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anchovy pizza

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Black olives, anchovies, fresh tomato slices.

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believe me or not, but I don't mind few little anchovies on the pizza
am I weird or even worse?

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Tried it, too salty.

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Add onion and it's great

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>am I weird or even worse?
Anchovies are the most popular pizza topping after pepperoni and pineapple. Stop forming your opinions from memes and leave the basement once in awhile.

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pineapple pizza is way better

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Vile, your taste buds must be destroyed.

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You bake the pizza and put them on AFTER
they melt into the hot cheese and meld with the flavors instantly, but baking the chovs with the pizza renders them as chalky nothingness, they lose their oils and flavor


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I've been out for half a day like 3 weeks ago and it was pretty cool.
Still, not a huge fan

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I add them when there's a couple minutes left on the pizza, just to warm them up and release some of the oils. I agree you lose something in the texture if you bake them from the beginning, but suggesting that the oils and flavor is going anywhere if you bake them the entire time is plain nonsense.

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Nah, you have shit tastebuds (or just buy shit anchovies in the first place) if you don't notice a different in the taste. Do you really think the texture changes and nothing else goes with it?

do NOT bake the ANCHOVIES with the PIZZA
do NOT

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>Do you really think the texture changes and nothing else goes with it?
Yes, and I actually have really good tastebuds. I've been working in kitchens for around a decade and have a big fat honker and the palate everyone comes to to ask if something is seasoned okay or whatever. I guess I've never done a side by side test, but you're going to have to do more to explain/convince me that baking anchovies on a pizza changes the flavor. They're cooking in oil when they're canned, and baking them is just going to cook them a little more in that same oil. None of the flavor is going anywhere, and it's not like they're going to burn.

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>on pizza
Imagine the outrage.

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Being cooked at a reasonable temp in a sealed can in oil is a lot different than being directly exposed to dry high heat. If you've worked in kitchens you know that over-roasting (over-broiling, over-grilling etc) ANY food results not just in a dry texture but in loss of natural flavor. The evaporated moisture is not distilled water, it takes flavor with it.

Go nuke a chicken breast in a pizza oven until it's dry and chalky and tell me it's just as flavorful as a well-cooked one.

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>nuke a chicken breast in a pizza oven until it's dry and chalky and tell me it's just as flavorful as a well-cooked one
That's a dumb analogy. Reheating anchovies is more akin to putting a braised dish back on the stove, or better yet, sticking a confit back in the oven. Throw an anchovy straight on a grill and you might have a point; but on a pizza they're just stewing in the same oil they were packed in and the flavor isn't going anywhere - unless you're literally cooking the pizza long enough for it to turn into a black disk of carbon death.

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Except that the anchovy is no longer in its safe oil bath. It is a direct analogy.
At this point, I mean, I really don't care if you eat shit. If you like it, by all means eat shit, kid.

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but i like them that way

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me too, I like the taste but it's a bit too salty. Maybe I just put too many anchovies on the pizza

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I once had a pineapple, olive and anchovy pizza and it would’ve been pretty good but it was way too wet. Too much oil and juices I’d imagine.

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>by all means eat shit, kid
And this is when you know that anon has resigned himself from a losing argument and turned to projection and cope. Next you'll say, "I was only pretending to be retarded! You got trolled! LOL!". They're literally being cooked in their own oil, and the only thing that's going to happen is that they're going to "dissolve"; the flavor isn't going anywhere. A lot of people here suggest adding them to the sauce, but I like that little flavor burst you get when they're still whole and you can decide how much you get in each bite. Do you also think that anchovies get overcooked in puttanesca?

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why'd you have to sperg out. let anon enjoy his anchovies how he likes 'em.

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