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is it possible to just rewrite an entire video game (as a modder, not as a dev). does a full rewrite even exist?

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i guess i should clarify i mean, like, the script. the dialogue

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I dunno but what do you like to eat?

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cornbread good

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Black olives, anchovies, fresh tomato slices.

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im not a big fan of anchovies, unfortunately. i like some 'deenz though

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yes it is possible and happens often

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I know a pizza enthusiast who says tomato on pizza is "redundant"
Personally, I think he's pants on head redundant

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it happens often? could you show me an example? i'd love to try it
he's mad

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Speaking broadly, most game companies these days just use an engine, which handles most of the AI, physics, and display of images on a screen

and then that game company just uses the engine's tools to add in the scenery, character appearances, dialogue, logic, and sequence of events

But if you are looking for games that have been released in one form and then remixed in another, heres what i can think of

Goldeneye 007 has remake screenshots floating around but was never released

Counter Strike often has maps from other games (goldeneye aztec, call of duty shipyard) added to it

Osrs has an unofficial minecraft remake that is well underway and playable

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Why is this on /ck/? Go to either >>>/v/ or >>>/g/

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>Osrs has an unofficial minecraft remake that is well underway and playable
this is bizarre. i'll look more into this
.... oh no.... i didnt mean to post here. please have a picture of some cinnamon rolls i made out of pizza dough awhile ago, sorry

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Why do you care? Let us have our thread. Leave us alone.

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Sure, it's usually pretty ambitious though. See: black mesa source.

Also your question is pretty ambiguous, do you mean using the same engine or like a different engine. Rewrite the game exactly or making a new one with the dame resources?

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Imagine having your janny application rejected and still try to police threads on 4chan.

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