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Ranch dressing is a terrible dipping sauce for pizza.

It's disappointing how many people say they like pizza but then cover the whole slice in ranch dressing. That's not liking pizza. It's just not. It's like saying you like steak and then covering it in ketchup. You might like the flavor combo but that's not the same as liking the individual articles.

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>You might like the flavor combo but that's not the same as liking the individual articles
imagine caring enough about this to get pissy about it


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imagine caring enough and replying to a thread that makes you seethe.

>threatening to sage

also, read the rules kid.

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>You have SAUCE with your fries? You must not like fries

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>Americans eat sauce with their pizza
what the fuck is wrong with you fatasses

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god forbid I post in a thread on a website full of threads to be posted in, at I ain't the one crying about fuckin sauce

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>eat dog poo poo
>"dude youre eating dogshit"

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People who do this disgust me. It’s always a certain type of person, too. Rats

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this but unironically
if you've drenched it in ketchup or mayo or gravy, it is now a different dish

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a little dip is nice
slathering it in ranch is not
my neighbours may have gross tastes but at least they can afford to eat whatever the fuck they want
watch your attitude, third worlder

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oh wow can you really not afford dipping sauce

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bitch shut up anyone with self respect is uncomfortable with those who drench their food in ranch
don't respond to me again

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>eat literal garbage

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nasty-ass buttermilk based sauce but yes at least they can fucking afford it
what's your excuse, you useless fucking faggot?

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>Americans eat garbage
and you don't, glass-house bitch?

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Take your meds.

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Maybe you just eat shit ranch dressing

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I dip my crusts in it, but I don't put it directly on the pizza. If you do you're a fatass and bought shitty pizza

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This level of autism is impressive. I think God would like to see it, so kill yourself and show him.

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I'm both

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Just say you hate black people

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Black people don't like ranch, they put sugar on their pizza instead.

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It’s good for unseasoned crust

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Pizza crust dipped in ranch is God tier. Truly the white man's meal, niggers and shitskins need not apply.

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While I agree that if you need to dip fresh pizza in Ranch then their the pizza sucks or your taste buds suck, it's perfectly fine for subpar pizza or for pizza crust

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Ranch on pizza is delicious.

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>you might like the flavor combo but that's not the same as liking the individual articles
ok and? what's the problem here? it's fucking pizza, it's not like we're eating artisanal grilled meats or something

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Never was a fan but tried this about two weeks ago. Meh (seems like a lonely fat girl thing). Ranch is best with vegetables. Wanna jazz up pizza? Open a can of these bad boys. "Chovie heaven mon amie, 'chovie heaven."

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liar liar

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>Ranch dressing is a terrible dipping sauce for pizza.

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I will eat what I want. I do not care about your opinion. Nice thread, loser.

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There's a sauce between the bread and cheese

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>having tomato sauce (not even all pizzas do this) as the base layer in moderate amounts is the same as dipping your pizza in a salad dressing

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Anchoies hon hon hon

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That's not nearly enough carbs and sugar to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the great American Blubbernaut, seen here feeding in its natural habitat.

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To be fair I don't enjoy ranch on pizza either. But I love to put a little in my mashed potatoes when I make then : )

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you know what's really good dipping sauce for pizza? Hot sauce or buffalo sauce. Elevates the flavor rather than stifling it like Raunchy Ranch does

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was acting like a faggot worth the ban

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>Pizza crust dipped in ranch is God tier. Truly the white man's meal, niggers and shitskins need not apply.

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Fucking kek

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I make a chicken bacon ranch pizza (I make all my dough fresh and ferment up to 6 days in the fridge). Out of all the pizzas I make for family get togethers, it's by far the most universally loved and popular second closest is the sausage sicilian I make.

Basically I dice some tomatoes, fry up bacon and chop into smaller chunks, cut up grilled chicken that had marinated in Italian seasoning, and the order on the dough before cooking is ranch dressing sauce, then diced tomatoes, then mozzarella, then the chicken and bacon on top. Comes out 10/10 every time and it's delicious.

Now I wouldn't dip normal pizza in ranch dressing, since that's weird and I don't think I'd like to blend the flavor of regular pizza with tomato sauce as much, but I can say from experience that ranch dressing has its place on a pizza.

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>He doesn't just rub his crust along the bottom of the saucy wing tin like a turbo-chad

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There is an entire world of "salad" just waiting to disappoint you OP.

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It's not my fault you tastelets hate flavor

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I like the flavour of pizza.
>hurrr yu hate flavour unless you drench out the original flavour hurr

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>nooo not my ranch
>nooo not my mayo
>nooo not my ketchup
>only condiments and sauces that aren't popular enough to be sold in grocery stores are worthy to be put on food, I'm special and better!

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>Can't even respond to the proper post
You have to go back

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honey mustard is the true pizza dipper's choice.

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Literally everyone does you obsessed third worlder. I live in EU and everyone eats pizza with garlic sauce (white sauce)

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irrevocably, irreversibly based

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