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How to cook uncooked hotdogs?
I'm new to this and everyone on the internet says different things

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great thread

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jesus if your gonna keep posting teh same thread with the same stupid question
fuck man i mean at least come up with a provoking and idiotic question if you wanna run with the real trolls on here im embarrassed for you

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I used this webm as an attention grabber but I'm not the poster you're talking about.
I rarely go to /ck/ and I came here because I don't know if cooking "uncooked" hotdogs is the same as cooking the "ready to eat" ones

Don't have a grill. Just a stove top and a nonstick pan

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Take your toaster
Cut the cord off
Strip an inch of the insulation off each wire.
Split the casing of the wire far enough that you can plug one wire in either end of your hotdog.
Plug it in.

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Microwave till they pop open.
If you boil them your a dipshit.

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nigga you got to cut a slit in the middle before nuking them for 35 seconds drunk as fuck at 3am

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Boil water. Throw your wiener in the water. Wait until finish.
Cook that sausage on all sides on a skillet until the skin of your wiener starts splitting at the sides and opening up.
Make some fucking mac n cheese and just cut the bitch up raw dog and throw it into your hot mac n cheese and just let it get warm by the mac

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Cut them up and toss them in a pot with a can of beenz, heat and enjoy. My go-to dish when broke as shit

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>Cook that sausage on all sides on a skillet until the skin of your wiener starts splitting at the sides and opening up.
I've seen videos where they make diagonal cuts before cooking

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boil water, take water off the stove, throw sausages in, DO NOT PUT THE POT BACK ON A HEAT SOURCE, wait 10 minutes or so
it's how we cook wieners in germany

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