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Why does rye bread even exist?

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pumpernickle master race

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Marble here.
Best of both worlds.

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German rye is the ultimate bread you Yankee fat faggots keep eating kike bakery items and cholla breads.

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It's good

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who the fuck stands around and smells bread? are third-worlders starving because they haven't figured out you're supposed to eat it?

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either you've never smelled fresh bread - which is understandable for a mutt - or you're some psychopath who doesn't enjoy the smell.

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Who the fuck has a problem with rye bread

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I kind of get it. It’s a little too flavorful on its own, it doesn’t complement as much as white or wheat

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because Borodinsky is based

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to have corned beef or pastrami piled high upon it

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it's not as versatile as other sliced breads, but the things it does, it does extremely well

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They want you eating grains to keep you sick and weak

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Was Butugychag based? Because that's where you would have went if you were a Soviet.

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because rye not

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Reddit moment

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I like rye

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oh what it's reddit to make puns now

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They smell it before eating it you coon

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It always was

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why the FUCK do people put caraway seeds on BREAD
it doesnt work

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hey how about go fuck yourself is that reddit to you too

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Getting mad about getting told to go home sure is

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You can leave now. Caraway rye is best rye.

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Borscht dunkin'

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Jew pogromin'

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Don't blame me, I just have a rye sense of humor

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for Patty Melts, silly
order one this week
and then get back to us
so good.

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Because rye grows well in cold climates and poor soils where you wouldn't be able to grow other stuff as well. We need to do something with it.

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>Why does rye bread even exist?

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a medium fat schwartz sandwich and one of those giant dill pickles would be my death row meal. this image makes me hard

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cool it with the anti-semetic remarks

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