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>do you want to see my hot sauce collection?

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>hey anon, I didn't know you were also a hot sauce connoisseur, would you like to see my sauce vault?

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What a shit thread. Lemme try to fix it.

What is your actual favorite hot sauce? I like crystal hot sauce. I don't like those specialty hot sauces that are hot for the sake of being hot. Crystal hot sauce is hot but mild enough to not destroy the taste of whatever you put on it. This style of hot sauce is also the type of sauce that is used in some of the best chilis.

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I can only assume that a moron without taste buds would enjoy hot sauce. It destroys flavor.
Mayonnaise does everything hot sauce does but better.

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>Let's actually have an edifying discussion of this board's topic!!!111

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This is the face that will be staring at you from the "jury" while you're being tried for the capital crime of racism in 3 years

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el yucateco is based. Also samyang's buldak hot sauce is fucking delicious.

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>Plays chess
>Hates spice
>Loves mayo
Why don't you just announce to everyone that you got a micropenis?
For me, its red clay.

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>t. beaten by Evan's Gambit every time

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Sorry for low res pic.

Ass Blaster is great and comes in a nifty wooden outhouse.

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you should feel ashamed of yourself for posting this cringe

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Bet his beard feels great on his boyfriend's ballsack

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just ask yours to grow his out

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The HRT makes it too soft and supple for any appreciable stimulation

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you would know queer boy

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