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You can add one thing, and only one thing, to plain macaroni and cheese. What do you add?

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why the fuck are you eating mac and cheese over the age of 12 you manbaby

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Giardiniera relish extra hot. Preferably the Pickle Guy.

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Rouge River Blue

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Cannes Tuna

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Black pepper

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More macaroni and cheese

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pinch of cayenne

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done in two

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Onion. Fry it in butter before adding the flour milk and cheese once it starts going brown.

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that sounds gross and like it would make the m&c all oily

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Pulled pork

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BBQ sauce

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i wish someone would murder this asshole

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$25k per recipe? Fuck he’s delusional

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garlic salt

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obv hot dog

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how the fuck has no one said bacon

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chopped bacon

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they were expecting a soyjack because of the obnoxious "bacon everything omg" meme that was big a while ago

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because bacon is just going to break up into little flakes that won't stay crispy and will go soft in the cheese sauce
I'd rather fry up cubed ham and add that over bacon

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i actually heard someone on here say that in other thread, honey ham and bread crumbs on top? ya that'd be dec, but no bacons better

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Tabasco sauce

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green peas

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hatch chili ofc

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Brock lee

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its a side dish

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Stewed tomatoes

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this is actually a fuckin good thread tell ya hwat
you could have a different mac every day a hwile

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A bullet

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Spice mix

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Cream of Mushroom soup

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c'mon son

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I mean, fuck that guy and all. But I don't object to that. It's a "Fuck off, or you're gonna pay through the nose to waste my time". Those are useful.

Also for me, chopped spinach. Or chunks of honey-ham.

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hi, yes? manbaby here

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salt & pepper

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If it looks like OP's pic, it would be a garbage bag.

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why the fuck are you eating anything over the age of you manbaby. get your nutrients from photosynthesis you bipedal mammal pleb

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Nutmeg one day, 5spice second day

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black pepper.

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And if it didn’t?

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Absolutely nothing. It looks perfect.

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>side dish
That's your mum's street name

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Love, anon

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When I was younger I'd get frozen salisbury steak with mac and cheese side. Sometimes some macaroni would escape to the steak side and swim in gravy. Tastes pretty good.

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chef john pilled.

I'd add some ham cubes myself

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Smoked brisket

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fried jalepenos

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sodium hexametaphosphate to ensure the sauce emulsifies without the shitty taste of sodium citrate

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The correct answer

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More cheese AND macaroni

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Where did you get this picture? I tried to get a price quote from him to see how much he was charging but he never emailed me back.

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Ground beef.

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Tomato ketchup.

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Cheetos. Adds a nice crunch and a different flavor of cheese to the meal.

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If you do a sort of casserole and finish it in the oven with an extra topping of cheese and bacon, it'll make a nice crust on top that's delightful.

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The only mac and cheese I've eaten as an adult that's worth anything either had chorizo, hatch chilis, or kimchi in it. Mind you, i never grew up with mac and cheese like americans do. I'm not american, so mac and cheese as no nostalgic feeling for me.

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I was thinking bacon at first, but the more I think about it I would go with green bell pepper. Actually, if it is only one thing i'd throw pepper on it.

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holy shit this has to be doctored. is he dead yet?

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i eat my mac and cheese usually only with salt and pepper but one time my grandma made it with carrots and it was kinda gross,bit too crunchy for mac and chez

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my homemade taco sauce.

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Lol mac and cheese fucking rips you dumbazz. I eat my veggies and plan my meals like an adult but ill always indulge in a box of blue few times a year.

To answer - tobasco hot sauce to every bite.

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Crab legs

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extra cheese

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Chili for sure. Chili mac is amazing.

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Some salt

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seems a waste of a good cheese

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Cracked black pepper

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Meat. The best options are probably lobster/shrimp/crawfish or some kind of smoked/cured pork. Bacon can work, but you really need thick cut real bacon like Wrights. I think a decent Canadian bacon is the best (I dunno if it's typically hickory smoked but the one option at my local grocery is and that's really good). Pancetta and Guanciale can work too, but at least in the US they both tend to be 2x the cost of even high end bacon and generally not as good.

