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ive been vegan for like 2 months now and the thought of having to go back to being an animal product eater frightens me. it's just digusting to me to eat like cow milk or dead animal.

has tofu being more expensive than meat been a problem for you fellow vegans/vegetarians?

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Dying at the age of 60 covered in bacon crumbs is better than dying at the age of 90 covered in bird seed. Prove me wrong.

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>cruelty free
>meat substitute
>soy protein
>farm to table
>GMO Free
>carbon neutral
>cricket chips

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Today's generation of meat eaters will not die at 60 unless you're an obese American fuck whose only vegetable consumption is potatoes and ketchup.

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Keep seething poltard

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>has tofu being more expensive than meat been a problem for you fellow vegans/vegetarians?
No I'm a wholefoods silicon valley six digit hipster fag, I don't care if it's more expensive

(This is not just a shitpost: it's true)

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Dilate dude

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go to Asian markets
tofu will be $1/lb
Walmart overprices it at like $6/lb

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wuts wrong with milk fagit?

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I don’t eat tofu that much, I much prefer beans. Overall I think I spend about the same now being vegan as I did before. Fake animal products are more expensive but beans and lentils are way cheaper.

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i just got a boning knife so i have to get my money's worth out of it before i can think about probably not going vegan

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Tomatoes are fruits, that makes ketchup a smoothie.

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Some idiots declared tomato a fruit because it has seeds. What about cucumbers? Peppers? Squash? Are those fruits to, you ape? Is a banana a vegetable because there are no seeds?

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culinary fruit =/= botanical fruit

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This guy is pedophile adjacent. He saw the footage of Joe Biden fondling that little girl's nipples. He saw the numerous sniffing incidents. Ignored it.

He's an abuser of women and children via proxy. Grow up and become an ally of women and children.

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The brainwashing has worked perfectly. You are now a perfect sheep.

Please do not think about the potential benefits of animal husbandry or think critically of crop food production. Just keep eating the beans.


P.S Learn to make your own tofu. it's not that hard. You can buy soybeans pretty fucking cheap. If you have a yard you can even grow your own soybeans stupid easy and make your own organic tofu (I believe soy milk is a byproduct of tofu production). Just watch out for pests.;3

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Actually the banana is a bean since it grows in a pod, look it up

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Bananas are some weird shit. Like, a banana plant is a fucking herb. Also bananas DO have seeds. It's just modern bananas are all sterile clones.

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this is a disturbing fantasyto me because I belive in immortality

my jaw drops at high conceited i get over the benefits of being vegan. i have no science to base this on but i equate it to runing on premium gas rather than regular.

you're living the life guy

I'll have to checkout my local asian supermarket in person then. I'm a lazy degenerate who orders through amazon.

it's weird and creepy to me to like suck at the teet of an animal whicb is essentially what milk drinking is.

i'll have to expand my cooking skills but great suggestion. I forgot how good and cheap a can of beans can be or even like getting a bag of dried beans. never really done lentils b4 tho.

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We’ve been over this. Mechanical planting and harvesting kills between twenty and thirty thousand small mammals per acre, every year. These animals are not instantly killed with a captive bolt gun, but they are crushed to death in their shallow burrows or ripped to shreds by whirling blades. Their atomized gore ends up permeating every single pulse, grain, bit of rice you eat. Unless you believe that somehow a cow’s life is worth more than a vole’s or a rat’s, which is totally stupid thinking as I’m sure you agree, you’re causing more suffering and animal death than if you exclusively ate beef, where you could easily kill only one cow per person per year.

It’s not the meat industry that kills the most animals per year. It’s big grain and soy.

No, only a sick freak of a vegan would eat grains and pulses and beans. It’s absolutely cruel! This is why, as an actually ethical vegan and not just a slave to big grain, you shouldn’t eat mechanically harvested crops of any kind. Imagine this little animals getting crushed, mangled, their guts spurting out in wormlike coils as they are crushed, entire families of them! Tiny little baby bunnies and voles, their eyes just opened for the first time, and the only thing they EVER saw was their poor mommy’s skull getting smashed and her brains coming out, right before that soy harvester kills them too.

