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>gives you cancer

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just like your post

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Like your post just did?

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seething soyjack.jpg

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breathing in air in most civilized areas causes cancer, cuck. Just get off your fatass, get excersice, eat in moderation

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it's the char bro

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and the the pollution in the air and in the food we eat because of pesticides and pesticide runoff. I smell the pollution any time im near a big city. The solution is the take care of your own animals away from toxic civilization in conditions you can control. And apparently to not char it lol.

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If you eat char every day for 20 years, maybe. If you eat BBQ once a week in the warm season, probably not. That goes for shit like smoking too. If you smoke a few cigarettes or cigars once a week when you're out drinking it ain't going to cause cancer.

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>f you smoke a few cigarettes or cigars once a week when you're out drinking it ain't going to cause cancer.
Has there ever been a bigger cope argument from an addict?

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t. underage

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I don't care I live for this. Especially dark browned, almost charred, cheese.

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wow thanks for the advice doctor

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Mmm... Fuck yeah. Better this than the chemical coated veggies.

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high school diploma here btw, forgot to mention

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I like it. Sex gives you cancer too, but who cares about you, incel.

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>chemical coated veggies.
Even muh organics veggies are sprayed with "chemical" pesticides. Wash your veggies and/or just steam them , retards.

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>Sex gives you cancer too
You shouldn't be taking it in the pooper, "man."

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I don't. I only give oral for money.

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100% worth it

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How to into this career? As they say, if you're good at something, never do it for free.

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>If you smoke a few cigarettes or cigars once a week when you're out drinking it ain't going to cause cancer.
Not necessarily, but it will significantly increase your risk. Probably more than eating burnt ends once a week would.

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Enjoy your mouth cancer, homo-man.

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Nah, with all the money I make I can afford chemo. Stay mad.

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More like you gave the meat cancer and just ate it for some reason

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pure kino.

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This is the only food video that gives me a semi and I'm not even American.

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Friendly reminder that coasties will never ever EVER experience this, and they hate themselves for it.

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>*hits knife on the cutting board*
this shit makes me seethe to no end

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>gives you cancer

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Doesn't everything these days?

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*taps knife*

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such skill
such passion

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>That brisket
...I need to go home one of these days.

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niggers and nigger sympathisers are scum

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Worth it

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are you a faggot, look how hot that is

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Fuck you talking about, Virginia and the Carolinas are on the coast.

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>sucks such exorbitant amounts of dick that it can pay for chemo
the memes about OP were true

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>water gives you cancer
>burned sides of meat give you cancer
>women give you cancer
>cancer gives you cancer
>cars give you cancer
>the world gives you cancer
>Sun gives you cancer
Who cares anymore.

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fucking pwnd

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thank you?

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You're a fucking idiot if you don't understand a few.

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cigs are not that bad in moderation

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Worth it

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This would cost over $200 in canada

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char? like the pokmeon ? dude i love that game

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>burnt ends
The most elusive and underrated of all barbecue products. Four different big barbecue restaurants in my city and no burnt ends at any of them. The one that used to have them closed but honestly they weren't even good. I used to work at a place in Chicago that had amazing, addictive burnt ends (also now closed). Why are they so hard to get?

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No it wouldn't, tard.

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Some of the best baked beans I ever had have been at a couple of different barbecue places, and they use the burnt ends to season the beans.

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>delicious cancer

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>If you smoke a few cigarettes or cigars once a week when you're out drinking it ain't going to cause cancer.
It will

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This post won't age well.

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Fuck off diplomaboy. We don't want your kind in here

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>gives you cancer

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This post is also cancerous.

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We are all going to get cancer. It is 1/2 now. It'll be even higher in 30 years. Why? Pollution, fucked up agriculture and food production, fucked up water, chemicals contaminate almost everything. Alcohol. Sure. Smoking. Sure. Red meat. Sure. Burnt toast. Sure. Pyrolysised starches and proteins. Sure. Don't know if there is an answer don't know if there needs to be an answer you've got to die of something, it isn't a personal failure to die.

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I don't care what california says gives me cancer. In fact I generally try to do more of anything california kikes tell me not to.

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Look at this looser who thinks he's gonna make it past 40

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>doesn't know how basic biology works
public schooling everyone

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>implying i wont die of alcoholism well before i'd die of whatever cancer that'd give me
>worth it anyway

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i'm literally an epidemiologist with a phd and masters and hundreds of citations and this guy is right and the other replies are dunning-kruger shits

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