and there is tons of choice for it too.

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Why don't any of those have a clown face, or funny animal shapes?

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the churizo ones are pretty good.

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I'm convinced that half of the people here are just starving europoors and Indians and the only crumbs of happiness they get is trying to fling shit.
If it makes you guys a little bit happier about your situation, I'm all for it!

DO AMERICANS REALLY DO THAT? Wow look at those dumb Americans. Aren't they just terrible!

Everybody join in!

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Wait, can a fellow American help me understand this?
My brain is in low-power mode because I had to skip lunch and hasn’t had a burger since breakfast.

It appears that foreigners are mad about putting ground sausage into a versatile form with neat potential instead of stuffing it into the shit-tube of another animal, as is their savage way.
Surely I can’t be reading this correctly.
Shouldn’t they be grateful for the evolutionary boost?

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how come there are not beef nuggets?

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Theres a bear right there

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Wow do Americans really?

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Wait are these Cola or Burger flavored? Or... Both?

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>sausage good
>cut sausage disgusting kill america

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Anons the whole western world has cold cuts, it's just banter

>> No.15692073

these have existed in Australia for fucking ever under the name of 'picnic bacon'

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You aren’t making this any less grotesque

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>since breakfast

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You seem tense, did forget to smoke your 12th cigarette for the day

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Holy crap do Americans REALLY?

>> No.15692343

>somehow being perplexed by this
Just break it down.
You know what a burger is, and you know what breakfast is.

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just went to the store and picked up 3 packs

shit looks so cash

thanks for the visibility OP

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Huh, honestly didn't see it, was distracted by the vagina in the upper right corner.

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>Daily Europoor thread being jealous of Americans

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Picking some up immediately to enjoy this weekend

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>It must the Yurops
Dumb mutts so easily led by the nose for they are forever ignorant, you have to be an asian or african shitter to not have the same type of shit in your aisles, my bet is on middle east or indian.

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this is now a fuck ameriga bread

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Totally, America's so bad!

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I was wondering what the meat was in this webm.
And now I know

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That's fair

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Wonder how it stands up against this?

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Does it get crispy?

>> No.15693234

Do you?

>> No.15693367

I wish

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Nothing, people just like to complain about Americans. They certainly have an unhealthy obsession, I'd say.

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You don't like sausage?

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I've made kielbasa jerky in a smoker before

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At least we have steak fingers

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Holy shit. How did I miss that?

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Ahaha you dumb faggot

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What is it?

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>another rent free mental masturbation obsession thread hateboner for americhad
you all are mentally unstable. this constant obsession is genuinely concerning. very soon you will all be locked up in an asylum

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Fucking rekt

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