Vegan people are sick freaks and they’re in a Satanic death cult - lying and saying they’re saving the planet when their soybean hunger is deforesting the Amazon and they deal much more death than a strict carnivore. All the while lying to themselves and everybody else.

Veganism is positively Satanic unless you do it like the Jain.

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I’m going to eat two cans of beans tonight just for you

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okay i feel like you're starting to patronize or parody the vegan side now haha

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Oof hope it doesn't give you heartburn or massive stinky braps

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Stalker eat some fruit !

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I would say this guy got a ban and comments removed on another thread

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Nope, I just used the handy-dandy delete feature to clear up my sperging after I got it out of my system.

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dubs of truth

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Eat some fruit stalker

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Yes all of those are fruits. And bananas do naturally have seeds.

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yeah but why is it that vegans/veggies have to be like morally/ethically sound but then meat eaters are always like "muh good tasting meat despite what ethical cost get BTFO veggies"?

imagine that it'll literally make you vomit. that's how disgusting the thought of eating meat has become for me. i may be able to stomach things like cheese but meat is a no go.

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>imagine that it'll literally make you vomit. that's how disgusting the thought of eating meat has become for me. i may be able to stomach things like cheese but meat is a no go.
So you are weak in body as well as spirit. Sounds like veganism was the right choice.

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no way am i fucking weak in body. my boipussy has never been this athletic and tight in my life!

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Check this out. Clean and pure eating with meat/fish from time to time.


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You need a rope and a tree.

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if you're female, I hope you're prepared for dormant mental illnesses to awaken over the next few years.
imo, people eat not just meat and animal products but all food too much too often. if you're vegan for animal welfare and the environment, the solution is to eat less overall (as in: start fasting regularly) and shop locally but vegans won't tell you that since there's nothing to feel morally superior about when you actually do the right thing.

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Damn you hate animals so much that the thought of them makes you vomit.

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Where do you live where tofu is super expensive? It's like $1.50 for a brick at most here

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Plants respond to cruelty and pain too, did you know? Ofcourse you didn't because you're a retarded vegan. Enjoy your highly privileged lifestyle because soon enough, you wont be able to sustain it.

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>farmed animals eat more crops

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Vegans are docile farmed animals

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Depends on what animal and how you raise them.

Geese will eat 90% of their diet in grass
Cows, goats, and sheep can be entirely grass/forage fed and finished.

Chickens can be raised on compost,
pigs can be raised on food scraps.
A ducks diet can be heavily supplemented with crop pests and residue

The main reason we raise modern animals on grains is because industrial agriculture produces so much god damn food. We literally cannot sell all this damn grain to people.

You do realize with the restaurant closures from covid we culled millions of animals and threw away trillions of pounds of crops in the united states, right? And there were no serious famines.

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>my jaw drops at high conceited i get over the benefits of being vegan. i have no science to base this on but i equate it to runing on premium gas rather than regular.

This is what a lot of ex vegans said when they started veganisim. It's a cleansing diet and you probably look a lot of junk out of your life, not just meat, but after a few years you will start to feel like shit and you'll have to latch onto being a moralfag rather than focusing on health.

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Don't worry I'll try to make up for your lack of meat eating.

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>and everyone clapped!

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Meat substitutes I think is one of the worst copes vegans have. Why bother eating meat flavored soy if the point of veganism is to avoid animal produce? Thinking meat is tasty enough to try and replicate with soy and chemicals just proves that your body needs and craves meat

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Vegans want meat, they just also hate animals and want nothing to do with them

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Protip, order Indian takeaway when you get bored of your usual soy and onions. I find Indian food to be only vegetarian food that's passable

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So what? I'm not the bleeding heart complaining about it. I'm merely pointing out the blatantly retarded hypocrisy of veganism and their "cruelty free" diet. Vegans are irredeemably stupid people.

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>another useless vegan bait thread

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What was your diet like prior to this?

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Can carnophobes eat cream cheese?

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They can eat shitty cream cheese replacement that tastes like rubber.

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sounds like you are mentally ill. probably explains why you are vegan.

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I hope you cut your hand on the lid when you open the can

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I want to fuck a vegan

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>black guy says stealing is bad
did they pay him extra to say that?

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Make us proud KING

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>implying you'd live to 90 as a seed eater and not die of weakness much earlier

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Neck yourself cunt

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