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what are the red speckles in this pic

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Orphan souls

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When I was in college I did Mac and cheese with ground beef a lot. It’s good

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that looks nasty, ngl. yanks just don't know how to make mac n' cheese.

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I would think this was gross too put one time I made a grilled cheese with cheddar on sourdough and added some giard. It was good

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fritos chili cheese flavor

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I contacted him on cookingwithjack.com asking if they were going to restock

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Turkish pastirma. Turkish people use it like AMericans use bacon. It makes everything better

in the united states the best brand i found was an armenian from california


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I prefer whole giardiniera to relish, bit less oily and it adds some texture variety with the crunch.

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ketchup. maybe ranch if i want a really high quality meal.

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apple puree

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Ground beef

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Pan fried linguica.
also a good choice.

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>the Pickle Guy

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caramelized onions or a dark miso

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red pepper flakes

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Ground pork.

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Based. I douse my kraft dinner in ketchup. Canadian sweet ketchup, not that vinegary American garbage.

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Smoked Sausage is the correct answer. Thanks for playing along, everyone.

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Fried chicken, preferably cooked in bacon grease.

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What kind of sausage?

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Die off you stupid all lowercase using fuck

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Nigga peas

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franks hot sauce

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stewed tomatoes

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mustard powder

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Shrimp scampi.

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A dash of ground mustard.
Who the fuck adds anything to Mac and cheese? Jalapeños and bread crumbs and all the other garbage is fucking disgusting. You people have shitty fucking taste and no standards if you enjoy that hipster garbage.

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I think some of the original recipes had tomato in it. Not sure if I I would like it. They make if from a really old recipe on America's Test Kitchen before Christopher Kimble got cucked out of the show.

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What does sodium citrate taste like and why are you putting chemicals in your food...?

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Yes! I add shrimp scampi and then remove the Mac and cheese. Great suggestion.

Seriously though? A Mac and cheese thread? I thought you had to be an adult to post here. Even the lobster Mac and cheese meme died.

FUCK even the Mac and cheese ball meme died.

This thread is 7 years too late.

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More cheese

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pan fried diced spam

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It’s paprika or cayenne pepper

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Fresh sage

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green onions

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Peas. That's what I had in the restaurant as a kid.

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I make my mac and cheese with sharp, old white chedder, a little bit of milk, fresh basil, salt and pepper to taste. Excellent every time.

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ONE thing bitch. Rewrite that shit you aren't allowed to add that much.

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BBQ Sauce if I'm lazy. Sausages if I'm not.

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The only acceptable answer.

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Caramelized onions

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Hatch chiles

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splash of soy sauce

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I remove the cheese and add bolognese sauce

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Rat poison for whatever retard is going to eat that

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or maybe peace
those two aside, let's eat

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sweet breadcrumbs

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laxatives or lactase so there is some hope of me shitting. Not much hope, but still.

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Sautéed julienne prosciutto

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a bit of white wine

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brachs rocks my nigga

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Annie's white cheddar shells with some sauteed or steamed broccoli is a comfy combo

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I don't really like mac, but the best I ever had was made by my Aunt. She made a backed mac and cheese that had cream cheese, pickled jalapeño and a bunch of buttery breadcrumb crust on top, so it was like a giant jalapeno-popper.

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Black pepper

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your grandma sucks lmao stup bitch

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Canned tomatoes. This is the best way to eat Mac and cheese outside of Tabasco

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Haha, yeah.

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This is the only right answer

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Wolf's Chili

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i still cant figure what would really work best. breadcrumbs on top is nice, but more wheat. bacon is great, but its bacon, thats cheating, cant we do better? peas ruin it. tuna ruins it. maybe sun dried tomatos? i dunno

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Stewed tomatoes with some oregano is the ideal topping for mac & cheese.

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My dude

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