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What is their true purpose

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To be fertilized

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Make chicken

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To crush their enemies, to see them driven before them, and to hear the lamentations of your women.

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is that a mousepad?

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sure is

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to keep that guy in his fort

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Based barbarian poster.

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to piss this guy >>15295784 off

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To make gains

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>your women
>implying anon will ever have a woman

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>what is anime?
Everyone can have a waifu nowadays, anon!

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And to think that you yourself were once an egg... and then the condom broke.

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The brown eggs commit more crime than the white eggs despite being 13% of the population

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You can have several 2d women. The eggs will hear their lamentations.

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To throw at you.

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Waitinging for egg fort to be posted

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He is imprisoned by the eggs. He will suffer endlessly for his crimes. In the fort he sits. In the fort he remains.

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To give to the whores I pull off the street

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But only ~12% of those eggs are brown. And that's assuming there aren't any brown eggs hiding on the 2nd/3rd white egg layer.

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Reminder that more than one waifu will ruin your laifu. You unfaithful manslut.

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based conan poster

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Nature's multivitamin

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based temujin poster

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based and reproduction pilled

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To be babies

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Based sadist

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To get laid.

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thats not even true.

the eggs we eat are basically just the discharge from a chicken's menstruel cycle.

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lazy lazy fatty fatty gaijin wheeeeeeeee

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I ate an olive from an ex girlfriends vagina once, so that’s pretty similar

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>and to hear the lamentations of your women
at least get your quote right

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Technically, he did. The question isn't What Is Best In Life, and the rewrite changes the PoV to the eggs.

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the menstruel cycle is when the body expels an unfertilzied egg. That is exacte what we eat when we eat eggs. and unfertilized egg.

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Great high school factoid, retard. But the high school nerds were wrong, and so are you. No uterus, no menstruation. It is only ovulation.

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Eggs don't have women, silly.

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But what are they when my eggs were fertilized

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the only acceptable answer

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to be an ingredient. Any that says that they should be eaten on their own needs to be shot.

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>Stop liking what I don't like!

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