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Is there such thing as good frozen pizza? I buy one every now and then, hoping for the best, and always disappointed.

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You're welcome

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Nah, go cheap and add your own toppings. Take and bake is usually a better option, desu desu.

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We have take and bake place that is pretty good. The ones from Wal mart suck

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Signature select is decent for the $3 sale price. Giacobinno's was great during a B1G1 sale, but far too expensive to justify otherwise.
They won't ever be as good as a fresh pizza or take and bake.

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Red Barron or gtfo

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My boss got mad at me the other day, he told me to order pizza for the office, i got papa Murphy's cause its my favorite, he asked why ge was supposed to do with it since the office only has a microwave, i told him I coukd take it home, he fired me on the spot

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This also digorno is ok

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Red barron is good, but I usually just go for take and bake instead lately

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Based boss.

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Digiorno is the literal poster child of terrible, terrible frozen pizza.

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I'm not yank, but chicago town is bomb, good sauce. Not sure if you have it over there. And not very traditional.

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Stouffer's French Bread is the best one, but you can't microwave those. Only air fryer fags get to enjoy these anymore
Just give us back our crisping foil paper envelope thing Stouffers. It's my dying wish

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nothing beats dr oetker, making one right now

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Those are good. Must use toaster oven

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California Pizza Kitchen salami one at 410° and a little well done. pretty good desu, sauce is too sweet but the spice balances it out.

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>likes Red Baron
>disses Digorno

what kind of alien are you

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Don't think I've ever seen dr oetker

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digorno is shit

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digorno is shit

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It’s a hell of a lot better than the greasy piece of cardboard known as Red Baron

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Red Baron knows exactly what it is. Digiorno thinks it's real pizza, but is terrible. It's like how Taco Bell is much better than a "Mexican" restaurant opened by white girls who charge $20 for vegan Chiles Rellenos.
>digorno is shit

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Nah, you’re wrong. Diogorno taste better than Red Baron. I’m right, you are not. Trust me, I know my fucking pizza you idiot

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B-but that's literally delivery?

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Dogshito is fucking garbage. Tombstone is King, Totinos is in a class by itself and you plebs know it

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No it’s gas station pizza, nobody delivers in my woods

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Am a poorfag who can't afford it and Digorno is way better than the cheaper options

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>poorfag who can't afford it
That's like saying you spend $7 on a McDonald's combo meal because you're too poor to cook for yourself or just get a burger from a real restaurant. It doesn't make any sense, and just makes you sound ignorant and/or lazy.

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Had a digiorno's and freschetta pizza last night, actually. Freschetta was much better. Digiorno's was pretty bad

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Where can I find dr oetker pizza. It's not on wal mart or Amazon.

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It's a yuropoor thing. It's not good, but you see it posted a lot because they don't have many options over there.

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I wanna suck your cock in the cabin under a nightlight while we watch robo-cop and cum on each other

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It's not just in Europe. I've had Ristorante in Connecticut and Virtuoso in Massachusetts.

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our romance is going to be absolutely slathered in degeneracy

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Based shed bro

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National brands are usually shit. The midwest has a few regional brands that are really good, but they run almost as much as a restaurant pizza (8-12 USD.)

Heggies, Gino's, Brew Pub, Butch's.

Red Baron's original is alright if you do the kind of stoner thing and add your own toppings to a pepperoni and another 1.5'ish oz cheese and are really careful with temperature control. The crust is inferior though. Then you're kinda getting into the labor of love. Any pizza you throw in the oven regardless of brand needs good temperature and timing to turn out the way you want. Goddamn, not sure if I'm horny or hungry now. Send a woman into the kitchen and we'll find out.

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I loved the Kroger brand little pizzas. Then my town's Kroger closed down and I can never have another again, you never truly understand how much something means to you until it's gone.

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That's a beautiful pizza

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Oh just buy good pizza and freeze it, what is your fucking problem

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In Europe Dr Oetker is the best we can find in the supermarkets. This and the salame are fantastic.

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Tombstone or Signature Select from Safeway and whatever the hell they call Safeway in wrong states.

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are these good? i see this in the grocery store all the time but never tried myself

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Digiornos usually suck but the pizzeria margheritta is the best frozen pizza on the planet. Trust me anons its the square one.

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Home Run Inn

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Don't mind me gentlemen, just posting the thread ender.

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Really, really good. Better than some pizza places. Can't believe it took 40 posts for them to come up.

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They use to have a sandwich I loved. The pizza is good for frozen pizza.

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it's actually surprisingly good. i'm a "i make my own pizza, ok bud?" sorta cunt, but their supreme pizza is one of the most acceptable frozen pizzas i've ever had. i don't know if there is a better frozen pizza.

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when I was binge drinking beer I would get California Pizza Kitchen Philly Cheesesteak and basically cover one half in Franks then fold it in half and eat about half before falling asleep and then eat the other half for breakfast. Its so salty it would make me drink nearly 3 cups of water. good times

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Based and pizza-pilled.

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Is this any good?

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