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the superior beer

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>budweiser shilling
Drink American, drink local and support your community

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west coast beers are best beers.

And they get better going north.

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I live in Norcal and this is not true. Quite the opposite, actually. I've found San Diego breweries to be the best by far.

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You're still in the south

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You're hella wrong

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The west coast blows ass and is so behind in beer its genuinely embarrassing for the area that really ignited the craft movement

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we are going to get a lot of hate from the /pol/cels, but I'll drink with you

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I've liked almost everything I've tried from ballast point. grapefruit sculpin is especially good.

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I found a recipe. You make sourdough. Then you make bread. The day after that you toast the bread and boil that.

What have you done? You did bread, when you toasted it, you break the polisacharids, and boiling you move those into water. And once boiled it has no bacteries or things there.

So, then you add some more sourdough there. The lactobactilus of the sourdough breaks even more the polysacharids, and the yeast makes the fermentation, eating the monosacharids and making alcohol.

After two weeks or so you should have "beer", without hops nor malt. The primitive thing people used to drink when there were no malt in the middle ages or before.

But Im unsure. In the beer brewing forums the people say that it doesnt work. Whats your opinion?

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yes you would make a lightly alcoholic drink. however you would also have made a pretty disgusting acetic acid/acetone soup. having no acid with all of that microbio is going to lead to a disgustingly fucked up ferment

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Probably won't work the live lactobacillus would outcompete the yeast

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not owned by budweiser

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It's my favorite west coast IPA for sure..

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Official SD Beer tier list...

1. Modern Times
2. Ballast Point
3. Alesmith
4. Karl Strauss
5. Coronado
6. Stone

Feels good living in the best city in California.

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Kings and Convicts owns it now

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Most of them are way over-hopped.

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That brewery list is not worth living in the shithole which is California

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We already have a beer thread you raging homosexual

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>Ipa drinker
Enjoy your manboobs bro

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>modern times

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none of these are south dakotan beers....

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bellingham here, can confirm.
last time i checked we had around a dozen breweries in town.

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Black lives do matter

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More than white lives? How about we just agree on saying "people's lives matter", and then we can all work towards stopping police pover reach and brutality. Okay?

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White people don't need the light shined on them or to take focus away from their message.

When someone says "save the rain forest" you don't sit there and go "HURRR ALL FORESTS MATTER". Of course they do you dumb fuck, but they're not the ones that need the spot light

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White people are killed more by police (per capita and overall). It's kind of annoying how self centered blacks are about the issue of police brutality. It actually hinders progress against police brutality and overreach when blacks make the entire issue about themselves, and disenfranchised whites decide to leave any type of movement due to not being represented or actively campaigned against within the group (this is precisely why the people in power support BLM by the way, divide and conquer).

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Sculpin is one of the better IPAs, but it's immensely overpriced AND overrated. I only buy it when it's on sale.

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rent free

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