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What's the best way to make a fried egg and cheese sandwich?
>toast the bread while the egg is frying?
>fry the egg, transfer it onto the bread, then cook it as a grilled cheese?
>slam the bread onto the cheese and raw egg so it cooks as something like a cheesy french toast?

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this looks cool

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Par toast your bread with a slice of cheese to melt in your toaster oven. Add your egg to the other side, put the cheese side on top and continue to toast for a minute or two more.
If you don't have a toaster oven why are you using unitask appliances?

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You could also do this method open faced in a pan with buttered bread I guess.

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>toast bread
>cook egg
>put egg on one piece of toast
>put cheese on egg
>put in toaster oven
>broil until cheese melts
>take out and put on other piece of toast

op is dumb

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Why do you toast the bread, let the toast get cold, then put it in the toaster oven to get reheated? And why doesn't "the other piece of toast" ever get reheated?

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Huh? Eggs cheese and toast all cook at the same time. It takes two minutes to fry an egg while your toast is warming up, then you place it on one slice and put the cheese slice on top, let it finish toasting and that's it. How can you be so stupid that you can't figure out how to make an egg sandwich?

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with bacon, mayo and tobasco sauce.

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>that retarded order of doing things
>using a toaster for a fucking fried egg and cheese sandwich

what is your damage? learn to fucking cook

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enjoy your overcooked egg faggot.

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its not overcooked lol do you know how bread works lol. This thread is a joke

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Says the retard slurping vile half-liquid egg whites. If you’re gonna do that, it would be less disgusting to just shoot the egg down raw. Why not do that instead?

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>best way
>fried egg and cheese sandwich

Melt 1/3rd stick of butter in skillet.
Fry the breads. Flip, fry again. Goal is just barely golden.
Pull breads out; cooling rack.
Crack 2 eggs into skillet with residual butter. Wait 18 seconds, marbleize.
Allow to set. Flip whole.
Scatter with cheese of choice; a spoonful of cottage cheese plus some colby will be fine.
Fold egg pancake over cheese to size of bread.
1 bread on the top, flip all, other bread on, flip again. Gotta rewarm that bread and begin a hint of browning.

The lower tier method is to use a cheap hamburger bun, dry toasted, with a runny fried egg and a smear of cream cheese. This is more finger friendly (less exterior butter) and takes well to a slice of fried bologna.

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>1/3rd stick of butter

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You can use less, but a luxuriously unctuous experience is what he called for, whether he knew it or not.
This is an appropriate amount of butter for 4 sides of bread.

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If you aren't using Wonderbread or something then denser bread will take a while to toast and it should be done around the same time. And he said he puts it back in the toaster oven to melt the cheese, not to reheat it.

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if you know how to time shit the toast will be done toasting when the egg is done being cooked. everything will be about the same temperature. the other piece of toast will still be warm.

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its so everything is cooking at the same time. otherwise, you have one thing just sitting out while you cook the other thing.

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scramble eggs
toast bread

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This, add grated cheese where he adds the onion/chili

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This is about the worst manner in which to do this. I really wish Gordon would stop posting in /ck in every thread that involves toasted sandwiches. He knows nothing about melting cheese.

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Typically I'll do a bagel instead of toast, but my methods are the same
I'll toast the bread/bagel, then butter up the part that's going to be inside the sandwhich and grill that to get a nice sear and some flavor. I'll cook the egg separate, and when i flip it I'll put a slice of cheese on it so it's melted by the time I put the sandwhich together.
If I'm at work I'll put two slices of bacon it, or slather some hollandaise on it.

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Toast bread
Heat bacon in pan
Put American cheese on the bottom slice of bread
Bacon on top
Turn off heat on the pan and steam the beaten egg in grease
Add to sandwich

I like it because the egg doesn't overpower everything when cooked super lightly

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Clearly an omelet sandwich, not fried egg

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This is, indeed, the ONLY proper method to make a eggiweg sammi.

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You could maybe step up your game and consider a croque Madame.

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>put two buttered pieces of bread in toaster oven, one with cheese on top
>fry egg while bread toasts and cheese melts
>get both to finish at same time
>transfer egg to bread, finish sandwich

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>Fry bacon, reserve fat
>Toast bread in pan with bacon fat
>Fry two eggs with bacon fat
>Assemble sandwich with egg > bacon > hot sauce > cheese > other egg
>Let rest for a couple minutes for cheese to melt and yolk to firm slightly so it doesn't run everywhere when bit into

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>Those eggs
Might as well just eat charcoal at this point

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reddit tier

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Thank you.

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