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Is it OK to use minced meat in tacos?

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Of course it is. Just use a lean variety like 93/7 or drain/skim the excess fat.
Also who uses american cheese on texmex tacos besides jack in the box? Even the trashiest households use pre-shredded cheddar.

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American tacos may not be authentic, but when you make em right, man they're comfy
I like to sautee some minced garlic and onion with the beef, and mix in some of the sauce from a can of chipotles to boost the taco seasoning

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eating it right now, it's great

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extremely comfy
my mother was a terrible cook, but even the memories of her midwest tacos which we dressed up with pre-shredded mexican blend cheese and awful hothouse tomatoes chopped with a dull knife remind me of a simpler, happier time

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>authentic mexican is so much better

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Trump lost

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He ain't dun yet.

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FYI doing this is cultural appropriation and if you've ever enjoyed it you're racist

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>American tacos may not be authentic
You can make them authentic by using tortillas instead of tostadas (aka taco shells).

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Trump won, tacos are delicious.

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dude, i beat up gypsies that live under the highway bridge.
Eating taco to seem racist is the least I can do and I do enjoy it

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Look for Heidimamadas


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>haha that’s not authentic, not even CLOSE to the same thing
>your appropriation is stealing a thing from another culture

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do americans really?

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FYI no one gives a shit
I'm mexican and the only thing I'm annoyed about is that they call ground beef tostadas "tacos". That's it.
So you better stop calling them tacos.

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yes, we do

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Only if you acknowledge the superiority of tostadas to tacos.

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We love tostadas too but tacos are better.

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Replace American with pre-shredded cheddar or mozzarella.

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Do flyovers really consider that "tacos"?

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Not from a flyover, but have indulged in these style tacos and every once in a while make them, more so for nostalgia plus its a quick and easy meal. Growing up in Cali then NY and father in the military stationed all over the world we had diverse authentic foods including tacos like pic related. But honestly the American taco isn't bad, they're not really comparable, just like taco bell isn't authentic Mexican.

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"Starter pack" memes are just redditors bitching about everyday shit because they're in that teenage phase of thinking that randomly shitting on things makes them sound interesting. Also, what the fuck is rusty lettuce

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Nothing wrong with these delicious welfare tacos
A nice homemade steak or chicken taco is way better though

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Will the left ever stop seething about Trump? Tune into the next 500 episodes of American Politics Z to find out!

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I like american and mexican style tacos, but goddamnit, you beans need to drain off the grease.
I know fat is flavor, but there's a limit. You guys are #2 for obesity and I feel like you'd be number one if you all could afford more food.

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Yes, you eurofat.

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They overtook America several years ago iirc

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