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If you could have either just meats or just veggies on your pizzas for the rest of your life, which would you chose?

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Veggies. Not that into meat pizzas but I love olives, onions, spinach etc.

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Veg, some places use shitty meat that makes the pizza into a grease pool, but vegetables won't do that and tend to be less bad if they're low quality.

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Meat, obviously.
Everyone that said vegetables is confirmed for gay.

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Meats. The sauce is already a vegetable element, and can contain garlic and onions. And the greatest single toppings for pizza are easily pepperoni, sausage, and bacon.

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All I need is onion, pineapple, and peppers. Any other ingredient is a bonus.

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veg, because tomatoes are vegetables

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You’re a fucking vegetable, bud.

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Already chosen veggies, am vegetarian. Yes, it is because I'm better than you

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Why aren't you a vegan you pussyfaggot hypocrite

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Anchovies are vegetables, right? Right

So veg. Olives, capers, ANCHOVIES, artichoke, onion, mushroom ect

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Too expensive. I do get my eggs from my grandmother who has a few chickens and I don't drink too much milk, though

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So. Cheese is out. And if you pick meat you can't put tomato sauce on. Sounds lousy.
>Meats. The sauce is already a vegetable element, and can contain garlic and onions.
Well no sauce then since you picked meat.

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Don't be a retard we're clearly only talking about toppings, cheese and sauce are standard

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>Why aren't you a vegan you pussyfaggot hypocrite

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Veggies, I guess, but I'd rather have nothing. If I want vegetables or meat, I'll eat a pie. Pizza is for cheese and sauce and nothing else.

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For some reason vegetable pizzas always taste better. That's why I buy veggie zas and add pepperoni onto them separately. It also stops them from cheating me out of toppings.

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Veggies, because cheap shitty meat is disgusting. It' pretty damn hard to 'make' cheap shitty veggies.

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does pineapple count as a veggie in this scenario?

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Veggies. Pizza with only meat is too dry.

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Meat easily. I would dearly miss mushrooms (not a real veggie but not a meat either) either way, but there's no other vegetable worth saving for pizza, not even olives, compared to even one common pizza meat.
Carbcucks should just fuck right off.

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Veggies. I'd probably choose red pepper and spinach.

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Your rules are retarded.

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Tomatoes are a fruit. So are olives and peppers.

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Anon, I think you’re a nigger

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Veggies, much more diversity in flavour

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Mushrooms. Mushrooms have protein, taste meaty and are just bar none the best topping for a pizza.

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i came here to say veggies and these were the reasons why

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This, plus they just complement the pizza better than meat

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meat. what are you, stupid?

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99% of veggie pizza is garbage except for one place by me that uses high quality veggies it comes out so good

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what kind of inbred dullard eats a pizza when he wants meat? If I wanted meat I'd just have a steak instead

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little bits of ham or anchovy would be missed though.

but anyone who loads their pizza with cheap amerishart poop sausage and chunks of dry chicken could be euthanized without consequence

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Are anchovies a meat or a veggie?

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fish have seeds on the inside, so they are more of a fruit than a vegetable.

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Neither, plain cheese if fine.

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Every pizza place I worked at, my coworkers would put fucking BACON on every crew pie they'd make. Like what the fuck. It's already such a greasy dish with just the cheese and sauce, I have no interest in loading it down with more grease.

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Way many more veg toppings
I only like pepperoni and Italian sausage as a meat topping

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Animals are people...and I can't help but eat them anyways :(

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Wait people actually get anchovies on their pizza? I thought it was just a meme

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anybody that says veggies is a fag

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veggies because mushrooms

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Obviously both is best but ill take the meat.

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I unironically prefer meat on its own, i.e ribs, steak, etc.
If its on or with something I'd just rather veggies. I could NOT live without olives and peppers and onions and all that jazz on my pizzas, but I can deal without meat on it.

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>he doesn't even know about the pizza deenz

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Veggies. I find meat dominates the pizza way too much/ doesnt really blend with it. Pepperoni is about the only thing I miss.

White with spinach and garlic and artichoke
White with wild mushroom and ricotta
Red with olives/peppers/onions
vodka with breaded eggplant

Meat is basically variations of overly salty ham products.

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fruits and nuts

actually and unironically the best pizzas i have ever had have been peach and blue cheese
and pear, blue cheese, and walnut

get on my fucking level

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Meat, assuming sauce doesn't count.

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meats. I get plenty of veggies elsewhere, I'm fine with a meaty pizza.

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